Jets get first crack at Decker, two other teams are in the hunt

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Yes, receiver Eric Decker is indeed visiting the Jets, a team currently with a quarterback who’s not likely to get the ball to his wideouts as often and consistently as Peyton Manning can.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Decker opted to give the Jets the first crack at signing him.  Two other teams are interested; Decker chose to travel to New York first.

And, as Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News noted, it was a flight from Denver to New York that let the cat out of the bag on the Decker visit.

If Decker doesn’t agree to terms with the Jets, look for the cat to again exit the bag regard his next potential destination.  We’re told there are two other potential landing spots, currently ranked as 1(b) and 1(c).

It’s unclear how the three candidates compare financially.  For Decker, who already has a reality show with his wife, more money could be made off the field by living and working in New York.

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  1. It’s unclear how the three candidates compare financially. For Decker, who already has a reality show with his wife, more money could be made off the field by living and working in New York.

    See..THAT’s the problem!

  2. Somebody is going to overpay for this guy and as a Dolphin fan I sure hope that it is the Jets. Decker is a tweener. He is better than your average number 2 receiver but he is not good enough to be considered a teams go to guy. He needs an elite QB in order to flourish.

  3. Denver is clearly “all in” this season. If Decker was a key part of the offense he would have been retained. Letting him walk speaks volumes.

  4. One big question, does he raise his arm and points his hand after he makes a catch? If no, the sign him immediately!

  5. Nice to see the Jets are his first choice, even if it’s because of the benefits NY has to offer. You want guys that want to be there and maybe this means Idzik won’t have to overpay.

  6. This is the world we now live in. By stringing together tweets from separate passengers we could determine Decker was inbound to NY. In context with his FA status and the timing with start of free agency we could discern his intent.

    Kind of cool and sort of scary at the same time.

  7. Very few Giants or Jets live in New York as the practice facilities/Stadium is in New Jersey. Big pain to commute in that daily if you didn’t have to.

  8. Dear Eric,

    Stay far far far far away from the Jets. You can go anywhere you want. TV career my arse. You play football or what?

  9. whatnojets says:
    Mar 12, 2014 10:04 AM
    One big question, does he raise his arm and points his hand after he makes a catch? If no, the sign him immediately!


    Anything good about that is completely nullified by the fact that he and his wife are media slores.

  10. Makes no sense for him. For any receiver that cares about the game. If he joins NY then it’s pretty obvious his priorities are out of whack. As a player Decker is truly underrated and an amazing all-around WR who flourished even before Manning came around…but this is clearly a financial move. No WR would legitimately want to have Geno Smith throw them passes.

  11. “chapmanb2014 says: Mar 12, 2014 9:58 AM

    He needs an elite QB in order to flourish.”

    I’m not saying he’s a legit #1 but he did have 9TD’s the year Tebow was playing QB.

  12. He’ll go to the absolute highest bidder, with no concern whatever for his contribution to the team. Playing WR for the Jests would also mean he has no concern for his health. Their WRs have rarely walked away from the game, most of them limp or sadly wander aimlessly.

  13. I change my mind, I just watched some highlights from college and nfl, he looks better than I thought. I’ll take him

  14. Decker is a fool for even entertaining the thought to go to the Jets. He must really be hard up for money. Decker needs to realize that he is really only a # 2 WR and go play for a team like the Chargers who have a QB that can get you the ball and prolong your career.

  15. I see him as a product of Peyton Manning. If he goes somewhere with an average to below average QB you probably won’t see much production.

  16. Hey chapmanb2014,
    cuz surely YOUR dophins didn’t overpay at all for the highly overrated Mike Wallace…Does everyone forget that this guy was ballin even with Tim Tebow as his QB..This guy is legit

  17. Decker won’t know if he’s a #1 WR unless he leaves Denver, he’ll always be in DT’s shadow as 2nd fiddle.

    If he takes the chance on himself, the Jets give him a nice contract, and the other intangibles, I’d say Decker would be a fool not to take the chance.

