DeMarcus Ware could sign with Broncos today


Free-agent defensive end/linebacker DeMarcus Ware has arrived in Denver for the first free-agent visit of his career.

The Broncos are the front runners for Ware, and they’ll get the first crack at signing him.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live, Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver said he’ll be surprised if the Broncos don’t sign Ware today.

Ware is believed to be looking for $10 million per year.  He was due $12.75 million from the Cowboys, and it’s unclear how much less than that the Cowboys were willing to pay to keep him.

If Ware gets out of Denver without a contract, there’s a good chance he’ll sign elsewhere.  The best news is that the negotiations are occurring face to face, without the intervention of, you know, a fax machine.

70 responses to “DeMarcus Ware could sign with Broncos today

  1. The Broncos better win the super bowl, they are really mortgaging their future with all of these back loaded contracts. Their cap situation is going be ugly in a few years

  2. If he only wants $10 m a year the Packers are stupid not to go after him. He fits their 3-4 defense much better than the Broncos 4-3 & he would finally give Clay Matthews some help on the opposite side. But as a frustrated Packers fan, I know there is no way Ted Thompson will do this. Argh.

  3. True winners win on their own.The Broncos will not win a Super Bowl with a bunch of half hearted hype beast. The Broncos are overrated.

  4. If you guys want to watch the best Football and smoke the best weed in America. Come to Oakland.

  5. Dallas offer most likely close to Denver offer. But then add in EGO and ‘respect’ factor and well you know the rest of the story…these guys don’t like hearing ‘Pay Cut’.

  6. It’s a big improvement for denver but they are still very thin at linebacker and defensive backs besides their signings yesterday. Chris Harris is coming off a torn acl. They have no depth at the position. They need a lot more. That’s how horrible their defense was last year, manning just masked their awfulness on defense.

  7. 10mill a yr for a guy whos has declined last 2 yrs am i missing sumthing

    How much does allen want gees
    He has been better last 2 yrs

    I would give ware 6 mill a yr with chance to get up to 9 mill with bonus like playing time n produce

  8. A hobbled Ware, Miller coming back from an ACL, a big gamble on Talib, no other corner worthy of a mention, and a pretty good not so great safety in Ward – why are people so ready to claim the broncos Gods? Their offense choked the big game away and was evident a strong defense can slow them down. Not sold just yet.

  9. So musical DE’s continues..

    Ware to Broncos,
    So Allen goes to Seahawks,
    So Clemons goes to Bears
    So Ayers goes to Cowboys
    So Tuck goes to Raiders….

  10. All the Denver hate because Denver is reloading. Taking the Top Safety and Top Corner and soon to be Top DE/LB on the market. Denver has plenty of money to spend and is in no way in trouble with future salaries/cap.

  11. cap is set to expand and manning, ware, welker, will be gone in 2 years clearing about 35 million. They are fine. They are not mortgaging the future.

  12. Isn’t that cute…ole’ horseface trying to buy a SuperBowl by cheating the salary cap. Just like in ’98 and ’99 with Shannyrat…the Donkey way.

    Can’t wait until all these contracts bite the Donkeys in the a$$!

  13. Denver Broncos are spending all the state’s weed tax sales….it was all a secret plan by Elway. Keep it coming Denver, All-Pro Defensive Players in two days = 3.

  14. The free agency shopping spree will surely net the Broncos a Superbowl Championship.

    Just like it has multiple times for Dan Snyder and the Washington Redslurs circus sideshow.

    John Elway continues to be the whipping boy for the rest of the NFL in the Superbowl. The ugliest losses in Superbowl history ALL belong to Elway and the Broncos.

    I really really really hope the Broncos have improved enough to get back to the Superbowl so I can, once again, laugh and cheer my arse off while watching the Seahawks completely humiliate and destroy that CFL-quality joke of a team. Few things in life are sweeter than watching John Elway cry over yet another record-breaking epic Superbowl loss.

  15. you don’t get how the broncos have this much cap room? look up how much they have tied up and subtract it from the salary cap, dummies!

