Jets agree to terms with Eric Decker

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Former Broncos receiver Eric Decker will have at least eight chances per year to make better memories than the ones he carried out of MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Jets have announced that Decker, the No. 9 player on the updated PFT Free Agent Hot 100, has agreed to terms with the team.

He moves from a franchise that featured Peyton Manning at quarterback to a team trying to find its way with Geno Smith — and apparently hoping that a veteran quarterback will join the roster in an effort to push Smith.  Decker also moves to New York City, a place where he can expand on an off-field earnings portfolio that already includes a reality TV show with his wife.

Regarded as a No. 2 receiver, Decker becomes the No. 1 wideout by default in New York, given the recent release of Santonio Holmes.  Regardless of Decker’s spot on the depth chart, he’ll surely be running more routes that don’t end in passes hitting his hands in 2014.

UPDATE 11:46 p.m. ET:  Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Decker’s contract is worth $36 million over five years, with $15 million guaranteed.

95 responses to “Jets agree to terms with Eric Decker

  1. It amazes me how easily these players sell out. They don’t care about winning. They only care about getting paid.

  2. So, the battle will be between Decker vs Revis.

    Well, something tells me that the Pats have the upside

  3. BREAKING NEWS: It is being reported that McDonalds is strongly considering signing free agent cashier Vince Young.

  4. He will be lucky to put up half the numbers he did last season. However I hope I am wrong.

  5. Great signing. Jets need to draft the best receiver or right end on the board come draft. Things looking up

  6. I hope this works out for Decker but this reminds me a little bit of Jennings going to Minnesota. Both WRs are great when utilized the right way…meaning when they have an elite qb throwing to them. It is going to be tough if Decker is WR1 and Geno has not improved…

  7. Any player that decides to play somewhere because it will make his reality show better over playing somewhere where he might get a ring, is not a player I want on my team. The jets don’t seem like they will be honest contenders for at least 5 years, this guy just blew his chance at the top.

  8. All about the money! Seriously, he should consult with Jonny Damon about moving to the New York market and what it will do to his marriage.

  9. WOW Eric Decker would rather play only16 games a season and get paid then actually play for a team that actually has a chance to win a couple of SBs the next couple of years. t!

  10. If it’s anything more than 6.5M per year they overpaid. That being said, they had a little cap money to blow and he was the best receiver on the market this year and lord knows the Jets need receivers, so even if they overpay a little it’s not too big of a deal. Decker is a really good number 2 receiver or a mediocre number 1.
    To all the people saying Decker is a product of Peyton, he had 44/612/8 with one of the worst passers in NFL history (Tim Tebow) as a second year receiver. I’ll say he’ll have something like 65/950/7 with NYJ this season. Now we need a number 1 receiver in the draft.

  11. Has Elway even said that he wanted to resign Decker? The Jets wanted him more than the Broncos did, that’s why he’s a Jet.

  12. Hope he enjoys trying to make circus act catches from his awful qb. Hope jets fans enjoy watching him trip over the yard lines. A perfect match.

  13. Players take the money because it’s mostly not guaranteed. Really not hard to see that and you can’t blame them either.

  14. It sounds like something they would do. This will be good for his reality show but he should have pulled a riley cooper here. Realize that the system made you and sign for less and stay home. Mjd signing next. Jets still have no qb and it is a qb league. And vick is not the answer. 8 wins at best again.

  15. Decker isn’t to blame for going where he gets paid……we all sit and judge these fellows and wonder why they would want to leave a seemingly SB Game appearance, just for money…..I honestly say that I would do the same when my value was that high.

    I can play at the minimum later when my value is starting to slip and a chance of getting to the big dance isn’t that big a difference from my pay scale.

    Good on any of the players who get paid well, regardless of where it is………once they start to fade, they will be cut and no one will care.

  16. “Former Broncos receiver Eric Decker will have at least eight chances per year to make better memories than the ones he carried out of MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl XLVIII.”

    Are you guys going to post something like this every single time an ex-Seattle/Denver player signs with a New York team?

  17. You gotta admit, Eric Decker made Peyton Manning look like an All Pro. I can only imagine what he will do for Geno. I see the HOF in Geno’s future.

  18. “Ask Brady if he’d rather have had Decker….”

