Vick will take his time, look for the right fit


Free-agent quarterback Mike Vick can sign with any team at any time.  Chance are he won’t be signing with any team any time soon.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Vick plans to be patient in his search for a new job.  He realizes that this is likely his last chance to find a starting job, so he’s looking for the right fit.

In this regard, a very real concern becomes the possibility that his new team would acquire a quarterback in the first round of the draft after signing Vick.  Vick could, in theory, go from being penciled in as the starter until May, at which time a hot-shot rookie acquires the inside track to the job.

For that reason, it’s possible Vick will wait until after the draft to make a decision.  If a team in need of a quarterback doesn’t get the guy it wants, Vick becomes an instant fallback option.

At a time when teams like the Vikings and Jaguars possibly have signed their fallback options pre-emptively, Vick’s best move could be to wait and see where the top quarterbacks get drafted before committing to a team for 2014.

Vick also could decide to wait and see whether a starter gets injured, during offseason workouts or, if he chooses to let it play out into the late summer, training camp and the preseason.

Either way, a quick decision isn’t expected — unless Vick gets firm assurances that he can trust regarding what his role will be for the coming season.

45 responses to “Vick will take his time, look for the right fit

  1. Vick will not be signed until someone goes down in camp or pre-season.

    It’s going to take an injury to get him on the field.

  2. Vick will take his time, look for the right fit?

    Translation: Maybe someone will call me if a starting QB go’s down……

  3. Vick will play 4 erratic games for the Jets and then be inured for 7 and play hurt the last 5 games. The Jets will finish 5-11 and Marty Mohrenwhig will proclaim how courageous Vick is as a player.

  4. Have you been to Seattle? As a Raider fan, and an Army Brat, its pretty nice. Great seafood, Women, Micro beers, legal bud, and they get to watch football every sunday starting at 10 am. Not bad.

  5. I’m thinking “Vick plans to be patient in his search for a new job” actually means “no one has contacted or is interested in him” or those that have aren’t offering him a chance to start.

  6. Or he could try and convince a team like the Texans to make a preemptive move now to sign him so they can have more flexibility in not taking a QB with the 1st pick or to trade it. He doesn’t have to necessarily have a promise from them that they won’t acquire a premier QB in the draft, but there would be a naturally built-in incentive for them to fill all the other needs first if they are already paying Vick a significant sized contract. If they get rid of Schaub maybe they also add somebody like McCown or Shaun Hill and have a pair of vets to hold down the position for the short-term.

  7. Bills fans couldn’t run Marshawn Lynch out of town fast enough because of some misdemeanor charges. Mike Vick has a felony record. Bills fans are far too righteous to stand for that. They like for their heroes to be “pure”.

  8. The problem with this plan is that all the QB needy teams are signing veterans now. Josh McCown, Matt Schaub, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman are all gonna sign soon, meaning Vick won’t have a spot anywhere else.

  9. I’ve been hearing everything from Vick to NY, Vick to Buffalo, Vick to Minnesota, but something tells me that not one of these teams want anything to do with him.

  10. I think a good fit would be back in prison. Only a matter of time anyways. He can join his brother and make it a family reunion.

  11. Boy, that post is more than Vick’s agent could possibly have hoped for when he leaked the story that Vick was going to “take his time” and “wait for the right opportunity”. It couldn’t have come out better if he had written it himself.

    Vick: Not one offer? Not one phone call? What are we gonna do, man?

    Agent: I got it. We’ll leak a story that we are taking our time and waiting for the right situation. Then hopefully, someone will get hurt in OTA’s and it will look like that was our plan all along!

  12. I thought Vick turned his life around and became an asset in Philly. I live in a glass house, seems like most of you don’t.

  13. I like Vick but I think he’s trying to be a little too picky. I heard him on ESPN radio and he is pretty adamant about landing a starting job with NO competition.

    Where exactly does that exist for a guy like him? With his age and injury history, he shouldn’t expect anything to be guaranteed. If he goes to a crappy team like Jax or Oakland as a starter, why would Vick expect them to refrain from drafting a QB that may challenge him?

    Best of luck to him, but I don’t think he’s going to get exactly what he wants.

  14. I suppose he has been just biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment, to shock the world and show us all he is the best QB in the NFL. Just like he said.

  15. He’s an archetypal Philly QB. Good, flashes of something better, periodic and almost predictable downsides, never quite hits the next level. See also Cunningham and McNabb. He’s on the Romo/Cutler level of better-than-average-but-never-great, just with higher highs and lower lows.

    If he was younger, somebody might take a flyer hoping they could get him over the hump. But at his age and history of injury, nobody’s going to build a team around him. He’d do fine as a 5-game stopgap if a team already built around a mobile QB had an injury (SF, Seattle, Carolina come to mind). Just until the starter gets healthy, or he breaks something, or he finds his inner turnover machine again.

    (Not a slam on QBs who are decent but not great, by the way. As a Chicago fan that’s way above par for us. Over the years, we’ve given Rick Mirer starter money and watched Caleb Hanie scurrying around the backfield like a squirrel on crack. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.)

  16. I’d love to see Vick back in Philly, being an Eagles fan myself. As for the haters, Michael Vick was nothing but a class act in Philly, never being bitter and mentoring young Foles the best he could, something only a mature, selfless person would do. If you want to keep on hating on him, go ahead, but that would be your own intolerance and lack of forgiveness showing. I hope he gets a chance to start for a possible contender, but if he has to be a back-up, Philly is the best place for him. If he does leave I’d like to see the Birds call on Tim Tebow…..he got screwed by Denver and the Jets and I’d like to see what he could do given an opportunity…….much better than Barkley anyway!!!……tebow………tebow………tebow!!!

  17. I once respect the hell out of Philadelphia, they dominated us with four straight NFC east titles. Then they signe Vick. I’ve hated Vick for many years, even before we found out he was a vile dog killer. He always has been, and always will be an over rated running back pretending to be a quarterback. Is he fun to watch? You mean when more than half his plays is scrambling like a runningback instead of throwing the pass like a quarterback? I guess. I’ll take a Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco or Colin Kaepernick over that over rated killer every day of the week, twice on Sunday.

  18. I’m glad my Chargers have a Pro Bowl caliber QB. If this dog killer even put one foot inside a Chargers jersey, I would be protesting and burning merch in front of their office. I hope that he goes jobless, and that if some loser franchise DOES offer him a spot, that he gets hurt and mangled on the field, preferably never to walk again.

  19. I wish the late John Butler had lived long enough to see exactly how much a genius he was when he got Atlanta to trade the farm to us for the first draft pick that year. Atlanta got a dog killing loser and we got one of the classiest running backs in NFL history in the 5th pick.

    When he died and A.J. Smith took over, the team continued to perform well for a couple years because we were still playing with Butler’s guys. After a few years of personnel mismanagement by Smith, the Chargers dipped a bit in productivity.

    I like where Telesco is taking us now. Once Manning retires (or his bobblehead neck finally falls off), and Telesco’s roster matures, the Chargers will be back to the uncontested owners of the AFC West that they had been for a decade.

  20. He is going to wait himself out of a job. Everyone is going to fill their needs and he will be left out in the cold if he waits too long. Too many back up QB’s out there. No body is going to sign him and hand the job to him. He has to sign an incentive laden deal and compete for a job.

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