As expected, Buccaneers release Darrelle Revis


The Buccaneers are doing business in bulk, but their biggest move is ending with a whimper.

The anticipated release of cornerback Darrelle Revis is now official.  The team announced the move on Wednesday.

In the end, the Bucs weren’t going to get a trade with Revis unwilling to renegotiate his deal, despite many teams getting in touch.

Now, he’s free to negotiate his own new deal, with the Patriots figuring to be high on the list.

That makes for an expensive rehab assignment for the Bucs, who spent $16 million and two picks (last year’s 13th overall and this year’s fourth-rounder) for the privilege of a not-full speed Revis in a miscast role under Greg Schiano.

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  1. If that was Cleveland it would be on every website and TV channel about how dumb of a move it was and how dysfunctional they are for letting him go……

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  2. Revis’s tenure with the bucs will be signified by two huge stereotypical sports mistakes. Don’t make high stakes desperation trades when your job is on the line and don’t get rid of a talented player just because you are a new coach or gm and they don’t fit your system. Classic bucs.

  3. I hope he gets hosed on his salary with his next team. The dude has been overpaid ever since he shredded his knee.

  4. Trading for Revis was a bad move by the Bucs to begin with. Thankfully now he is gone and the Bucs have $16 million more cap space to overhaul the roster with! Revis was never a fit for the Bucs D!

  5. So Jaguars get something for Blaine Gabbert and Bucs get nothing for Revis…one of the worst trades in recent memory IMO, good job Bucs!

  6. “Not full-speed Revis in a miscast role”. Yet, he made the Pro Bowl was “All Pro” and was rated by PFF as the #1 ranked CB!! Yet, he’s not worth what the market is willing to pay him??? Yea, Aight…….

  7. Hmmm..negotiate a contract and play for slightly less money for a great coach and rising team…Mevis is an idiot, he’s really gonna get less money now unless he is gonna pay for the Browns!

  8. This is all a pro-wrestling style swerve… Revis returns to the Jets after helping them acquire Sheldon Richardson, sides with the nWo, steel chair in hand all season

  9. has their GM been replaced?

    you bring in a coach that doesn’t mesh with the organization. He cleans the house of any talented players that might have remained.

    Then you trade your first round selection for a chance at the best corner in the league only to release him after you fire the mistake you made at coach.

    I’d be absolutely furious if I was a Tampa fan.
    that’s utterly ridiculous.

  10. Elway will find a way to make him a Bronco (kidding).

    The Patriots should have given a 4th to Tampa Bay for him. Now, he probably will wind up in Cleveland (unless he wants to win).

  11. Shows how dysfunctional the ownership in Tampa is. No backbone or leadership. How do they expect to fill the stadium when they allow for a 1 year rental of a player for a 1st round pick when we were clearly rebuilding?

  12. Wow the NY JETS should sign him ASAP this would be one of the shrewdest NFL trades in the history of sports LMAO and Rex would give all he haters a kishamatucus!

  13. when jets had revis he was overrated

    when the jets traded revis they were stupid

    when the bucs cut revis everyone wants him

    bunch of knowledgeable football fans posting on here.

  14. Pats need to focus on a very much depleted offense and for get this money pit Revis.

    Revis is all about the cash, so giving the Jets a hometown discount seems highly unlikely.

    Any good team for Revis to land on seems like a fantasy. He should stick to what hes good at… stealing money from bad teams. That leaves OAK and CLE. The Browns can be competitive fast with a Revis signing and two 1st round picks in the upcomming draft. A potential star WR on offesne just needs a solid QB and decent RB and the Browns can fight for the AFC North title. Baltimore Pitt and Cinn are mediocre clubs at the moment. Browns should be aggressive.

    AS for landing in OAK. No one cares.

  15. The reason Revis wasn’t traded, is because of his huge contract.. You trade him, his contract goes with him, no team out their in there right mind would trade for him and that huge contract… You release him, he now can re-negotiate a new contract with any team…. For some players, when their wallet get bigger, so does their heads!…

  16. Revis is a great corner, no way he is taking a discount to play for the Pats and no way the Pats pay him 16 million but the Raiders will….

  17. He’ll end up with a 5 year $60M contract, with about $12M in upfront bonus money, $4M yr 1, $5M yr 2 and $6M yr 3. Making it really a 3 year $27M contract, or $9M per year 3 year contract. With the $27M being reported as guaranteed, but really only the $12M bonus and first year being guaranteed and the other two years being injury guaranteed. That way the agent and Revis can save face on the open market, he will make $16M cash this year, but the team will only be risking a total of $16M, with $6M to $10M counting against this years cap and if the first year is a failure the team will cut him and take a $6M cap hit next year, but spin it as a $1M cap savings since the base and $2M of pro-rated bonus will be avoided.

