Schaub is a “serious possibility” for the Browns


The Factory of Sadness seems to be planning another stellar product line for 2014; perhaps they’ll dub it the “Pick 6.”

With quarterback a clear need and new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan having a prior relationship with Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, Schaub could become the next quarterback to join the Browns.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that Schaub is a “serious possibility” for the Browns.

Schaub had some strong years with Shanahan, but based on a horrible 2013 season Schaub seems to be broken beyond repair.  For that reason, he wouldn’t be handed the job in Cleveland.  He’d have to compete with Brian Hoyer, who’s recovering from a torn ACL.

Currently the property of the Texans, Schaub isn’t available unless and until he’s released.  With a cap number north of $14 million, that’s likely to happen, barring a pay cut so big that Ike Taylor would say, “Damn, that guy took a big pay cut.”

The Texans could create $10 million in cap space (as of June 1) by cutting Schaub with the post-June 1 designation.  The team would carry $3.5 million in dead money for 2014 before absorbing a $7 million cap charge in 2015.

It’s unclear whether acquiring Schaub would take the Browns out of play for a first-round quarterback.  Much of it depends on how much they pay Schaub.  The less he gets, the more likely that the Browns are hoping to throw other teams off the scent of the possibility that the team will use the No. 4 pick in round one on a quarterback.

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  1. Man, I feel bad for Browns fans getting stuck with Shanahan. Going to be bad for years. Having said that, I hope they give the Rams a kings ransom for the number two pick just like the Skins did with the RGIII debacle.

  2. The Texans offense started to take a dive after Shanahan left for Washington. If Schaub has any value left as a QB, Cleveland and Shanahan would be his best opportunity.

  3. I think if you polled Texans fans most would tell you he’s the perfect quarterback for a factory of sadness. He might even make employee of the year. Browns fans might beg to differ.

  4. Jake Delhomme II. This guy is well past his point of positive productivity, and the only people not to realize that are the Browns if he actually signs here for anything more than a back up role, and I am not even sure I want him there. I would be happy with Hoyer and either Bridgewater in round 1, or Mettenberger, Garappolo, or Murray in round 2 or later. We don’t need any more dead weight at the QB position, and we don’t need veteran leadership at that position either with Hoyer on the roster.

  5. It”s interesting how Matt Schaub WITH a healthy Arian Foster, a healthy Owen Daniels, and consistent #3 wide receiver Kevin Walter in 2012 was much better than a 2013 Matt Schaub.

    2013 Arian Foster – 8 games
    2013 Owen Daniels – 5 games
    2013 Kevin Walter – 0 games (Tennessee)

  6. Lol.

    I wonder if there’s any times that Browns fans have a fleeting thought of “I wish they never moved back”. Sorry guys, you deserve better than the crap you get served by your team year in and year out.

  7. Local radio is ridiculing this possibility. I have to tell you, that I would much rather have Schaub as someone to push for a starter position, and, or, to mentor Hoyer, or draft pick, than Campell or Weeden.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  8. How do you not take a guy like Bridgewater if he is there? If they choose to sign Schaub instead as a starter instead of drafting Bridgewater that is a huge mistake.

  9. I’ve tried, I mean I REALLY tried to come up with something funny to say about the Browns possibly aquiring Matt Schaub.

    I just can’t do it. The Factory of Sadness continues to self destruct with each passing moment no matter who is steering the ship.

    There is someone steering the ship right? Right?

  10. To reiterate the other poster above, if the Browns make Schaub their QB, draft Watkins at #4 overall (he’s top 3 overall on most draft boards), and maybe grab some O-Line help or a top RB in the second round (Carey or Seastrunk), the Browns will have themselves a nice little offense going next season.

    With Gordon, Watkins and Cameron, that’s a dangerous combo, no matter who’s the QB.

  11. Its funny how a Vikings fan tries to talk down to the Browns after we beat you at that sorry place you call home field last year, with our backup QB… He would be third string but knows the system. Rams fan, nobody will feed you extra picks anymore, although you would probably blow them anyhow.

  12. Schaub isn’t and won’t ever be in the Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers club…

    But he is better than he played last season.

    Also, as other posters have pointed out, he’d be back with Shanny running the offense and his 2012 cast around him was much healthier than in 2013.