  16. The Broncos are not in cap trouble and in all likelihood won’t be in the future. The past has shown that they don’t make stupid decisions when it comes to spending money. I’ll give it to you guys that the Talib deal was a bit overpriced but he is basically taking over Champ’s deal (10 mil per year) with far superior play. The Ward deal also made it easier to spend that kind of money.

  17. Denver has Harris, Miller, Wolfe, Moore all coming back from injury and they were starters and all cheap rookie salaries. Denver has quite a few cheap rookie salaries…Ball, Thomas x 2 and are spending there money very smart. All Defense FA and Draft

  18. broncos had ~30 mill in cap room this year after cutting bailey. 5.5 to Ward, 1 to Caldwell, 9.5 to talib, maybe 10 to ware. = 26

  19. So they’re gonna hand out these massive contracts and somehow expect to have enough money to resign Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas next season? Those three aren’t even in their primes yet and I seriously doubt all three will take below-market deals

  20. This smells like CapGate Part 2. Once a cheater always a cheater. It’s how Elway was able to win those 2 rings. 1997*, 1998*

    *Fined and surrendered draft picks for CHEATING the salary cap.

  21. Why is Denver so worried about Seattle right now?

    Hey Denver…next year is a new year…you need to worry about your division and getting through the AFC first.

    For the record, all these signings you are doing wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the Super Bowl. Your defense wasn’t the problem…they hung there and played decent.

    The problem was your offense and special teams. Byrd, Talib, and Ware aren’t going to be able to help with snap counts going bad resulting in a safety on the games first play, Manning throwing a pick 6, and Percy Harvin running kicks back through your special teams like they were stuck in cement.


  22. All this loading up on defense isn’t going to cure 8 points in offense when it counts the most. Send Manning to a counsellor to deal with his perfectionism so he can handle adversity better. That will cost less than $500k and won’t count against the cap.

  23. all of the big name defensive free agents in the world won’t help with a soft, finesse offense and a QB known for star wars regular season numbers and choking in the playoffs.

  24. Not worried about the broncos salary cap. Sure they are taking on some big contracts but it isn’t that bad. Say manning only plays this year and not next. Well that clears up $21.4 million in cap space next year. The salary cap for 2015 is expected to increase by $10 million so there is even more cap space available for the broncos to play with and restructure. Talib’s deal is really only a 3 year deal based on the guaranteed portion and after that if he is terrible or injured, you cut him and don’t have to pay the remaining balance on the contract.

  25. Hot Update:

    Ware has left the building with no contract. They put him in Waiting Room #3 and Elway and the mngmt team thought he was in #2 and after 4 hours of waiting he left and went home.

  26. Has anybody taken the trouble to notice that the Bronco’s currently DON’T have a starting LT, LG, C, and RG, and if Puhleezho is correct, they have already used up most of their cap space.

    No team has “bought” a superbowl since the Broncos cheated the cap system back in the late 90’s, It all looks great on paper right now, but Manning’s not going to last the season with what they have on the OL right now.

    BTW – Here’s a Pats fans view of Aqib Talib.

    1. Great lockerroom guy – Coachable, cooperative, and media friendly. If he doesn’t drink a corrupted protein shake, there won’t be any “character” issues.

    2. Expect the first 5-6 games to be SPECTACULAR.]

    3. Expect the next 5-6 to be a little less so as his hip starts to ache.

    4. Playoffs – Where’s Waldo?

    The guy has missed at least 20% of his games in EVERY season of his career. Why will it be different in Denver.

    BOTTOM LINE – The talent is worth every penny you spent. He’s really a good guy. But when the Bronco’s need him most in January, he’s not likely to be there.

  27. Haters keep commenting on Denver’s upcoming cap hell. People, Manning has a $21.5 million cap number in 2015 and 2016. When he’s done, along with the expected large cap increases, the Broncos will be fine. Their cap guy (Sullivan) knows what he’s doing.

  28. The free agency shopping spree will surely net the Broncos a Superbowl Championship.Just like it has multiple times for Dan Snyder and the Washington Redslurs circus sideshow.

    Typical no nothing about football talking out their a@# wannabe arm chair expert.

