DeMarcus Ware agrees with Broncos for three years


No fax machines were required this time.

The Broncos got former Cowboys pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware into their building, and they didn’t let him out.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPNcom, Ware has agreed to a three-year, $30 million contract which includes $20 million guaranteed. PFT has also confirmed the agreement.

The deal is pending a physical, but both sides are motivated for him to pass this one.

Ware gives the Broncos the proven pass-rusher opposite Von Miller they’ve been looking for since last year’s Elvis Dumervil screw-up, and only enhances John Elway’s reputation as the league’s top closer.

111 responses to “DeMarcus Ware agrees with Broncos for three years

  1. So dumb

    Shaun Phillips got 10 sacks for 1.4 mil. last year. You just paid 20 mil. guaranteed for a guy that MAYBE will get you 12 sacks.

    The team is just replacing production, not adding to it.

  2. And of course don’t forget to mention that because Ware was released and not a original FA there is no comp pick due back to Dallas. They get nothing out of this departure except the wonderful opportunity of dwelling on every cent that was spent on Ware and the rest of the team during his time that they didn’t sniff a Super Bowl win.

    That really has to suck if you are a member of the Cowboys or a fan of the team. Hopefully other football teams will learn a lesson from watching Ware’s career play out and unfold in Dallas. It’s a valuable multi-hundred million dollar lesson. You entrepreneurs out there should stay the heck away from the football business if you don’t know what you are doing.

  3. $13M for 2014. Wow, Denver sure overpaid; that’s more than what Dallas owed him. Seeing massive salary cap issues in there future. I like Elway, but this sure looks like a massive mistake.

  4. Miller and Ware should make a great pass rush combo. Still the most excited about having Ward. Last year a few great free agency signings helped us get to the Super Bowl. Hopefully these new signings help them win the Super Bowl. Great job John!

  5. Von Miller hurt his knee later in the season and didn’t have surgery until January. He might not be back up to full speed til the very end of the year, or not at all next year, which is why they need Ware. To substitute for Miller not to play opposite him. Bronco’s fan, just being realistic.

  6. John Elway knows from firsthand experience that the only way the Broncos can win a Superbowl is by cheating the cap.

    In a few years, we’ll find out they cheated the cap, they’ll give up a few draft picks, and John Elway will go back to playing golf during business hours.

    Thanks for the easy Lombardi, though. That was hilarious and awesome, and I’ll forever be grateful for the memories. Best football party, ever.

  7. So apparently Ware was in it for the money in Dallas but not else where. He wouldn’t restructure his deal with the Cowboys that would have been a $12 million cap hit but takes about half that in Denver?

  8. Buyer Be Ware. Pun intended. You’re getting the name just not the game. That’s alot of money for a guy who is going to play 10 games a year, have 8.5 sacks, and give you zero run defense. Good move by Dallas. It was time to move on.

  9. It’s going to be painful seeing Ware in a different team’s jersey. At least he’s on a good squad…

  10. As a cowboy it is tough to see him go but he doesn’t get on the pitch always little stupid injuries now!! And in regard to Denver don’t forget you may only have two more years with Peyton yet you have so many back loaded contracts it is untrue, good look in 4 years

  11. Big moves by the Broncos…. make something happen this next season. Defense will stop the score from being run up on ya…. but its going to take more than 8 points to win the big game.

  12. “I don’t get the salary cap. How is it possible for the same team to be able to keep doing this year after year?”

    you are right, you don’t get the salary cap

  13. Can we get an article detailing the Broncos cap situation now and for the next 3-4 years?

    Curious about what shape they’re in with so many big contracts going on

  14. John this is getting out of hand,if you don’t win the big one you’re in DEEP cuz that cap will be calling soon and it’s not going to be pretty…you do know you still have a TE and a WR that need real contracts soon right?

  15. I really thought Ted Thompson would spend some money and consider him for the Packers. It’s been three years of trying to find another pass rusher to compliment Clay Matthews. I think after three years of the same result should be a hint. Maybe that building through the draft works for his offense, but I would argue the draft has not produced enough talent for the DL, LB and S positions. So lucky Rodgers fell from the sky.

  16. people (hiding behind their computer commenting) sure love to hate. Manning has one or two good years left, why not go for broke?? When he leaves they’ll have to rebuild anyways.

