Jason Hatcher scheduled to visit with Raiders after Seahawks


Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher is drawing a fair amount of interest around the league after turning in a strong 2013 season with the Cowboys.

Hatcher is visiting with the Seahawks on Wednesday and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that he’s scheduled to visit with the Raiders when his meeting in Seattle comes to an end. As with any future visit, the meeting with Oakland won’t happen if the Seahawks are able to secure Hatcher’s agreement on a contract.

The Titans are also on the list of future visits for Hatcher, but the chances of him making it to that one aren’t great with two teams now standing between them and Hatcher.

Hatcher, who turns 32 in July, joins defensive end Justin Tuck and linebacker LaMarr Woodley as seasoned defenders on the Raiders radar. All three players would help the Raiders’ anemic pass rush, although going after players on the back side of their careers is a bit odd for a team that needs to develop a base of talent to build around over the long term.

General Manager Reggie McKenzie might not be there for the long term if the team has another losing season, though, and he may think adding a lot of experience will go a long way in Oakland.

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  1. If anyone has the slightest idea of what Reggie McKenzie has been doing these last two days, please explain it to me.

  2. Reggie McKenzie’s window for making a move should be all but shut if he doesn’t make some progress right now. Sure he had to get things cleaned up but if he thinks he is going to follow Ted Thompson’s approach he will be out of a job.

    John Schneider who comes from that same GM tree was aggressive in churning Seattle’s old, overpaid and soft Tim Ruskell roster 4 years ago. Aggressive trades, constant free agency pick ups and releases on short term deals until they found the right pieces. Oakland has 60 million to spend the names I see are Tuck/Woodley on the 2nd day. Maybe Raider fans following the team know much more than me but I’d like to see them be competitive again.

  3. Oakland better not snatch Hatcher away from the Seahawks just because they have so much money to spend.

    Contending teams have to hate teams like the Raiders and Browns for annoyingly throwing huge contracts around blindly at free agents in attempts to improve their teams.

    Build through the draft, free agents are supplemental pieces.

  4. I think Alper hit it right on the nose! RM is feeling the pressure from Mark to be competive sooner rather then later and some Vet signings gives him the best chance to win some games now rather then later.

  5. Raiders have the best chances compared to cash strapped Seattle. Sherman and Wilson will be big pay days 2015. Don’t over spend to soon now. Lol

  6. If we snatch up all these proven vets then throw some younger talent in there behind them too be mentored.. Just a guess of what RM is doing could be smart.

  7. LOL . It seems like he is doing everything in his power to bring in anyone he can . I think if Big Reg had just franchised Veldeer or Houston he wouldn’t be viewed as such a rube . Seriously every FA has been linked with a visit to Oakland . I am starting to think he is overpaying some of these middle tier guys because its the only way anyone will sign . Perception , which I strongly disagree with , is that the Raiders are a bad team that plays in a bad stadium in the ghetto that haven’t won in over a decade . I really think that perception is hurting us . We will get them though . Go Raiders !

  8. Who else is he supposed to sign!?!?

    Ever heard of the cap floor? We have to get there.

    Get Hatcher for 3-4 years who flourished finally getting into a 4-3.

    Get Tuck who still gave the Giants 11.5 sacks last year.

    Maybe over pay for Melton long term.

    Get Woodley on a injury protected deal.

    Once players like DRC and Munnerlyn get antsy bring them in and see what they’d play for.

    I don’t get what you people expected the GM of a team that’s been closer to 4-12 than 8-8 for more than a decade with a crappy QB situation to do…throw a crap ton more money at people than anyone else and get right back into the cap hell we’ve been in for 20 years? Please. Just because we had money doesn’t mean he should burn it on 2-3 elite guys. We need bodies and LOTS OF THEM.

  9. Reggie please Go After Henry Melton and Draft K.Mack to pair with Sio Moore to sure up the pass rush , Peyton can’t beat us on his back!!

  10. Why is it that everyone deems a helluva a good player over 30 washed up! this is the idiotic mentality that the NFL has instilled upon great players that have plenty of gas in the tank! the only ones that see the great potential are the Raiders.. and if we get them at bargain prices than its a no brainer!

  11. Overpay for marginal past their prime players…I guess Reggie did learn something from Al after all.

    This is NOT the way to ‘reconstruct’ after the deconstruction…I just don’t get it.

  12. Ill explain for you. Look at last year, veteran players on D were brought in, back side of their career. With limited momey to spend and built a competitive defence that ranked at the top the 1st half of the season. Problem was, the O was so pathetic, couldnt get 1st downs and sustain drives at all, the D wore down and many injuries were a result. I see no problem going after veteran guys to mix in with our young players. Im more woried about the O!


  13. Reggie doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Why Mark Davis doesn’t bring in some expert help in personnel matters is baffling. Obviously, Green Bay Reg needs some help. He overpays the players that he does bring in and the majority are nothing more than I-R veterans.
    He blew it on Houston, Veldeer failing to sign them. Overpaid for replacements (I-R vets) didn’t even call Jennings ( who said he was waiting for his call) so Jennings left for NY and then resigns China doll Mcfragile.
    He is living proof that Linemen are Not GM material. Look at Matt Millen and the damage he did to the Lions. (Both were Raiders linemen). He has sat on his ass while teams sign talented free agents, then he goes hunting for crumbs.
    Even ESPN states he is clueless. This is either a desire to just fill roster spots with washed up players, or plan ignorance. Either way, the current ownership, coaches etc..are destroying any faith the Raider Nation may have had in the reconstruction excuse over the last two years. The course has actually been the deconstruction of Al’s dynasty.

  14. Nobody is saying the Raiders have to sign all elite players…..how about 1 or 2 though?

    You guys think Tuck is going to make a difference?? He got half of his sacks last year (literally…6) in 2 games against the horrific redskins. He’s still decent but he’s no difference maker anymore. I don’t get the point of signings like that (for instance) when you have so much money to spend. The raiders should be targeting guys who are in the top 50 of the FA class who are ALSO guys just coming off of their rookie deals. You want a Giant??? Why didn’t you make a push for Linval Joseph??

  15. C’mon Pete, whaddya doing, even thinking about adding a Father Time guy to the D? Last year it was Winfield, and seemingly you’re going back to the geriatric center for more “iffys”.

    This whole deal does not sound like classic Carroll/Schneider. More like something you’d expect to see in Minnesota!

  16. Im all for adding veteran talent and experience we need that but the idea is your supposed to combine that with your own talent that youve drafted and resigned . The Raiders need to draft well.

  17. “…although going after players on the back side of their careers is a bit odd for a team that needs to develop a base of talent to build around over the long term.”


  18. Hoping Jason was going to be available for a reasonable contract. Looks like he will end up with Oakland or beyond and the Hawks will have to continue developing their young talent. Just wanted to see him get picked up today. He obviously thinks he can get more money from some other non-contending team. Good on him…….bummer for the Hawks……But not the end of the world.


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