Darren Sproles to Saints: Cut me, don’t trade me


Darren Sproles does not want to be traded.

Sproles, the running back and return man whom the Saints are shopping around the league, told Josina Anderson of ESPN that if he has no future in New Orleans, he wants the team to cut him.

“I want to get released,” Sproles said. “I don’t want to be traded. I don’t know where they would send me because I have no control over it and I want to be able to pick. The good thing is none of the teams I’m told they’re talking to are terrible. It’s more than two. I feel I should have more of an idea later on today.”

It’s easy to see why Sproles would feel that way: You’d always rather control your own fate, and potentially negotiate a pay raise, than have someone else determine your future for you. But the reality is that the Saints are reportedly fielding several offers for Sproles, and they’d be fools not to get some compensation for Sproles if they can.

If Sproles is adamantly opposed to a trade, he could threaten to retire if the Saints trade him somewhere he doesn’t want to go. That might scare some teams off. But the most likely scenario is that the Saints trade Sproles to the team that offers them the best deal, and that Sproles ends up playing for that team, even if it’s a team that wouldn’t have been his top choice.

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  1. When a team pays you millions of dollars, they can do what they want. They owe you NOTHING. Is this guy new or something?

  2. Well unfortunately one of the perks of having a player signed to a contract is the team get to do what is best for them.

    If they can get something for him, why not get a draft pick for the guy.

  3. This guy has done nothing but ball for the Saints, why wouldnt they throw him a bone and let him go, if your not going to sign him let him go and play where he wants, teams are selfish!

  4. It’d be cool if Sproles signed with the Patriots. Bill would use him well.

    Editors Note: If Sproles retired he’d be under contract whenever he chose to return from his fake retirement that you have proposed.He has no leverage.

  5. He’s being screwed out of being available on the FA market at the start. Other players will ink deals with the teams throwing out the biggest dollars while he sits in limbo. Saints are doin’ him wrong if they’re not going to keep him around.

  6. I’d like to see some context here. The quote, standing alone, makes it sound as though he is bitter and that very well may not be the case.

    For instance, what if he was asked if he’d rather be cut or traded? Or was this just him, in an unsolicited manner, coming out and complaining?

    I’m going with the former.

  7. If Sproles will agree to refund his signing bonus the Saints will agree to forfeit the advantages of having him under contract.

  8. Darren Sproles would fit well where there is already a feature back. What about in Minnesota? AP and Darren Sproles? That’d be too good.

  9. LOL. Be happy you have a skill anyone would want. I’m sure the factory worker would love to be “traded” rather than “cut”. These guys never stop to amaze me the bubble of a world they live in.

  10. It’s so funny to always hear people post; “he deserves…”. Seriously? They are paid a lifetime of money each year to give up where they want to go. They all get paid millions to do a job. Now, I have no problem with Sproles saying he wants to be cut, but in no way do the Saints owe him anything. He was paid to do his job. Period.

  11. What job other than sports allows a business to trade one of its employees to a competitor? Ever hear “John Deere just traded its top welder to Caterpiller for two future employees and an intern to be named later”? I would hate being traded to a place I don’t want to work.

  12. It’s just bidness. Nertin’ personal DS. Saints have no 2nd rd. pick. Sproles is worth that, but will probly get a 4th.

  13. I don’t know why more players don’t do this more , if you hear your name in TRADE rumors, just say out loud if I”m TRADED I Might not show up to that team. I”m quiet sure that should put the brakes on many proceedings.So getting cut wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world.

  14. First off I’m most interested in having Sproles create a list of the terrible vs non-terrible teams, that would be fascinating to know.

    And not sure why he’s complaining, he signed the contract and could have talked about a no-trade promise at the time but he got what he wanted which was the money part. If you want something different then negotiate for it before you agree to something else. Or give the money back and we’ll gladly release you.

  15. Also, I don’t agree with the first comment. The guy isn’t property. He’s a human.

    Maybe word it and say…”When you are under contract…”

  16. Sleeper team could be Lions. He knows Lombardi’s system and LeShoure could be traded on draft day. Lions have needed a kick returner also.

  17. Hmmm, and I want to win the Mega Millions, too bad for me. Too bad for you Darren. If the Saints can get something for ya, anything, it’s better than getting nothing for ya.

  18. Just go to the Donkeys…they seem to be able to sign everybody, guess they don’t have to abide by a salary cap.

  19. I can’t think of many teams that Sproles wouldn’t help. He’s durable & very difficult to tackle. Translation–Sproles is a baller.