    He’d be a good pick up for the Browns.

    Now the Browns still MUST draft a QB.

    Then let the kid and Schaub compete. Schaub is/would be a good mentor to a young QB.

    IF Schaub wins the QB competition, he’d be a good option for a yr or two.

    Prior to stinking it up last season, Schaub had 5 consecutive yrs with a QB rating above 90.

    Last’s years clunker of a season pulled his career rating down to 89.8

    He complete’s 64% of his passes for his career and that is consistently in the top 8 or 9 QB’s each season.

    Only 7 QB’s in the NFL last season completed 64% or more of their passes.

    Sadly, for the Factory of Sadness, there aren’t really any true franchise QB’s in this draft…

    But they still gotta select one and let the kid and Schaub (if they get him) go at it…

  13. This would be the right move. Schaub will give the Browns a chance to win now and show their QB draft pic the ropes throughout the year.

    Good for the Browns as I do feel bad for their fan base. They deserve better than the 3 ring circus that comes in and out of town each and every year.

  14. Haha, love when Bengals fans comment on the whoas of the Browns. I believe 1 of our 4 wins last year was against you??? And I’d worry about your own QB situation before being concerned about ours……..


  15. .

    If Cleveland were to draft a rookie QB, it makes sense to have a veteran on staff to “hold the fort” while the rookie develops.

    Would Christian Ponder or Blaine Gabbert be more effective today if they had not been “thrown to the wolves?”

    Would Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers developed into the players they are today if they were forced into action without the benefit of time on the bench?


  16. Best free agent QB out there. Forget about last year, and evaluate prior abilities. He’s a winner. This QB should be the Raiders priority, and draft Johnny Football to take over in a year or so. But then the Raiders have GM McKenzie and he doesn’t know a thing about acquiring talent. Drafting, Trades, Retention etc…. Mark Davis needs to bring in some outside expert help to bring the right talent to Oakland. If he leaves this responsibility to McKenzie, god help us.

  17. You can have him and his inability to :
    avoid a sack.
    manuevuer from the rush.
    run for anything other than a slide.
    throw a deep pass without being picked off.

  18. And because Mary Kay Cabot says it’s so…more nonsense.Bring in another ‘broken’ QB to add to the long list.Cheaper to keep Hoyer and develop a rookie.

  19. As a football fan I think this is a good move by the Browns. They seem to be drafting a new QB every other year in the draft. They need to do something to use those picks to draft key players to set them selves up for a QB to actually be sucessful.

  20. Has any QBs ability dropped so drastically in such a short amount of time as Schaub? Just 2012 many people had him in the ‘elite QB’ category and the Texans in the Super Bowl – now he’s a complete bum who’d be lucky to be a backup for the Browns. A lesson to enjoy success while it lasts, it could end anytime – and fast.

  21. Don’t do it Brownies….signed….A Bills fan…..and we know all about wasting time on non performing QB’s

  22. a few yrs ago, backups with limited experience but who looked good in the few gms they played were in demand. matt schaub was the poster boy for this trend. matt flynn was another. as was AJ feeley. and kevin kolb.

    that model has been blown to smithereens.

    if cleve does not take a qb, specifically blake bortles if available, they truly are inept beyond repair.

  23. Browns – trade your 26th(Indy Pick) and a 2nd to Tampa for Revis. you got the cash and picks to do it.

    We need something for him. Please!!!!!!!!!!

    Unless this is all a Trick by the Bucs to cut his salary and keep him. Then never mind, takes for the consideration.

    But if true, please take him. Personally I would like to see the Browns succeed more than any other team in the AFC North, and you’ll need CB’s to do that 🙂

  24. He’s better than Weeden and Campbell, and was very productive with Shanahan before. He’s probably going to compete with Hoyer, but Hoyer will start.

  25. As a Browns fan this would make me nervous. The memories of Jake Dehlomme getting a huge payday after he threw so many pick sixes in Carolina would never fade.

  26. I seem to remember Jake Dellehomme who had a fantastic reputation and carfeer; he was erased from the NFL after starting a few games in Cleveland.

    Could Schaub be worse? After all, there is Weeden and Campbell and the”One Trick” QB now in Cleveland. Hoyer will return as the starter, but I think Shanny wants to keep Weeden. . . and for what reason I’ll never understand.

