Aqib Talib: Wes Welker is a good friend, didn’t hurt me on purpose

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A Wes Welker hit knocked Aqib Talib out of the AFC Championship Game, enraging Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But Talib doesn’t think Welker did anything wrong.

Welker and Talib became teammates for the second time when the Broncos signed Talib on Tuesday, and at Talib’s introductory press conference he said there are no hard feelings toward Welker, whom he first befriended when they played together in New England.

“Wes is a good friend of mine,” Talib said. “I watched the play 1,000 times and I can promise you, he didn’t do it on purpose.”

That’s a sharply different reaction than Belichick, who called Welker’s hit “deliberate” and said that Welker “wanted to take out Aqib.” Belichick viewed the hit as “one of the worst plays I’ve seen.”

But the NFL confirmed afterward that Welker’s hit on Talib was legal, and if Talib didn’t have a problem with it, it seems that Belichick is the only person who did.

Talib also said he was surprised to learn the Broncos were making him an aggressive offer in free agency, and expressed excitement that he’ll be a teammate of Peyton Manning’s, and playing for John Fox.

“Peyton is a great quarterback,” Talib said. “I had the opportunity to be on the other side a couple times last year. The opportunity to play with him, that offense, this defense, coach Fox, it was a surprise to me. A definite surprise. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Talib and Welker will enjoy working together in practice, where they won’t be putting any hard hits on each other.

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  1. well, it was a good thing that talib didn’t say anything after he got hit. otherwise, it could have been an awkward situation now.

  2. Why was this question not brought up to Talib when the incident happened… who cares. Add another late season choker to the Broncos.

  3. So much vitriol directed towards the Denver Broncos over the past 2 days. Must be doing something right.

  4. Why didnt he say anything when it was such a huge much ado about nothing, of course now that he is his teammate its all well and good. Hypocrites i tell ya…

  5. Well of course he didn’t hurt him on purpose, getting hurt is however a byproduct of those types of plays though. The play was the play and Welker intended to do his play just like any player intends to do a play, and sometimes plays create contact and thus injuries.

    If Welker said his intent was specifically geared towards causing an injury first and foremost and had nothing to do with football strategy, then that’s an entirely different thing, but that’s not the case at hand here. But that also has nothing to do with the problem as BB sees it. Intent existing or not, either you allow or tolerate that kind of physical contact in the sport for that situation or you don’t.

    BB has a problem with the rule that he improperly attributed to Welker as a person. The league at this point thinks the rule is a good one and doesn’t want it to change. So BB directing any heat specifically towards Welker is wrong and inappropriate for BB to do. Complain to the league about the rules if you don’t like the rules.

  6. And this guy won’t win you a SuperBowl either…just get blown out, baby! #43-8

  7. What’s he supposed to say about his now-teammate after Denver just gave him $57 mil? Did you expect him to say Welker is a dirty little baby and that he wants to punch him?

  8. As a die hard Pats fan your getting an all in player who give a 100 % but the hip will go out on a non contact play by week 5 an then he’ll be back for the playoff run an then limp off during your biggest gm of the yr…26 million guaranteed ha ha ha ha

  9. Elway threw that little line in the contract telling Aqib that his guaranteed money wasn’t guaranteed unless he played kissie face with Welker within 24 hrs of the contract being signed…

    Elway is smooth…

  10. Wow — pretty classy of Talib to say. He seems to have come a long way in terms of his conduct of late.

    He’s always been a major talent, but he used to get mixed up in some things that could get his career flat-lining.

    But it seems he’s working on cleaning it up, and good things appear to be coming his way. I hope he keeps it right.

  11. To those beeching about the “Bronco hate”, have them accomplish something first. One non championship season and a flashy free agency period does not a great franchise make.

  12. I’m not sure I would have given that much money to a player who didn’t play through pain in a TWO title games. Both times he was knocked out of the game I don’t recall them saying the injury was serious. Obviously if Denver gave him that much money he wasn’t hurt too bad.

  13. With the signing of Talib and Ware the Broncos seem determined to buy a Championship while they still have Manning. Lots of teams have tried that over the years and it never works.

  14. Neither Welker or Talib will play more than 75% of the Broncos’ games next year and at least one of them won’t be healthy enough to finish the last play of the Broncos’ season ending game.

  15. He did say it after it happened, probably the reason Belicheat didn’t resign him…..Bill doesn’t like guys who contradict him to the press

  16. Broncos haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught cheating. Capgate. Sorry, truth hurts.

  17. You can smell the Broncos’ desperation from here. Since you can’t fix Manning’s chokeability, the only thing left is to weaken all the rival teams and hope he can win with the real life equivalent of Madden cheat codes. Should be a hilarious season for the “Greatest Offense Ever Unless It Matters.”

  18. Just listened to this guy in nfl network . Sounded completely ignorant . He’s clearly limited mentally and now I understand why he had so many “issues” until BB straightened him out .

    He with ware are great short term additions , ward is a major major liability in coverage which is not good considering the lack of talent at the LB position . The broncos could become an elite defense this next year which I think they will with the style of play in their division but they may still be pretenders and soft bc they have major holes.

    I see all in for this year before the salary catches up to them in the next year or so . Good thing to win now futures never promised .

  19. Bronco fans complaining about the negativity…..sorry but your team was an outright embarrasment against the Seahawks and now Elway wants to buy up some more players to try and have another go at it. Your salary cap will be upside down for years to come, and don’t think Pay-a-ton Manning is going to help. Go ask Yankee fans how buying players rather than developing them and coaching them worked out lately. Good luck keeping Talib in any game that means anything.

  20. too much money for a player that needs an extra cargo plane to bring his baggage to town..
    Denver will go 10-6 next year at best and lose in the playoffs. . you cannot buy rings in this league. there’s way too many changes to teams every year to think you will be back in the same spot next year or better by adding a couple of new guys.
    Houston was supposed to be a SB contender last season only to end up with the 1st pick in the draft by having the worst record. you need to build for the long run or you will just end up ruining the future of the team. desperate moves by Elway.

  21. In the second title game he hyperextended his knee. It’s not hard to heal from, but it takes a few weeks. It’s hard to run on because you can’t pull with that hamstring.

  22. It’s hilarious to hear all of the Pats fans talk about Talib’s hip problems.

    Talib hasn’t had a hip problem since Tampa Bay. New England claimed his injury last year as a hip problem when it was actually a quad injury. An obvious attempt to keep his value down.

  23. Broncos to repeat as AFC Champs, no other team is as strong as them,…. a distant 2nd will be the Patriots ..cant wait til the season begins!

  24. The broncos want to be like the Patriots, so bad , that they always have to Draft someone from that team. Too bad Broncos Talib will get hurt before you know it and keeping Welker on your team for sure won’t get another ring! He couldn’t do it for the Patriots! He’s a ginx!! They both can’t make the plays when they count!

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