Chiefs see major defections on first day of free agency

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Before Tuesday, a gap existed between the Broncos and Chiefs.  On Tuesday, that gap widened.

The Broncos added safety T.J. Ward and, in one of the biggest surprises of the day, cornerback Aqib Talib.  While the Broncos saw guard Zane Beadles leave for Jacksonville and likely will lose linebacker Wesley Woodyard (who lost his starting job in the middle last season), those aren’t major departures.  Likewise, the Broncos realize receiver Eric Decker won’t be back; with Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas in their contract years, it makes no sense to pay all three.

In Kansas City, that sign in the photo may have been taken a bit too literally.

Five players ran for the exits in the first 90 minutes of free agency.  Gone are three offensive linemen:  left tackle Branden Albert, guard Geoff Schwartz, and guard Jon Asamoah.  Receiver/punt returner Dexter McCluster took off for Tennessee.  On defense, end Tyson Jackson went to Atlanta, likely lured in part by Falcons assistant G.M. Scott Pioli, who made Jackson the third overall pick in the 2009 draft.

The Chiefs have kept in recent days linebacker Frank Zombo and safety Husain Abdullah.

While the loss of Asamoah and Schwartz essentially amount to losing one full-time player, since they essentially shared the right guard job last year, the Chiefs now must find a way to replace both players and, more importantly, their long-time left tackle.  Tackle Eric Fisher became the first overall pick in the 2013 draft under the apparent assumption that he’d succeed Albert.  Based on Fisher’s struggles last year and the performance of Donald Stephenson in place of Albert, Fisher may stay on the right side.

With the Raiders making a big push to improve their overmatched roster and the Chargers doing what they can with the cap space they have, the Chiefs may have to worry less about catching Denver in 2014 — and more about being caught by San Diego and Oakland.

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  1. thank you florio. I have been needing this update for days. but it has no info as to why the chiefs are not creating cap space by restructuring and or resigning and then signing free agents? why are the chiefs not doing anything is what a lot of us in Kc want to know

  2. The chiefs had their chance last season, so did the Broncos. Now both “all star” teams will be disassembled and the Chargers will be back on top of the division headed towards the franchise’s first super bowl!

  3. What you are seeing is the rebuilding year that was supposed to have happened last year.
    Chiefs record will drop down this season and will net them around a top 10 draft pick, and they will get comp picks for Jackson and Albert.
    Next year is the year all the pieces start getting put into place, right in time for Manning to retire, the Chiefs will begin a decade of dominance, like Seattle has just started

  4. I think a lot of these free agents r being overpaid out of a desperate move to win now. A lot of these are injury prone. Denver is exactly no better and no worse. KC losing the offensive line is the scary part. But Dorsey builds through the draft.

  5. I think that the Chiefs will be better off without overspending on the players that left. Albert has spent too much time on the injury list, and Tyson Jackson has been a major disappointment, never earning his first round rookie contract.

    McCluster is really limited by his diminutive size, and Weston Dressler from the CFL has already been signed to replace him. Asamoah and Schwartz are pretty nice, but replaceable mid-range players.

    I believe that Dorsey and Reid have a good plan for the team, and that they plan to spend upgrading through the draft and spending on areas of more critical need such as at FS and WR.

  6. ” the Chiefs may have to worry less about catching Denver in 2014 — and more about being caught by San Diego and [*Oakland*].”

    Seriously? Must be smoking some good stuff there, Mike.

  7. @ottawabrave91

    welcome to the Andy Reid regime. Does what should not be done first, and never does what should be done. And then drafts Daniel Teo-Nasheim, someone who was supposed to go undrafted, in the third round because he has a good motor and Brandom Graham ahead of Earl Thomas. Enjoy a guy that can coach well, but cannot evaluate talent effectively.

  8. I see. The Chiefs crafty plan is to make it big in 2017. Now that makes sense!

    The Chiefs got too good, too fast. When your players are all hitting free agency at the same time you can’t re-sign them all. The good-but-not-great players leave and you end up with in a draft crap shoot. You draft for need rather than the best player and 50% don’t work out.

    Seattle and San Fran will be there soon.

    Cheer up Chiefs. You have a franchise QB. With him, anything is possible. Without him, nothing is possible, as well you know.

  9. Well the Chiefs need to get a good GM. They operated under the guise that everything was honky dory last year so he will probably get more time than he should considering he should already have been replaced with somebody better. The Chiefs got kinda close last year, but eventually they will separate back down to the bottom of the pile.

  10. They’ve always been knows as the Kansas City Cheapskates.

    Say hello to 4-12 this year.

  11. Hey chargersdiehard, remember Super Bowl XXIX? That is the one where San Diego lost to San Francisco 49-26.

  12. Raiders just lost all their playmakers what the F? demolition still on in the black hole. we hired back sick bay cowboy McFadder so he FORD, WATSON, HAYDEN, MOORE can hold hands on injured reserve this year and YOU know I am right

    McKensie and ALLEN need to be let go before the draft or this team will be in the crapper for the next ten years

  13. Raiders have not done anything this offseason except lose their 3 best players. Did R McKenzie write this article ?I am a Raiders fan and the Chiefs have no worries from a team run by the worst GM in football.

  14. “stv1719 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 8:45 AM

    welcome to the Andy Reid regime…Does what should not be done first, and never does what should be done….Enjoy a guy that can coach well, but cannot evaluate talent effectively.”

    You apparently haven’t heard that Andy Reid doesn’t have the same job in KC as he did in Philly. Reid isn’t in charge of personnel.

  15. The Chiefs lost one starter that they didn’t already have a replacement for.

    You idiots are hilarious.

  16. The Chiefs weren’t expected to make the playoffs last year. They caught mediocre teams at the perfect time, got lucky in a few games, overachieved and had a friendly than expected schedule.

    This season should be no better than 7-9(which last season should have been) and then after that is when you will see the team start to take off.
    Please get a clue, people

  17. I’m glad we didn’t overpay for any of these guys, and they’re not a great loss. We have to save our money to extend truly elite players like Berry and Houston.

    The Falcons did us a favor by taking two of the most under achieving players we had off our hands. It’s the best thing Pioli has EVER done for the Chiefs organization. Suckers!

    While the donkeys have loaded up for one final push for a purchased championship, they only have a very short window before their chickens come home to roost. Paydaton is about done, and everyone knows he CANNOT win the big game anymore.

    As far as the faiders go, they continue to be the biggest joke in the league. They’ll be in the basement for the next decade at a minimum.

    Elite teams build through the draft, not FA. Everyone knows that.

  18. When wasthe last time a teamwho spent big in free agency won the whole thing. You media types are so into fantasy football. It just doesnt work that way inthe NFL. build through the draft, win through the draft.

  19. Btw, if you were really paying attention you would know Fisher improved dramatically as the year went on. He’ll be a stud left tackle, just as the plan was from the beginning and the broncos will struggle to assimilate thesenew “superstar” additions. How bout those Eagles! Smh . You guys just never learn.

  20. No need to worry Chief’s fans. The Raiders have a stranglehold on last place in the AFC West and will for years to come.

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