  27. How well has the whole “we don’t take our QB position seriously” thing worked out for the Browns and Vikings the last 15 years? Horribly.

    You guys may want to try and replace Bernie Kosar and Daunte Culpepper.

  28. I liked 6ball’s post, but it’s kinda hard to gauge how well a young QB coming out of college would do with time to study under a veteran before taking over the reigns. There have been quite a few rookie QBs in the last few years who played well from the get go, including Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton.

    (It’s also worth noting that Flacco wasn’t even supposed to start out of the gate as a rookie; he only did because Troy Smith had developed an infection from I think tonsillitis and couldn’t play)

    However, like 6ball had noted, guys like Brady, Rodgers, Foles, and Kaepernick had all spent at least some time on the bench before taking over as their respective team’s starting QB. The point is that it’s a crap shoot; there is no foolproof plan that will pinpoint whether a rookie should start from week 1 of his rookie year or at least study under a vet for a few weeks before taking the field. Heck, there have been just as many busts who had started from week 1 and also studied under a mentor as well.

  29. “It’s unclear whether acquiring Schaub would take the Browns out of play for a first-round quarterback. Much of it depends on how much they pay Schaub.”

    This statement makes no sense. Schaub is ticketed as a post June 1st cut for cap purposes. That means that at the time of the draft in May, he will still be on the Texans roster.

    Now you can cry “tampering” and say that they will already have an under the table deal in place with Schaub by draft day, but alot of things can happen when you don’t have anything in writing and it would be pretty irresponsible for the Browns to make their draft decisions based upon a verbal commitment from a player who technically isn’t even available yet.

  30. I hope Hoyer heals fully. I love his quick release. The Browns had success last year with him before he was hurt.

    Shaub is better than his last year in Houston..I think it would be a good signing by the Browns. Let him and Hoyer battle it out..

  31. As a Browns fan I know the team is a mess. However, what’s wrong with this? He knows Shannahan, knows the offense. He sits behind Hoyer while the drafted QB learns from both. If we get him for the same money we paid Jason Campbell who cares..

  32. Brown fans you really think a qb in this draft is going to be your franchise qb?? I dont think so , you had too many early round busts by drafting weeden and mccoy and you guys can have a veteran qb and possibly draft sammy watkins.
    Would you not want watkins and josh gordon???

  33. I think Manziel would be a very good pick for this club. The NFL is better when the Browns are good (though that seems like a lifetime ago) and he is exactly what they need, from a box office and player standpoint.

    He would immediately make the Browns watchable again.

  34. Schaub is not a bad QB. His problem last year was self-confidence. By the time he threw his second pick-six in two games, his confidence was shot.

  35. barkymingo says:
    Mar 11, 2014 9:36 AM
    Haha, love when Bengals fans comment on the whoas of the Browns. I believe 1 of our 4 wins last year was against you??? And I’d worry about your own QB situation before being concerned about ours……..
    Lol. Dalton may be 0-3 in the playoffs. But in his first 3 years he has 2 more playoff appearances than the Browns have in the what…last 20?

    Dalton may not be perfect, but if you think the Browns and Bengals QB situations are even remotely comparable, your either deulsional or your lying to yourself.

  36. No idea what Cleveland’s O-line is like, but if it’s above average, Schaub is a good fit.

    His weakness is his lack of mobility. Texans right side of the line last year was terrible.

    As mentioned above, it was painful to see his lack of confidence last year, after things started to go wrong. If he can come regain some of that confidence and the line is decent, he’d be a good fit for Cleveland.

  37. can somebody please explain too me this
    HOYER-MANIA a career 3rd stringer ima browns fan and im not sold on him, if or when he comes back i guess u all forget whwn u hurt ya ACL you get scared too get hit or even have people rilling around near ya knees, he will be a statue just as much as Weeden “ima weeden supporter” and think hes better then Hoyer, also Schaub as mentioned by other users on this thread isnt very good anymore his confidence is shot i hope we dont waste $$$ on him and please let Alex Mack go cause overpaying for center isnt good please bring back TJ Ward

  38. What a great move. Use some real thought. Schaub will know the offense plus he is better than any of the top QB’s in this draft. Second, we can select Watkins with the #4 pick. Third we can sign Ben Tate. Forth we can land a solid CB with our second 1st round pick. Everything works out even if Hoyer stays on as the starter.

