Cowboys add Jeremy Mincey as DeMarcus Ware’s replacement


After releasing defensive end DeMarcus Ware and seeing him sign with the Broncos, the Cowboys have agreed to terms with former Broncos defensive end Jeremy Mincey.

Mincey’s stint with the Broncos was a short one: He was cut by the Jaguars during the 2013 season and then signed with the Broncos late in the year, playing Weeks 16 and 17 for Denver and then appearing in all three of the Broncos’ postseason games.

There have been questions about Mincey’s work ethic (he was released by Jacksonville in part for repeatedly showing up late to work), but when he’s on he’s a solid pass rusher. In his best season, 2011, he had eight sacks.

But Mincey is no Ware, and replacing Ware with Mincey in the starting lineup won’t improve the Cowboys’ defense.

49 responses to “Cowboys add Jeremy Mincey as DeMarcus Ware’s replacement

  1. Eagles are improving by the Cowboys devolving…All the Eagles got were two stiffs and an average safety. What the Eagles need is a kicker who can create more touchbacks not stiffs to stop the unnecessary returns.

  2. Whoever thinks this is who they signed to replace Ware is absolutely insane. Obviously this is just a depth signing. Come on people. Have more sense. They also signed Terrell McClain.. is he going to be in the starting line up. Of course not. These are minimum salary depth signings. Don’t try to create a story just to get comments and views.

  3. Uh. Even you can’t be dumb enough to call him “Ware’s replacement”. He’s a depth guy with some experience. He’s already an upgrade to what they had behind Ware last year. The draft is coming, and I’d imagine there will be some pass rushers taken by Dallas.

    The move to cut Ware won’t help Dallas this year, but soon, he will no longer be a player that teams fear. Denver is a “Ware” away from winning. Dallas isn’t. They’ve had him for nine years, and won one playoff game. Had to be done. Dallas couldn’t afford him, and hopefully this will be their chance to get a clue, and start drafting better.

    Tyron Smith/Dez need new contracts soon. They are on the field damn near every play. Demarcus ware won’t be on the field every play by next year. Lock.

  4. As an Eagles fan I wasn’t too thrilled about our replacing Chung with Jenkins. But at least it’s an upgrade. But this would have REALLY pissed me off. I can’t believe this is what they cut Ware for. At least Ware showed up when he made it to the field.

  5. kbuck, it’s just normal Dallas/JJ hate. Whatever, comes with the territory. I’m sure everyone laughed at the George Selvie pickup last year, and he worked out pretty good. Marinelli seems to get the most out of thease guys, so we’ll see. But to your point, this guy is just a body/depth.

  6. Congrats Dallas Fans.

    It is obvious that the Cowboys plan to strengthen defense through the draft.

    Now if only they had a real GM.

  7. Seriously? You really think they signed this stiff as the ‘Replacement’ for Ware?

    Dallas needs depth as well as starters on the D line.

  8. No problem. The Boys won back in the day with a wave of unknows attacking the QB. Seattle did it last year. Maybe Jerry and Co. get it right again.

  9. kash, real GM’s dont overpay for Age! Which is what JJ did not do. I love Ware, but he’s on the down side and not worth the 13 mill.

  10. A healthy mincey may well be greater than an older and decaying Demarcus Ware. Remember the good old days of Jimmy Johnson aka what have you done for me lately oh nothing really see ya.

  11. With all of the cuts and restructurings, the boys probably have about 5 mill more to spend in free agency before they are capped out again. They aren’t signing anyone that special for that amount. Austin’s savings cant count until June 1 and they’ll need that to pay the rookies.

  12. It’s very funny how far these writers go to try to take a dig at the Cowboys.

    If you think Mincey is Ware’s replacement….you need another job brother.

    For the commenters, most of you are being kind of hypocritical. “HAHAHAHAH All Jerry does is spend money on aging veterans!!!!” Now the Cowboys cut ties with two aging veterans and it’s “HAHAHAHA JERRUHS DUMB HURHURHUR WHAT A CIRCUS”

    This tells me a few things, but the main one being…you have no idea what goes on with this franchise and all you do is follow sports memes and ride them into the ground.

  13. Cowboys had the #32 defense in the league last year (and put a run on the worst defense in NFL history) with Ware. They can’t get any worse without him.

  14. Let’s be honest, the Cowboys were going no where with Ware. Why continue to hope and dream that he’s going to back in top form. He’s 32 and has a history of injuries. Finally cutting the cord on some overpriced players. It’s taken many years,

    Jerry made the right move this time

  15. Dallas needs a franchise best draft in 2014 to fix this mess. Taking the worst D in football and making them substantially worse by loosing Ware and Hatcher can not be spinned in a positive way. I hope for the best but expect the worst. Fixing both a pass rush and secondary issues in one year seems impossible.

  16. Cmon, guys. I love being a Dallas Cowboys fan,…….except for the Dallas Cowboys fans. Ware was unwilling to take a pay cut and was nowhere near the 12 million we would have had to pay him. Did you want another season like 2013? This is just what happens to D-Linemen when they get old. So, the only way to replace him is with several linemen, which is what they will do. Mincey is the first step. Remember, we pressured the QB pretty good lasy year without Ware, AND, with several no names we pulled in off the street. Just give Marinelli a few good linemen and he will pressure the QB.

  17. to all the cowboys haters out there calling you the cowboys idiots are idiots yourself if u think they signed these guys for starters you are sadly mistaken. so in the words of Bill Parcells go lay on a couch.

  18. but the article is missing one important point.. With Ware on the roster.. we still had the worst defense in the league. Without him.. we can go get 6 mediocre guys and bring wave after wave of pass rushers and might improve.

  19. I now believe that Jerry Jones is actually an Eagles fan making every move possible to destroy the Dallas Cowboys.

    That’s the only explanation for everything he has done as GM of the Cowboys.

  20. It doesn’t matter who they get to replace Ware. As long as they stay with this coaching staff, the Cowboys are not going to see any improvement soon.

  21. The Giants, Eagles and us Skins fans want to say keep up the good work Jerruh you are the best GM in the NFC East.

  22. It’s not a replacement, he’s not owed 16 mil a year. They’re getting cheap bodies on the line because their strength and conditioning coach is a dinosaur and cant keep anyone healthy, might as well not overspend.

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