  20. My understanding is if he is cut he must clear the waiver wire in order to choose his next location. Well, if there are potential trade partners lined up then obviously he won’t clear waivers. Therefor I believe he must have a desire to go to a team that picks early on the waiver list. ESPN 980 seems to think Washington but I don’t see why that would be

  21. If all offers are basically even then let him decide. Really the difference between a 6th or a 7th round is pretty small. If its greatly imbalanced, and a team like the Vikings is offering a 4th then sorry, Darren you are going to a terrible team and you’ll be backing up AP.

  22. Sproles has always been a pretty stand up guy and is the type of player that will do whatever the coaches want from him. The comments above seem to be a bit rude. All players / people want to be able to dictate their own future. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he thinks or said.

    He will most likely end up playing for a good team and make that team better. I for one am a bit surprised the Saints are shopping him.

  23. Sorry bud it’s about the team here and not you. If they can get a draft pick for you, teams are going to do it. Like all the players say……..it’s a business.

  24. You’re a 30 year-old RB who’s set to make $3.5 million if you’re traded, on a contract that clearly never contemplated that you wouldn’t be cut before the last year.

    Do you really think you’ll get anywhere near that much as a free agent? Not every team throws the ball 650 times a year, you know….

  25. ^
    He may be human but he’s also acting like an ungrateful jerk. This is the path that he and his agent set up for him and now he wants to be given more beyond what was agreed to by having a role as an assistant-GM for the team. A human yes, but a human who should keep his mouth shut as well. That is if he doesn’t want to turn off more teams from paying for his “services”, whatever that really constitutes, I don’t know I’m just confused right now.

    Either way we should check his list of terrible teams before giving him any GM powers. Just in case he’s not very good at analyzing football or business decisions associated with football.

    And he is not property, but his contractual rights to play in the NFL are. They should trade that paper and if they can’t find a buyer then they need to find a creative way to make an example out of him to send as a message to others that don’t like how the Saints do football business. Weed those people out in advance from being a part of the team.

  26. The “latest comment of fools” is right above me!
    Darren Sproles is one class act, pro, gives all, and plays with heart. Moreover, his talent speaks for him, even now, the Saints are getting trade offers or claim to be?
    Cut this 30 year old loose, so he can make his own deal, han’t he given you enough?

  27. You know these players are not loyal to a team .

    They go to where they believe they can get the most playing time/money.

    The Teams should get what they can .

    If he did not ever want to be traded he should have add the(No trade clause in the contract) he signed. That is why they have agents.

  28. I think the Broncos are an interesting dark horse here… Moreno is supposed to be gone, right? I can’t remember if he got an extension… anyway, those screens would make Manning sing for joy. PS, not a Broncos fan – just an interesting take.

  29. He’d be a great change of pace for the Raiders, they would have a return man that does more than call for a fair catch.
    A running threat and a runner that can actually catch the ball too. Not to mention the veteran, leadership qualities that are lacking in the locker room. Since the Saints want a trade to get some sort of compensation, we’d give them McFragile.

  30. Sure the Saints want a pick, but more importantly they don’t want him pissed off and sign with the Falcons, Panthers or Bucs.

  31. I’m a huge Saints fan and love Darren Sproles but this a all about winning if the Saints can get a pick for him we need to trade him. Man I didn’t want Reggie Bush to go but it was best for the team. Mickey Loomis needs an award for pulling Jairus Byrd signing! I think the Denver Broncos should be all in to get Sproles Manning to Sproles would be devastating.

  32. Ingram is the RB they should be gettin’ rid of. Not Sproles. He’s still an outstanding player. The Saints OL sucked last season. Sproles will be productive~wherever he goes. I just want the Saints to finally admit: Ingram is not what we thought he was~a franchise player.

  33. The Saints are set to pay Marques Colston $10 million this year and they are going to cut Sproles who earned about $3 million last year and had more yards from scrimmage than did Colston.

    Makes no sense at all, I am against dropping Sproles. Many Saints need to restructure their bloated contracts to allow Sproles to stay.

  34. This is to all the haters out there (Nic) —- do you not get how badly the Saints have screwed up Darren’s career? 1st of all, they completely mis-used him which severely affecting his stats. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out that when you give a back like Darren consequective snaps he’ll get into his rhythm, and then he is next to impossible to stop. They took a player who was SD franchised player and used him for 3 years completely screwing up his stats. Sproles STILL holds the NFL All purpose yards record, and they disregard him like yesterdays news. Then in a complete and total show of NO RESPECT, they didn’t even have the decency to let him know personally—he found out on Twitter. That is irresponsible, disrespectful and a total LACK OF CLASS. He may be 30 (31 by season start) but because of how he was un-used in New Orleans, he’s still one of the best in the NFL. Everyone told him since Pee-wee football that he was too small to play in the NFL and he said “oh yeah…watch me”. WHEN a smart offensive team gets lucky enough to land him, he’ll once again be saying “oh yeah…watch me”.

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