Harbaugh can’t wait to give Martin “a big hug”

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Forgotten in the free-agency frenzy was the status of tackle Jonathan Martin.  A sudden reminder came Tuesday night, when the Dolphins shipped Martin to the 49ers for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2015.

It reunites Martin with one of his college head coaches, Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh.  And Harbaugh is happy to welcome Martin back to the Bay Area.

I can’t wait to give him a big hug,” Harbaugh told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

“The goal with this transition is win-win,” the fourth-year 49ers coach explained.  “It’s an opportunity for Jonathan Martin to prove to the football world that he is worthy of his high-round draft status.  The goal is for this to be win-win.  As far as the other thing, I think everybody deserves an Etch-A-Sketch opportunity for a second chance.”

The 49ers will lose that 2015 seventh-round pick only if Martin is on the 49ers’ opening-day roster.

Some would say Martin’s situation shouldn’t be described as a “second chance,” since he left the Dolphins through no fault of his own.  Regardless, he doesn’t have many more chances in the NFL.  If it doesn’t work out with Harbaugh in San Francisco, it likely won’t work out anywhere.

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  1. The price is right, I wish he was on my team. I’d love a free high round draft pick to work with. Not much is better than taking a player that everybody else in the league thought was a reject and helping them achieve stardom. That’s good stuff, and Martin has potential that hasn’t been exercised and seen through yet. He could be a good one. If not it won’t cost a lot to find out. Harbaugh made a shrewd move and scooped up an interesting prospect, gotta give credit for that.

    And if it doesn’t work out in San Fran, it could be that he just doesn’t get the reps. If Harbaugh really believes in him then he will play him, but it’s not an actual chance if you don’t get the actual reps. Sometimes coaches make excuses for giving other people reps and that shouldn’t automatically count against somebody.

    Until a player plays some significant amount of time and fails, then you can say they had a chance.

  2. And some would say that Martin absolutely has to share some of the blame and that this is a second chance to prove he’s man

  3. Great pickup. This may be the best bargain of free agency. Locker room culture is tough but there are some lines you don’t cross with anyone, we’ve all stepped over that line at one point or another. I applaud a guy who can be the bigger man and walk away, risk it all, be ridiculed in public and still have the will to play.

  4. You have to admire the Dolphins GM’s ability to get anything in trade for baby Martin. They save face in getting rid of a locker room problem.

    The 49’ers could not have paid anything less than a late 7th round next year only if the spineless player actually pans out enough to make the team. Their gamble of an offseason roster spot is covered.

    The low, low, price says more than anything about how the NFL views Martin.

  5. Martin going to San Francisco…going to get a big hug from a dude.. That sounds about right. The fact the Fins got anything for this guy is a miracle! SF ends up with Gabbert and Martin.. Lol

  6. I say “he won’t make 53 man roster”, SF gives up nothing. Puts him in practice squad bc nobody else will want him. Shrewd. So to the other poster who said JAX fleeced SF, it’s the other way around. And re D.Sherman talking smack…they were teammates @ Stanford!

  7. For a conditional 7th rounder in 2015 they get a starting caliber tackle as a backup that can play both tackle positions and an upgrade over what they had at backup QB for a 6th rounder. Those are pretty decent 6th and 7th round draft choices IMO, and they still have 11 picks left. Gabbert certainly isn’t what Jax or anyone else thought they were getting as the #10 overall pick but I’m sure Harbaugh can mold him in to a serviceable back up, I mean he isn’t any worse than McCoy. While Martin wasn’t an elite level tackle in Miami he was steady which is all a backup needs to be. The fact that he can play both the right and left is just a huge bonus.

  8. This is coaching genius!! With the the conditions of the trade, Harbaugh could assign Martin to the practice squad for a year, keep his draft pick and move him up in 2015 (if he pans out) for bumkiss. No trade lost, possible player gained. Genius!!

  9. He was not a starting caliber tackle. He was getting destroyed on the left side before he quit. He wasn’t much better the year before on the right side. He plays too high and gets driven back easily. May have worked in college. Not in the NFL. Good luck with that.

  10. all you seahawk fans, considering him and Richard Sherman were teammates at Stanford I wouldn’t worry too much. I swear seattle fans know that least about football. that’s what happens when you have a large bandwagon.

  11. I read comments about Harbaugh putting Jonathan Martin on the Practice Squad to avoid having to give up a 7th round draft pick in 2015.

    I thought Martin played one year and a half a year before he quit. I thought practice squad players can’t be on the practice squad when they play one full year and dress for at least 6 games of the second year. Martin dressed and played for more than 6 games in 2013 and this year it will be his 3rd season in the NFL. He can’t be on the practice squad.

  12. Did any of you people actually watch Martin play for 2 years in Miami??? I saw every one of his games at both right and left tackle and he was TERRIBLE. Miami would of gladly given him away for nothing so Harbaugh trying to outsmart them out of a 7th round pick is nonsense. Miami was VERY happy to rid themselves of that quitter. So anyone saying that SF made a great deal is wrong because he was not a very good player. You could probably find a street F/A that is better then him. He is a soft player that has absolutely no fight in him (as him allowing people to bully him, if that actually happened, shows). SF will keep him for a few years and cut him loose with no fan fare, that is what lies ahead for Martin.

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