    Gordon, Watkins, Tate, Cameron, Benjamin….tough to screw that up.

  39. I LOVE how people think Hoyer is legitimately a franchise QB after 2 good quarters of play and 6 mediocre quarters of play. It’s truly hilarious.

  40. Hey Kurt Warner looked terrible in his Rams/Giants year and was a veteran backup in Arizona until he got the start when Leinhart got hurt.

    Then he had a good run and went to the Super Bowl. Schaub could do well with a change of scenery.

  41. If the Browns went into camp with Hoyer, Schaub, and a rookie from the draft, that might actually be good.

    Hoyer goes in looking to prove that he can come back from injury and really be the starter.

    Schaub goes in looking to redeem himself after a horrible 2013.

    The rookie comes in looking to be the future, and demonstrating how soon he can be handed the reins.

    Haven’t we seen enough of Weeden and Campbell?

  42. “I love the name The Factory of Sadness. Even as a Bills fan, I feel bad for the Browns fan base.

    I just can’t imagine how it must feel to almost never be relevant.”

    Just ask a Vikings fan about never being relevant! They are experts in that and could answer in spades!

  43. I’m still wondering what exactly went wrong for Schaub last year. Before last season, he was one of the top ten QBs in the league, then suddenly in 2013 everything collapses, and now everyone views him like he’s a complete joke of a QB. That doesn’t seem possible, though…

    He went from 22-12 TD-INT to 10-14 TD-INT over the course of one season… That kind of regression doesn’t happen that quickly. There had to have been some other factor. Was there a change in scheme that didn’t work right, or that Schaub couldn’t adapt to? Was there an off-the-field issue that was distracting him? I honestly don’t have a clue, but Schaub’s regression was far too rapid for it to be mere deterioration of skill – he’s not quite old enough for that, and even if he was, QBs don’t fall off a talent cliff THAT rapidly.

    I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Schaub makes a comeback in spectacular fashion if he lands with a decent team next year. There’s a few teams currently in rebuild mode that I could see picking up Schaub when his stock is low, then having a resurgence similar to what KC had with Alex Smith. I think it could turn out to be a really smart move, as long as the new team can identify and correct whatever Schaub’s problem was last year. They’d end up with a proven QB for a relatively low cap hit, and, as long as they are smart with their other offseason moves, a playoff run isn’t out of the question.

  44. In the NFL teams always try to find your weakness. Force YOU to adapt to their adaptation.

    Once the NFL finds what you can’t handle, especially at QB, then defensive game plans are built around exploiting that.

    I don’t know exactly what it was, but it sure seems NFL defenses figured schaub out. Yes there were outside factors too, but it sure seems like they found it.

    ..and yes NFL players, especially QB’s can fall off like that. If anything that’s actually more how it happens. Most QB’s don’t go through a slow decline for a few years in a row until you know he’s done. Usually they’re decent or good until they aren’t, and once that switch happens, a massive drop off occurs.

    Now none of this means he can’t figure something out, gain some new life after people forget the game plans from riding the pine for a couple of years. But odds are, his days as a starting QB…a planned starting QB, are over. We’ll see though. At this point he’s most likely at most a quality backup, and maybe not even that.

  45. Put down the Crack Pipe . Even the Browns wouldn’t be stupid enough to sign Schaub as a starting QB. Schaub will go to some team like the Packers with a rock solid starter who need a cheap backup who can drive the bus while Rodgers heals up from an injury. Pats, Chargers, Saints, Even the Rams or Lions. Not a team that really needs an answer at starting QB.

  46. I know there is a lot of Schaub hate right out there right now…. but from a Cleveland standpoint…. in Shanahan’s offense Schaub led the league in passing and completions, Johnson had back to back 1500+ yd seasons. And this was before they had a running game…

    Schaub can still play… give him a weapon like Gordon and a safety valve like Cameron and he can be very effective.

  47. Schaub being under the direction of Shanahan would not be a bad thing, I would even take that team in Houston for another year or two. Definitely draft a future QB though and probably most important of all add Ben Tate to that mix. Give Schaub that combination and he will be a middle of the pack QB, not elite but surely not garbage either.

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