Darren McFadden’s agent says he turned down more money elsewhere

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It was hard to find anyone who thought that running back Darren McFadden would be back with the Raiders in 2014.

The oft-injured running back was less effective than Rashad Jennings last season and the Raiders made little effort to keep McFadden from hitting the open market, which made Tuesday’s news of McFadden’s return to Oakland a bit surprising. McFadden signed a one-year deal worth $1.75 million with another $2.25 million in incentives and $100,000 guaranteed, and his agent Ian Greengross said that his client turned down bigger offers elsewhere.

“We did have real interest from four or five other teams — one offered more money,” Greengross said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “Darren wanted to stay a Raider. He felt like he still had something to prove in silver and black.”

It’s hard to imagine that there was a vast difference in offers if McFadden went back to Oakland and other situations might not offer the same chance to cash in on incentives. Jennings is headed to the Giants, leaving McFadden at the top of a depth chart that includes Latavius Murray, Jeremy Stewart and Kory Sheets. If he’s healthy, McFadden should get plenty of opportunities to earn that extra $2.25 million next season.

That’s an Everest-sized if, but McFadden will get one more chance to show Oakland that he can.

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  1. Welcome back. I admire a guy who WANTS to be here. Stay healthy, build up the O-line, and have a great year!

  2. He mentioned this before, that he feels he owes the Raiders, and he does.

    Hats off to him, he’s only guaranteed 100,000

    Good move by Reggie.

  3. I love this guy always have just has to stay healthy! Run hard and not be scared of getting hurt! Last 2 years he ran as if he was going to get hurt on every run as if he was scared.

  4. I heard that Cleveland offered him a deal that was worth $100 more, plus the incentives were a restored Gremlin, a dog bone from their last playoff appearance in 71, and a suite in a swanky Cleveland condo.

  5. McFadden agent is full of BS. know one wanted to pay him more then the VM so he went back to the Raiders.

  6. So he’s staying because he loves it there? Or he’s staying because he knew Rashad Jennings was leaving?

  7. Let’s not forget that the man is still young and if healthy can be an elite runner. Utilize him the way Hue Jackson did, not Knapp and he can be the leader of the offense. Run DMC earned some respect with this move IMO.

  8. McFadden is a bust. And the Raiders are as stupid as a bag of rocks for giving him another 4 million. What can he show you that he hasn’t shown you for the last 5 years? Get a clue McKenzie!

  9. If DMC and Latavius can stay healthy, we will have an awesome ground attack. Now if we can lure Nicks over here…

  10. I feel for McFadden. I don’t think he has anything to prove as far as being a top talent back. He just has to prove that he can “stay healthy”, whatever that means, for a guy whose average job lasts 3-4 years. When he’s up and running he’s amazing.

  11. @rhemish – the guaranteed $$ for saffold and Howard r only 4.25 & 3 mil a year. Please know the facts b4 spouting off ur ignorant comments. U make all raiders fans sound like idiots and there r some of us that actualy understand football and how to structure contracts

  12. When I heard 4M, I was pissed. But if it’s really only 1.75M, it’s not that bad a deal. Other than him sucking the last few years.

    He WAS a strength towards the end of Hue’s reign.. but at this point I am not sure if McFadden has changed since then – we moved our O-line scheme back to what he liked and it still didn’t work out last year. Course, I never understand why we try to run him up the gut…

  13. So we lost Jennings, Houston, Veldheer and signed a guy who’s “healthy” for about 6 games a year and way overpaid for Saffold. Not sure I like where this free agency period is going but I’ll wait and see what else Reggie does before I judge.

  14. I know every NFL player begs to take less money so they can stay in the peaceful town of Oakland….a virtual paradise of tranquility and upstanding fans!

  15. Not a huge McFadden fan after his underwhelming performances over the past few years but I can’t hate on him for wanting to prove to the Raiders organization and fans that he is worth signing to a longer deal. I wish him all the luck and good health.

  16. DMC knows that he’s made a boatload of $$$ in Oakland, he’s also under delivered tremendously on his potential, fair or not!

    Let me say this, if the guy plays a full season (or close to) he will be the NFL rushing leader & a steal in FA….but “if” is not “does” or “will”.

    Either way, good on him to show so some loyalty, rare today!

  17. How about some outside the box thinking (translation: I know this sounds crazy…but hear me out)…How about a 3 player trade with Tampa…D. Revis, Donald Penn and Mike Williams (since they seem to have fallen out of favor with Lovie Smith)…cost about $25 million in salary cap this year for the Raiders (who have plenty of cap space), they get 3 very good players in exchange for their first round draft pick. Move Saffold to Guard, put Penn (former Pro-Bowler) at LT…Williams is a good young #2 WR, Revis is one of the top 3-4 DB’s in the NFL…then sign Mike Vick for $6 – $7million. BOOM…instantly makes the Raiders more competitive and only costs one draft pick for 3 pro-bowl caliber guys! I know…crazy!

  18. I would have liked to see him on another team just prove he is a good RB and it was the Raiders coaching staff that made him look bad.
    Lately it seems like every player that leaves the Raiders improves their play.

  19. I really don’t have anything against the guy; it’s not like he TRIED to get hurt. My biggest problem was all the money we were paying him to an RB1, yet he wasted away on the sidelines. Now he’s worth the paultry money we’re about to pay him. He has very little guaranteed in this deal….less than an RB3. I like incentive-laden deals like this…..

  20. LOL … I don’t believe that. He hasn’t been healthy since he was drafted… had a chance to make big buck else where and he turned it down to stay in Oakland for what…. Oh wait don’t tell me, a Ring! He would have better off going else where even for less money on a contender.

  21. It’s not a bad deal for Oakland. Of the $4M, only $100,000 is guaranteed. Then it’s only another $1.6 in salary (so $100,000 a game, as that’s how NFL game cheques are broken down)

    The rest is all incentives. And that are listed as ‘unlikley to be earned’ which means they don’t count under the cap (unless he earns them, then they count to next years cap).

    So if by mid season, it doens’t work out, they can cut him and it have cost less than $1M. If he does return to form, they have a top back at a bargin price.

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