Did Raiders develop buyer’s remorse on Saffold?


The NFL physical is a subjective thing.  As a result, it provides teams with an emergency out in the event of buyer’s remorse, either after making a trade or signing a player to a big-money contract.

In the case of Raiders (for a day) tackle Rodger Saffold, it’s impossible to know whether other concerns prompted the medical decision that Saffold isn’t healthy enough to play football for the team.  But the Rams, who like every team give every player a postseason physical, deemed Saffold to be healthy.  Healthy enough to make him a priority in free agency.

So there are two possible explanations:  (1) the Raiders’ doctors noticed something sufficiently significant to make him unwilling to sign off on a major free-agent acquisition; or (2) the Raiders, for whatever reason, decided they wanted out of the deal.

It was indeed a very good deal for Saffold.  Per a source with knowledge of the terms, Saffold would have received a $5 million signing bonus, a $3 million 2014 roster bonus, a fully-guaranteed 2014 base salary of $7.875 million, and a 2015 base salary of $5.625 million that becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2015 waiver period.

There’s an unwritten rule among teams and agents that players with injury-only guarantees that become full guarantees in the days after the start of the annual waiver period (right after the Super Bowl) won’t be cut — and that players with injury-only guarantees that become full guarantees at the start of the league year (in March) can be cut.  Under that unwritten rule, Saffold would have been fully guaranteed a whopping $21.5 million.

In contrast, the Dolphins gave left tackle Branden Albert $20 million fully guaranteed at signing.  The Ravens gave left tackle Eugene Monroe $19 million fully guaranteed at signing.  Saffold, regarded as a lesser option that either player, did better than both of them.

Well, Saffold would have done better than both of them.  If he’d passed his physical.

Instead, he’ll return to the Rams.  Who presumably will give Saffold a passing grade on his physical.  But far less than $21.5 million fully guaranteed at signing.

51 responses to “Did Raiders develop buyer’s remorse on Saffold?

  1. Raiders will be the first team in sports history to carry over 60 million in cap space next season. Lol
    What a joke. They literally can afford every free agent left, and none are interested

  2. Mark Davis vetoed it. Saffold needed surgery and would have been good to go for camp. MD was uneasy about it.

    And for the record Veldheers crazy lawyer brother screwed up the negotiations.

  3. They let Veldheer walk and then offered Saffold more than Veldheer took from the Cardinals. Raiders gonna Raider!

  4. So you let your best o-lineman get away, then sign an overrated guy to replace him for a ton more money that he doesn’t deserve, then realize your blunder and call it off last minute using a loophole…

    Wow, what a rookie. Meanwhile other teams are signing the rest of leagues talent. Sometimes I really believe it’s all a conspiracy by the NFL to make sure the Raiders don’t succeed

  5. Either that or they just realized their clueless and have no idea what their doing this just messed up our entire off season. Yea we get our money back but now theres no good left tackles left. Not only do we now not have a LT but we missed out on other elite players like Ware, or Talib or Verner. This is bad very bad. Reggie Mckensie are you home what are you doing where is your plan!

  6. Its still a self inflicted wound by the Raiders.

    Look at the mess they have created for themselves in regards to the upcoming draft. Now it looks like Mathews or Robinson will be the choice – IF they are available.

    This could create a very interesting phone call to the Rams in hopes of dealing up for that 2nd pick.

  7. smart move why carry damaged goods, its time to get a healthy O-line tired of seeing this team play musical chairs fitting people all around when someone goes out. Good power move Mr.D

  8. 1heatedtoombrayduh says:Mar 12, 2014 11:26 PM

    STILL SMH…I have NO idea whats going on in our FO…

    Nobody does bro, nobody does. It’s been that way about 15 years now.

  9. Saffold will not be having surgery, he said he was willing to and that he’d still be back by the season start, but neither he or the Rams think he needs it. This was all about Mark Davis overruling his GM’s decision.


  11. donks are out signing pro bowlers and the raiders cant even over pay for a scrub to play the wrong position. lol oh man my team is a joke.

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The incompetence didn’t end with Al’s passing. It merely started a new chapter.

  13. Can we call Veldheer and offer him the Saffold Money?

    He can tell the Cardinals he has tummy ache to FAIL their physical.

  14. At least the Raiders get their money back. Hopefully this means they’re getting a ton of good players soon. Like tomorrow.

  15. its tough being a raider fan over forty years. I do not get reggie. he must have another job lined up. I bought in to the two years of dumping salaries. is the soon to be unemployed g.m. understand to get big time players to come to Oakland, he needs to be aggressive before all the big names are gone. a couple big names might help attract more players to want to come to oakland. when does raider nation get some payback?

  16. Good to see our GM is doing his homework before he offers someone millions. How embarrassing. They might as well sign my fat arse. I won’t pass a physical either!

  17. I think the raiders might be deliberately trying to roll-over as much cap space as possible for next year. Remember, any unused cap space get carried over to the next year. The 2015 cap is expected to be $140M. If the raiders spend only the league minimum, they can roll over the cap space to have a $162 M salary cap in 2015. That’s MLB type money.

    That was a change under the last CBA. You can effectivly tank a season and pay the league minimum (you still have to meet the salary floor of 89% of the cap) and then at the end of the season, you apply to the NFL to rollover all that unused space and it gets added to the next years cap.

    Is it possible that McKenzie and Davis are looking at 2015’s potential free agents, and loading up a warchest to try and ‘Yankee’ the NFL next season?

  18. Picking Hayden with his injury at 1 last year, picking Watson at 2 with his inexperience, drafting Tyler Wilson, trading for Flynn, and finally letting Veldheer walk out the door for Saffold who has an injury history in turn has that deal killed cause he in the end he needs surgery to play. I don’t want to side with Mike Silver on this, but Reggie McKenzie is leaving me with no other options. Very disappointed.

  19. All that cap money, and so far, basically nothing to show for it.

    Might be time to get involved boys, even he Browns are laughing at you.

  20. Ok, so the Raiders left themselves up the creek without a paddle.

    Al Davis lives!

  21. Aaaaannnddddd down the stretch they go in the 105th running of the Dysfunction Derby…Dolphin and Brown are neck and neck but here comes Raider on the outside! It looks like a photo finish!

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