    First of all Denver isn’t spending 100 plus million on a non performing money hungry player.Only Snyder does that for the most part. Elway brought in one of the top ranked free agent safetys for a very cap friendly salary. To get a Corner worth a starting spot and can actually play you will have to pay for that position. Denver typically signs players to 1-2 years unless they feel they a worth a longer contract. Elway has not been the actual G.M. for that long he is still building the Broncos. He said they will build through the draft and fill in with free agency. Denver is no way anything like Washington when it comes to over paying for players. Secondly Denver has had more sucess than the Redskins since Elway has been in charge so don’t use them as a measuring tool. Denver has issues for sure but they have been slowly improving and they are still trying to fix areas of weakness. Yes the Seahawks beat Denver. I give credit to them for playing great. Over all The Seahawks have not had anything close to Denvers accomplishments. They had a great year and they deserve the win. The Seahawks with one great year over the last 25 years doesn’t mean they are some dynasty and their fans can now finally talk like they know what being a consistent winner is. Get back with us in a year or two.

  29. Hey, where are all the Broncos fans that were all talking trash before the Superbowl?

    You all said Peyton Manning was a vastly superior QB to Russell Wilson and that it wasn’t even close. Ha ha ha. That was funny. Russell Wilson has as many championships in his second season as Peyton has had in his entire career. Seattle owned time of possession and Wilson was able to chew up 12 minutes of the first quarter on offense and not turnover the ball even once. We all saw what happened when Peyton panicked and choked as usual.

    Then you all were telling us how the Broncos defense would destroy a pathetic Seahawks offense. We put up 27 points on offense, totally owned TOP, moved the ball easily and at will, and had our backup QB in the game halfway through the 4th quarter. What happened? Denver looked like a pee wee team out there.

    The only championships Denver has ever won were because they (and specifically, Elway) cheated the salary cap. Denver has NEVER won playing by the rules.

    Denver will never be at Seattle’s level because John Elway doesn’t know how to win. John Schneider and Pete Carroll ONLY know how to win.

  30. Denver wants to win NOW. That’s why they’re making all of these moves. They know Manning’s going to be 38 in a few days and the window is closing. I’d like to see Ware go to the Packers. Lord knows they need a pass rush from someone other than Clay Matthews III

  31. I don’t get this “Broncos are mortgaging the future” whining everyone seems to be doing. There’s a reason they have so much cap room ($30m+).

    The only players on offense getting paid any significant amount are Manning and Clady. On defense, after cutting Bailey, all of Denver’s defensive players’ salaries are less than their kicker.

    Denver has been really financially responsible and that has given them the flexibility to invest in a couple of big-name, young, still-in-their-prime players to what are for all practical purposes 2-3 year deals (Ward and Tali). If they sign Ware, the rumor is it will also be for 2 years/~$10m total. All the while, they haven’t surrendered a single draft pick to get any of these guys. Essentially, they’re all set for the next 2-3 years and after that there isn’t much on the books.

    How in the world do you call that “mortgaging the future”? Get creative and come up with a new way to whine.

  32. Denver will fail to make it to the AFC Championship this year. As far as Ware goes, he strikes me as a egotistical looser. He never took leadership of that dallas defense because he was too wrapped up in ‘Sack accolades’. Now like so many others he thinks he will ride on Peyton Manning’s coat tail to the SB. Not happening. Dallas fans should rejoice, especially if they can use the money to sign Henry Melton. Even coming off surgery he will prove to be a much better investment than Ware at this stage. Bronco’s suck, Go Chiefs – we are not going away

  33. Ware is worth several million just to keep Miller and some other youngsters in-line. He exudes leadership and character. He’s still able to bring ’em to the ground.

  34. D Ware is a done deal! Free agency is over in the mile high city and this round of signings has us over the super bowl loss. I cannot wait to bring some rocky mountain thunder to mile high stadium because, with the guys returning from injury working in conjunction with these fellas, we finally have D in enver!

  35. Congrats for off-season heroics, meaningless. Anyone see Marshall Faulk yesterday go on about how Ware,Peppers & Allen should all sign with the pony’s ala LeBron & company. What a moron he is, NFL Network has some of the biggest idiots this side of Shannon Sharpe

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