    Amendola is a better player and came cheaper. Amendola has the talent of anyone in this league outside of freaks Like demaryus thomas and Calvin. all he needs is to stay healthy and he isn’t at any more risk than anyone else despite his past

  19. Well we’ll really get to see what Decker is made of this season. No more compiling stats as a WR3 against Lb’s, safeties, and nickelback corners!LOL This year he gets to land on Revis Island 2X, Brent Grimes 2X, and Stephon Gilmore 2X. I know everybody will blame it on Geno but I’d say it will have to do with him having to go up against top DB’s instead of always getting the easy way out. And to accurate he caught 4 TD’s with Kyle Orton and 4 TD’s from Tebow. So lets not act as if he can turn turds into tacos!!! If they were smart they would have gotten Golden Tate instead, way more bang for your buck. Please don’t quote me stats, but 1 guy played on a offensive juggernaut while the other played on a defensive juggernaut with a run-first play calling mentality. But Tate has dropped 7 passes in 4 years!!!! Plus he’s a super threat in the kr/pr game as well. Anywho enjoy paying a WR3 like a WR!!!! And I’ll bet a dime to a donut that he doesn’t put up numbers like Hakeem Nicks or Golden Tate will this season.

  20. Can’t tell a man how to make a living, remember how so many people were boasting about his skills when Tebow and grounding in-routes to him a 3-4 times a game and how good he could be with a good QB. 1,000 yards shouldn’t be hard for him to get.

  21. His wife made this decision because it’s a big market. I bet she begged him to take this offer from the Jets.

    When will teams realize that the QB made WR’s like Decker, not the other way around.

  22. Denver fan here. People need to chill on calling Decker a sell-out. We never made an offer to keep him– reportedly never even contacted his reps once FA began. What’s the guy supposed to do, retire out of spite because he can’t play with Manning anymore? Have some common sense. Denver clearly had that money ear-marked for upgrading the defense.

  23. To all those calling him a sell out..who here would turn down a big raise out of loyalty for a company that low balls you or would rather give someone else in your team a raise? Yeah..nobody.

  24. Great signing by Idzik now lets get James Jones over to NJ and add a TE/WR in the draft. Then all you losers can watch Geno with weapons win more than the 8 games he won with no weapons idiots…

  25. Peyton Mannibg had 28 interceptions his rookie year. Not saying Geno Smith is the next Peyton Manning but at least give him more than a year before calling him a bust and comparing to Tebow. Pretty sure Geno can actually throw the ball. Let’s see what he does with some actual weapons who weren’t picked up at the local supermarket and this is coming from a Giants fan.

  26. I’m a Dolphins fan but this is a sensible signing. Yes it’s a bit pricey but then we ‘re paying Wallace $12/season- if you’re a bad team, the good players want more. This should help Smith in his second year and I think people forget he made some real improvement in December.

  27. Yes a #2 but closing a deal with best receiver on the open market while not breaking the bank. Good move in the right direction in building out the skill positions…

  28. “It amazes me how easily these players sell out. They don’t care about winning. They only care about getting paid.”

    Everytime I read a comment like this it amazes me.

  29. Good sign he’s an Ok 1 and a great 2 they’ll get their 1 in the draft and they’ll amazingly have an offense that doesn’t resemble a bad high school team.

  30. Wayne Crebet 2.0

    Long Island just went into a frenzy trying to order Decker jerseys. They love their white WR’s on Strong Island…

  31. You guys are acting like the Broncos have a 25-year old Peyton Manning, who Decker left to play for the Jets.

    Clearly Decker won’t put up the same numbers, but Decker will still be enjoying the money he’s getting in 3 years when Peyton Manning retires for good.

    Or should he have remained as the Bronco’s #3 WR and then tested the free agent market after Manning retired and the Broncos were then forced to bring in their own version of Geno Smith or some other unproven rookie QB?

  32. Good for him. Yes, it is all about the money. Players are the ones making billions for the owners, and their earning window is short. There is no loyalty from the owners, ever. Owners can cut a player anytime they want.

    Any player who forgoes millions for a supposed chance at a ring is very short sited and, honestly, foolish.

    The Broncos will be just fine.

  33. Nobody mentions how Revis hasn’t played at an elite level in over 2 years…

  34. Richard Sherman shut him down in the SB. There was a reason why the best CB in the NFL had Decker all game all over the field and not Demaryius Thomas, Welker or Julius Thomas – Decker is good.

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