    “All these signings to still lose in the superbowl” As if that’s an insult. If you told them they will get to the SB and see what happens I think they take it.

    Every other fan (other than the haters) wish their team was signing these guys. I sure do being a bengals fan.

  17. Yee frickin HA! With the guys coming back from injury and these fellas, a disruptive D is an understatement. Free agent o linemen just became more expensive and the mile high city just put some ice to the burn caused by the super bowl loss!

  18. I dont get all this Dallas hatred, except for some people will always spin negative against Cowboys. D’Ware slowed down last year and would have cost Dallas 14mil or so to keep. Now he may end up being worth it IF he regains his form, but if he gets 6 sacks again and is hurt like last year he will not be worth it. Pluse he will tail off more over next few years. JJ get killed for overpaying aging stars, but then gets killed for letting one go? SMH

  19. Wow. Over 100 million on three players?!! Do the Broncos realize that no team has won a Super Bowl in a long time by spending tons of cash on aging veterans? Seatle is a team that won by drafting well and adding key veterans. Insane. 20 mil guarenteed for a 30+ year old. Man I hope this works out for Bronco fans, your gonna be in cap pergatory in two years. Spending in free agency like this ussually doesnt amount to Super Bowl wins.

  20. Great move!!! I can’t wait to watch the Broncos D beat-down all of your teams this season and then score 50 more TD’s on O and then get a little redemption by winning the Super Bowl. Elway knows how to win and so does Peyton.

  21. I always find that FANS who cry about a team spending or trying to buy a championship are fans from teams whose GM’s aren’t doing jack you know what ,
    They always say this about the YANKEES but all they do for the most part of their existence is go win RINGS ,, Going out and spend doesn’t guarantee you winning anything ,, But it sure give you a better chance than the other way around.

    You would never hear these teams fan cry and complain and say ” please stop trying to make our team better”.

  22. New Flash: Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner is on a company imposed “Suicide Watch” and Romo is reported to be at his side!
    Ha, ha, How bout them cowboys!


  23. Y’all keep trying to buy a Super Bowl. How’d this work for the Yankees recently? Even if you win, you BOUGHT it, you didn’t EARN it.

  24. This puts a ton of pressure on the Broncos to win this year or next, because when Peyton is gone, this team is going to be a flaming garbage heap for a long time. And we all know how well Peyton does when the pressure is high… good luck, broncos fans.

  25. It’s hilarious calling Elway a great closer! How hard is it to spend more than another team would on aging, injury prone players? He’s not a closer, just writes big checks. It’s not hard to do, it’s the Yankees game plan as well. Haha

  26. Looks like someone is going to need to police their cap situation again. But this time around, catch them cheating the cap “before” the Superbowl and not after.

  27. Buying Championships? It’s PROFESSIONAL football. Every team is trying to buy a championship.

  28. The good news for Ware is not only does he guarantee himself 20 million dollars, he only has to put up with 3 years of typical Broncos disappointments and he is off into the sunset. I could live with 20 million for a chance to lose a Super Bowl in epic fail fashion.

  29. Lots of comedians on this board that can talk trash but not back up with facts. Yes the Broncos lost in the SB, 30 other teams did not attend. Name a better GM than Elway over the past 3 years? Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Talib, Ware just to name a few, took a team from 4-12 to the playoffs each year. Now I challenge some one to point out a mistake that he’s made? What draft pick, trade or free agent has blown up in his face?

  30. Seems reasonable to me after watching Wilson have all day to throw in the SB. Once Manning leaves it will be total rebuilding mode unless Denver can Luck into the same sort of situation as Indy. Why not try to win one now?

  31. Peyton has a 2 year window. At that point his salary will come off the books. Ware won’t see the last year of this deal. Elway isn’t mortgaging the future, he’s seizing the moment. Once Manning retires, the backup whom they’ve been grooming behind Manning will step in and keep the team afloat until Elway builds another team that can compete for a ring. Every fan would love to have a GM like Elway.

  32. Ware has 117 sacks in 141 career games. Only 2 seasons less than 11 sacks, his rookie year and last year. Has only missed 3 career games, all last year and played through injury. This guy is still a beast and a good addition to the Broncos.

  33. My favorite 31 year old FA DE is Jared Allen, but this is still a good signing. I so wanted to see Allen in a Bronco uniform but this makes that all but impossible…. unless…. ELWAY!

