Cardinals sign Jonathan Dwyer, Ted Larsen, Marcus Benard

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After the retirement of Rashard Mendenhall, the Cardinals have picked up another former Steelers running back.

Jonathan Dwyer, a 2010 sixth-round pick of the Steelers who has played his entire career in Pittsburgh, has signed with the Cardinals.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was the Steelers’ offensive coordinator for Dwyer’s first two NFL seasons, so Dwyer already knows the offense. Dwyer provides some depth in the backfield behind Andre Ellington, who had a very promising rookie season in Arizona last year.

In 2013 Dwyer was largely phased out of the Steelers’ offense, carrying just 49 times for 197 yards. But in 2012 he showed that he can provide solid production, getting six starts and rushing 156 times for 623 yards.

The Cardinals have also added Ted Larsen, who can play both guard and center. Larsen has played in 60 games, with 31 starts, in a four-year career in Tampa Bay. And the Cardinals announced that Marcus Benard, a linebacker who played in 12 games for the Cardinals last year, has re-signed on a one-year contract.

20 responses to “Cardinals sign Jonathan Dwyer, Ted Larsen, Marcus Benard

  1. Jennifer says:
    Mar 12, 2014 9:52 PM
    Pittsburgh West

    Great news for Steelers fans, since Pittsburgh East ain’t lookin’ too good these days.

  2. Pierogipower, the cardinals are a better team than the steelers are right now. Arizona is also one of the best places to live in the country. So purgatory isn’t a good description of az.

  3. Oh yeah rohinaz, Arizona is the gem of the world with all the Mexican drug cartel running rampant from the border…just stop talking

  4. Arizona is a great place to live, vacation, retire…from the 5th largest metro area in the USA and Valley of the Sun to a great smaller college town in Tucson to the beauty of the Grand Canyon and Sedona and the mountain towns of Flagstaff and Prescott and Payson and a ton of smaller cabin towns in the pines. 300+ days of sun a year, a tank of gas or two’s drive to Rocky Point, Mexico or San Diego or Los Angeles or Vegas. A few hours from swimming in 85 degree weather to skiing at 9000 feet. And some guy who lives in the armpit of Pittsburg calls it purgatory. No one respects the teams or fans, college or professional, of any of Pennsylvania’s cities.

  5. I would not say the Cardinals are better than the Steelers right now, but IMO Arizona is not the best place to live, just because all that nonsense of that antigay law and those immigration things. I’d would not go there for vacation (since Im not American) just because that.
    But Im happy for Mr. Dwyer, hope the best for him and thank him for all he did for the Steelers. (But still wanting him back like last year, lol)

  6. Mexican cartels? What an absurd comment. The Arizona Cardinals are currently one the better teams in the NFL, not the cliche desert wasteland that large market league ignorant fans like to label it. Dwyer is now going to be playing for an EFFECTIVE offense, not a one dimensional Haley boondoggle.

  7. Rohinaz….. Right on….. Better that the Steelers right now… Great place to live… Tucson and Nogales is the trouble spots here in AZ… I see others know little about football or AZ… No sure about these signing though… Ellington is far better than Dwyer… I still keep hearing MJD… June 1 is when Keim will shine

  8. is this a football site or a bunch of middle school talk about who’s city is better…. I’m still tryna find a normal football comment to start a convo off of

  9. I’m sure Arizona is a great place to live. Pittsburgh is as well. Don’t take my biased opinion (I don’t live there but, visit a lot) for it. Google ‘best places to live’. Surprise!

  10. I will avoid the Phoenix vs. Pittsburgh debate, other then to say that probably the best Steelers bar in the country (Harold’s Corral) is about an hour north of Phoenix. I’m a little surprised that the Steelers were so quick to part with Dwyer. He has been wildly inconsistent but remained the 2nd best back on the roster and would have been cheap depth going forward. I assume the Steelers will be looking for a “scat back” type in the mid rounds of the draft to compliment Bell.

  11. I’d like to welcome J.D. with open arms. Look forward to seeing what he can do with adequate playing time. Been keeping an eye on this guy since 2012.

    It was frustrating to see him go from a promising prospect in 2012, to a carousel passenger in 2013. Not sure why Todd H. hasn’t been fired yet. It’s easy to see why Todd has bounced around the league so much in the past 10 years.

    I wish nothing less than the best for Todd, The Steelers, and their fan base. But for J.D. The Cardinals, and us Cardinal fans I hope J.D. proves he was sorely misjudged.

    Good job Cards coaching and front office for seeing every player has value. I think our future just got brighter. The Cardinals are no less capable of winning the Super Bowl than Seattle or any other franchise/team. We just need to believe like Russell Wilson and his father, “why not us?”. GO Birds!

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