“Bose” to get plenty of airtime in 2014, thanks to the NFL

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While corporate logos and advertisements have yet to conspicuously infiltrate in-game NFL uniforms (the Nike swoosh is somewhat organic), the league is selling pretty much every other space into which a company’s name and/or mark can be placed.

According to Bloomberg.com (via SportsBusiness Daily), “Bose” will appear on all coaches’ headsets this year, after a full season with no name appearing on one of the most commonly-seen pieces of equipment during an NFL broadcast.

The league rejected an offer from Motorola that would have paid $50 million per year over five years, but the NFL passed, opting to have nothing other than the NFL shield on headsets in 2013.  Presumably, the NFL is getting even more from Bose than Motorola offered.

And in the stroke of a pen, that’ll be more than enough to cover the annual salary and benefits of Commissioner Roger Goodell.  All for the placement of four letters on the side of a plastic thing that covers a middle-aged man’s ear while he’s at work.

It’s enough to make the average fan drop a jaw and mutter a four-letter word.  Or two.

17 responses to ““Bose” to get plenty of airtime in 2014, thanks to the NFL

  1. I wonder how many people will actually see the word “Bose” on a coach’s headset during a game and, because of that, go out and buy a Bose product or think any differently about Bose than they already do.

  2. Wow that’s one way of looking at it, kinda fires me up though but I’ll keep it short. This is not a justification for Goodell’s salary, with a better pen stroke they could have had a lot more money. Goodell has not done a good job that warrants his salary relative to what the best possible Commissioner would have done during the same time and opportunity. His pay rate is sickly unjust and if you want to talk about business exploitation well the NFL has barely scratched the surface at figuring out how to maximize their revenue/profit streams. They are not very savvy on the business end at all and if this money is impressive then what about the money they missed on this deal from years passed? What about ALL the other monies that they could be creating that they aren’t creating? Show me your accounting presentation on all of that and how it makes sense to pay Goodell what he was paid despite missing out on all of that extra potential profit.

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