  18. Too much money for one player not named Deon Sanders. If your team plays press coverage, then he might be worth $8-10 mil / year. TB shouldn’t have gone after him in the first place playing zone, what a waste.

  19. He doesn’t exactly fit the mold of BB type players to be on the Pats…. I’d say it’s fairly unlikely… he may have more use as a drain on another team’s cap space within the division.

  20. This is the kind of thing that happens when you have a lousy GM and I called out Dominik as one of the very worst GMs in the league. But the Owners of this team are very ignorant regarding football strategy so they had no idea and it’s just really sad to see such a waste. That’s not how football is supposed to work, you aren’t supposed to give away giant piles of millions and draft picks in exchange for nothing. This game is a simple game if you understand the game, but the Glazers are football dolts and shouldn’t be allowed to own a football franchise sans paying tort fines for horrid mismanagement. They should have to pay something extra now for the rampant indecency that they unleashed upon their community.

  21. It’s a business. Revis has the freedom to choose which is a great position to be in as a player. He can take the cash; he can pick a winner; or, he can try to do both. Every one of us would like to have those options in our own professions. He has those options because he has talent, performs on the field of play, and has the balls to make tough business decisions.

  22. I don’t see how the Pats have the cap space to sign Revis, even at $10m – $12m/ year, rather than the $16m he was getting, if he’d even take that amount.

  23. Interesting to read the comments compared to all the superlatives before bringing on the deserted island. Then, he was the savior and Rock Star was just that. Now, not so much, eh? Time wounds all heels or, some such thing.

  24. Face it, the real Lovie Smith is coming out.

    He’s an entitled brat who only bowed down to Jerry Angelo and the McCaskey family because when you get your first job you have to make sacrifices.

    As someone who’s been told “you’re in charge” he’s willing to do wrong things for the sake of ego.

    Tampa, your team will stink with this guy.

  25. The man is all about his money. and hey why not.. some players want to win championships and some players want to make as much money as possible… nothing wrong with either one. I hope he is not expecting the Patriots to pay him any where near what he thinks he’s worth… Patriots never break the bank for anybody. They sell you on coming to a team with a chance at a superbowl every year with a great coach and great QB…. But Revis is not about that life. He’s about the “show me the money” life

  26. I know the Seahawks front office is too shrewd to overpay for Revis, but would you not be entertained to watch the amazing coverage of Sherman and Revis on the field together?!

  27. Revis should be the blueprint for every non QB in football who have made it through a rookie deal. The owners don’t care about you and fans are fickle. Take your talents to the highest bidder every time you have a chance and keep getting paid until you can’t anymore. Just look at what the new CBA has done to the over 30 players.

  28. as a Jets fan i would HATE if he signed with the Pats….and i will congratulate the Pats fans if they get him.

    best CB in football, changes the way an entire defense is designed and besides Rex, the other coach who will take full advantage of his ability is Belichick

  29. Just to clarify for some of you numb-skulls; the GM (& coach) who made this deal happen just last year, were fired because they were inept enough (for example) to pay a DB $1mil. per game or $6 mil. a year MORE than the 2nd highest-paid DB in the NFL. Of course that’s a bad contract, only fools defend it.
    The new regime & intelligent Bucs fans believe that cutting their losses & spending that $18 mil. per year on 4-5 more starters is a much, much wiser investment.

  30. This isn’t a hard concept to understand, yet all the armchair GM’s on here and other sites don’t seem to get it. He wasn’t willing to restructure in order to facilitate a trade because he wouldn’t have any control over his destination in the trade process, so he refuses to restructure in order to force a release so he can now go wherever he’d like to go. That doesn’t mean he is going to insist on $16M/yr with other teams. There are multiple reasons a guy won’t restructure a contract. One is greed. One is wanting to be released. If NO asked Sproles to restructure in order to facilitate a trade he would say no because he has said he wants to be released, not traded. This isn’t a tough concept. This is true for any team in the NFL….if they want a player bad enough they find a way to make it happen. Salary cap or no. The dollar amount doesn’t even matter.

  31. At least the Bucs got a nice deal on Verner. They were fools to ever give Revis that 16 mill a year contract that’s just insane.

  32. Good teams, bad teams, doesn’t matter. Revis will follow the money. Raiders have it to spend, so that’s where he’ll be. That said, they’d be fools to give him more than a one or two year deal. He’s clearly a malcontent, whether or not his skills are still there.

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