Chris Johnson’s Twitter habits could be telling

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Titans running back Chris Johnson has a base salary of $8 million this year.  By cutting defensive end DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys picked up nearly $7.5 million in cap space.

Coincidentally (or not), Johnson recently has begun following Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Twitter, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

At a time when players like Julius Peppers, Ware, and Darrelle Revis are being cut, the Titans are squatting on Johnson because they can.  His contract contains no trigger or bonus that compels the Titans to cut the cord in the immediate future.

If Johnson isn’t traded (and he likely won’t be), he’ll be cut.  And he seems to be interested in the Cowboys.  The question is whether they’re interested in him.

Maybe Jones will drop a hint by following Johnson back.

25 responses to “Chris Johnson’s Twitter habits could be telling

  1. JJ is probably still fuming from Denver stealing some of his thunder and turning him from a bigshot to a small-timer, so he should start talking publicly with him and dancing a fine by getting as close to get busted as he can without technically getting get busted.

  2. Sorry, Fred Jackson belongs in there…he and Spiller do form the best RB duo.

    Fred Jackson is the most underrated running back in the history of the NFL.

    I’d rather have a RB like Jackson, than CJ.

  3. Why would the Cowboys want CJ? They have a top 10 Rb when healthy and need to fill so many other holes on the defense. Thats great that Johnson wants to play in Dallas but who cares what he wants.

  4. whiny brat who quit playing once he got the money…cut him but wait till teams are finished in free agency so they have no cap space

  5. Top 5 RBs in modern football: Marshawn Lynch, Beastmode, Mr. Mode, Marshawn Lynch, DangeRuss Wilson. Dynasty Train WHOO WHOOO #BestTeamEver #goHAWKS

  6. Every comment on here are equally dumb. Non of these Rb’s are good besides Charles. Doug Martin is better than the other 4. Get with it fools

  7. Chris Johnson is lazy, lazy, and a head-case. He got his one big payday and quit working hard. That’s fine, Chris, but there’s no second act after you do that. You’re done.

  8. If you are not a Titans fan shut the hell up!!!! Chris is a beast for the team they would be stupid to cut him… Neither person ya have name don’t come close in stats!

  9. Before everyone throws out their comments that are tied with almost zero facts and are fueled by biased opinions, let me set the record straight.

    CJ may not of had his 2,000 rushing season like ’09 but no one else has had that kind of a year except for AP (which many of you forgot to mention). He still had over a 1,000 yards rushing and tacked on 300 yards rushing finishing as a top 15 RB.

    He was playing behind an offensive line that was extremely strong to start the year off then was quickly plagued by injuries.
    He was playing behind a QB who is too scared to throw the ball down the field, who was also injured throughout the year.
    He played under an OC who could not seem to put the pieces of talent he had available together (Kenny Britt, CJ, Jared Cook, Delanie Walker..)
    Defenses knew all they had to do was stuff the line and blitz our line that had played very little together as a unit.

    He hasn’t performed to his expectations that he set for himself since Fisher held the reigns of the organization, but its been anything but organized since Fisher left.

  10. I am a Cowboys fan as well as a Titans Fan and I will say Dallas often picks up the lost, the least, the left out and the trouble makers, so they may take CJ (hands together praying they don’t). He came in blazing when he was drafted as he should, but once he did his thing and had bargining room he did just that. The problem I had with him is that he pulled an Albert Haynesworth on the Titans just like Haynesworth did to the Redskins….He got the big money contract and didnt play. He consistently missed the 2k mark after signing the contract and it slowly declined to just over 1000 yds this year.. Regardless of him having a new coach, an injuried or interception throwing QB or whatever other excuses he didnt play.. CJ dropped some balls, or tiptoed on many occasions bc he didnt want to get hit. He should have still went out there and played to the best of his ability, which would have only made him look better and helped in his case to get the $8 mill. Let’s be honest; CJ didnt play to the best of his ability this season, and he actually got upset when the Titans brought in Delanie Walker and Shonn Greene to offset the mess that was going on with him. I say let him go, he doesnt deserve $8 mill to sit around and half play or not play for the next year. When he is finally picked up by another team he will have an OUTSTANDING year bc he will want to show the Titans they should have kept him… well he SHOULD HAVE HAD OUTSTANDING YEARS WITH THE TITANS WHILE HE WAS GETTING PAID FOR IT.. I wish him well, best of luck CJ but the Titans can spend that $8 mill on other players that want to work instead of giving you another free ride.

    Now that I think about it Dallas can take him bc he has something to prove so that WILL help Dallas out…..

  11. Best RBs right now in the game.
    1) Adrian Peterson
    2) LeSean McCoy
    3) Jamal Charles
    4) Marshawn Lynch
    5) Alfred Morris

    In that order.

  12. No question that Chris Johnson could greatly improve the Cowboys’ defense in 2014, but that isn’t Jerry’s goal. We want major suction for a 20 – 14 season making us eligible to draft Jameis Winston with our 1st pick of the 2015 NFL draft. Stephen Jones / his new GM will make that selection following Jerry’s massive stroke and subsequent retirement. Garrett and Romo will watch the draft from a smoky bar somewhere in Podunk, Illinois while alternating puking and laughing at the $ raked in and raped from the Dallas Cowboys / Jerry Jones era.

  13. Anyone who mentions ” best running backs ” and doesn’t put Adrian Peterson at the very tip top, knows absolutely nothing about football. Team loyalty is fine, but reality takes a front seat when it comes to something like this.

  14. Going by numbers in 6 years chris Johnson has more yards then lynch Charles and McCoy. More rushing touchdowns then them And he has done it with no good qbs. So how is he a bum when he has 6 1000 yard seasons. Marshawn don’t Peterson don’t Charles don’t. The only one I would put better is Peterson

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