  34. Green Bay was the last team that won a Super Bowl with a free agent signing (Reggie White), that was 1993. Maybe the stars are aligned for the first time in twenty years or maybe all this guaranteed money for veterans will blow up in Elway’s face. The Patriots team beat the collection of stars on the Rams back in 2001.

  35. Elway mirroring Jerruh Jones by going all in thinking he has the QB to win the Super Bowl.

  36. Denver had 26 mil this year + the 10 mil that Champ gave up at the time of his release. Denver is top 1/3 of all of the NFL when it comes to cap space. You people must be fans of other teams whose respective owners are super greedy! Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, etc.. Will this hurt Denver in the future, Nope!

    Look at the Raiders 60- mil and Cleveland 52- mil. and other teams. Crappy teams don’t draw good players and which allows teams to accumulate cap space each year if they don’t spend it. Do you think Ware would want to go to the Raiders? Reality is most vet players are not all about the money, they want to be on a team that wins.

  37. Awesome seeing fans of the 30 teams that didn’t make the Super Bowl take shots at the Broncos. Especially fans of the teams the Broncos blew out last year. Good stuff, keep it coming!

    Broncos will be competing for the Lombardi again this year. How about your team?

  38. To Broncos season ticket holders:
    We are excited to report that there will only be a “slight” increase in your season tickets for the 2014 season. Season tickets will only be raised 74%. Not the 75% John Elway wanted, only 74%! That’s a 1% savings!
    Thank you for your patronage.

  39. So Denver is garnering headlines by breaking the bank in FA and yet they still have no answer to the shutdown Seahawks Defense. So your improved defense takes away 2 opponent touchdowns in the big dance and you only lose the Super Bowl 29-8 instead. Yayy?

    Do the Broncos know they are playing the killer defenses of the entire NFC West division this year? Not going to be pretty, Bronco fans.

  40. Signing Ware doesnt help Manning being average at best in the playoffs. All the weapons in the world doesnt help Manning when it counts, and Ware along with the other all stars coming in wont help.

  41. So, here’s what Denver has added since the SB:

    + Talib
    + Ward
    + Ware

    + Von Miller (all-pro)
    + Ryan Clady (all-pro, good luck Michael Bennett)
    + Chris Harris (starter)
    + Derek Wolfe (stater)
    + Rahim Moore (starter)
    + Kevin Vickerson (starter)

    = Ring time in AZ

    #7 always wins…

  42. All denver can do is build the best team they can with the money they have.
    They seem to be doing that.
    If they make it to the superbowl again, who would criticize them for adding Ware?
    They will not lose a super bowl because of this guy, and they may win one.

    If they walk into a Seahawks buzz saw again, then that is what happens, the do not get to build or coach the seattle team, just their own.

  43. Are the Broncos just trying to buy a championship? Is Goodell just letting them circumvent the salary cap like David Stern did with the Heat when Lebron colluded with his buddies to steer themselves to Miami?

    In that case, let’s just let Elway write out a check for the Superbowl and cancel the regular season. Apparently his car dealerships must be doing pretty well for him to just be throwing around money like this like a drunken sailor.

  44. The Broncos would be lucky to in 3rd place in the NFC West. Still won’t stand a chance against the Seahawks or 49ers in next years Super Bowl.

  45. I guess we just do what was done last season. Cancel all games after week one. Hand Denver the Lombardi. Wait. That didn’t work out last season. Did it?

  46. So can the donkeys actually develop players or do they just overspend in aging vets? Talib, Ware, Manning, Bailey, Welker. Fools game over there in Denver. The goal is a SB but if your team will be 50% different every 2 years you will get no chemistry. Team chemistry wins the SB because unlike baseball you have 3 games in a row where everyone needs to play nearly perfect, the starting pitcher can’t have a single off game and let someone else help win 4 of 7. 42-8 and you think a few extra sacks on the season is the solution? They should be good next year but then they’re done for 2-5 years going all in like this.

  47. It’s funny how Broncos fans dismiss the SB score, but guys your team was totally inept on offence, Ware won’t play on offence, the AFC is a weak mess, big deal about Ware and troublemaker Talib. Let’s see, how many SB did the cowboys and Patriots/Bucs won with these two guys? oh yeah… NONE.
    I know most on this board are like under 20, but Elway was a loser for a whole lot of years, getting beaten badly in past SB, so let’s not go overboard with his “always wining” business.

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