Bills re-sign Dan Carpenter

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For teams with free agent kickers, the trend around the league has been to re-sign your own guy rather than go searching for a replacement.

The Bills are subscribers to that approach. They announced that they re-signed kicker Dan Carpenter on Tuesday, the first day that they could sign him for more than the veteran’s minimum. The team didn’t release any terms of the deal, but Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 reports that it is a four-year deal.

“For us it was a no-brainer to come back to Buffalo,” Carpenter said, via the team’s website. “We were comfortable and loved it here last year. To be able to go back somewhere and be wanted where you would like to go, you’re very fortunate in this league for that to happen. We’re very happy to be here and excited to see where it goes.”

Carpenter joined the Bills just before the start of the 2013 season after he was released by the Dolphins and went on to tie a team record with 33 field goals during the year. The Bills drafted Dustin Hopkins in the sixth round last year, but he got injured to open the door to Carpenter. Hopkins should be back to compete this offseason, but the Carpenter deal may make the youngster a decided underdog in that fight.

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  1. maybe if we keep both kickers we can get 66 fieldgoals this year…..hey with the playoffs out of the question you gotta find something……

  2. Bifurcation: to divide or fork into two branches.

    The NFL is in the process of bifurcation. Only about half the league plays on national TV on a regular basis. Only about half the league is covered by sports center and the other NFL affiliates including the NFL network.

    This then has an effect on free agency. Super teams are created where free agents will even take less money to play for them.

    The Buffalo Bills play in the lower half of the league. Virtually never on national TV, never discussed on ESPN, and virtually never able to attract high profile players. They often lose good players who demand trades.

    Roger Goodell even told Mike Vick to choose the Eagles over the Bills for less money a few years ago.

    That is a verifiable story through Google and the source is Vick himself.

    Are the lower teams in the NFL acting as farm teams?

  3. @marvsleevy………great point. Its the same teams week after week on TV. I know their rosters and team history almost as well as Buffalos

  4. Excellent move in re-signing Carpenter! Everything you want in a kicker. He earned his place on the team.

  5. How did making a big splash in FA work out for Miami last year?

    We shall see how over paying for a 34 year old lb and an overrated safety works out for CLeveland this year.
    The Buffalo Bills are 1 qb away from being a legit contender to win the AFC East. Stack up their team to NE, Miami, NYJ and they are comparable to them or better in many positions, except def qb with NE.

  6. billsfan1 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 10:39 AM
    The Buffalo Bills are 1 qb away from being a legit contender to win the AFC East.

    Sounds like billsfan1 was 1 LeBatts Blue away from being totally hammered about 6 beers ago.

  7. jpaq68: If Tom Brady played for the bills this season they would definitely win the afc east. Their D is good and their O has playmakers. There is only 1 Tom Brady, but a franchise qb would definitely make buffalo a contender.

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