    As for the Jets, Decker in, with perhaps WR Marquis Lee being the #1 pick, and Kerley at #3, gives them a nice young group at WR, and still an opportunity to add a cheap veteran as well. (say Miles Austin comes back to NJ)

  18. chapmanb2014 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 9:58 AM
    Somebody is going to overpay for this guy and as a Dolphin fan I sure hope that it is the Jets. Decker is a tweener. He is better than your average number 2 receiver but he is not good enough to be considered a teams go to guy.

    Oh, so he’s Mike Wallace.

  19. erikthredd | Mar 12, 2014, 6:58 AM MST
    What WR in their right mind would want to go catch balls from NY’s QBs?
    You mean; go NOT catch balls from NY’s QBs.

  20. Oh, so he’s Mike Wallace.

    That’s an insult to average number 2’s Mike is a number 3 on any team with decent WRs.

  21. The idea that someone needs to go to NY to play to get exposure for an off the field career is SO 1990’s. With the internet plus 2000 cable channels, believe me they will find you.

    Indianapolis is on national TV just as much as the Jets are, if not more. Did Peyton Manning have any trouble getting national endorsement contracts playing there? Is Kevin Durant having trouble getting endorsement deals in Oklahoma City?

    What matters is playing on a good team. Good teams play in prime time. Good teams play in the playoffs. THAT’S how you get exposure. THAT’S how you get endorsements and off the field opportunities.

    He can catch 85 passes for a Super Bowl contender in Indy or 45 for a possible last place team in NY. Which choice makes him more popular nationally?

  22. If he goes to New York jets, it is pretty clear this guy is focused on being a celebrity first, football player second.

  23. Thank goodness some of you are not GM’s for my team , lets set this straight don’t confuse decker being a NICE GUY to him actually being a good receiver.
    All you need to do is to turn on this pass SUPERBOWL game with him and you will find he was like the KID on a MILK cartoon box , he went missing . FBI are actually looking into his disappearance, because what we learn is that during the regular season where DB’s didn’t pay him much attention since they would double on Thomas.
    In the superbowl they actually play him straight up and JAM him and he was render USELESS.You can find receivers actually better in the 3rd and 4th round of the draft than over pay for this kat for no reason.

  24. zeke2517 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 10:39 AM
    Well, haters, you haven’t seen Geno throw to a legitimate set of receivers. Don’t be lazy.


    I HAVE seen Geno throw to a few varied sets of defensive backs though.

  25. Does anybody look at what a guy has done his entire football career? I watched this guy torch my favorite college team on the road and he was the only real talent on MN. He did respectable work w/ Orton and Tebow. Sure he has better numbers w/ Manning and all those weapons BUT, what has he won in the past 2 yrs w/ said talent around him??? That’s right, nothing. Sure Geno had his moments, but he was a rookie for christ’s sake. ED knows what wins a championship, as he witnessed first hand. The Jets will always play great D and run the ball well. We need play makers on the outside and he is far and away better than Holmes. It wasn’t that long ago we took our circus show on the road and beat up on some HOF QB’s. The Jets are on their way up and we do more w/ less. Over half of the league picks before us on draft day for a reason!!!

  26. Decker doesn’t solve the Jets search for a #1 but could be a nice option. Problem is that the Jets lack good QB play.

  27. Eli > Peyton. He does more w/ less. Peyton has always had the protection of having great receivers. 90% of his passes beyond 10 yds are ducks and his guys have to adjust to make the catch almost every time. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of best but never clutch. Andrew Luck looked pretty avg w/o Reggie Wayne. See my point? I may hate Brady, but that guy does the most w/ the very least. Decker would be a great fit in the Jets system. He would make Geno better and help in the run game. He’s a great red zone target and the Jets have struggled in that aspect lately. If we can over pay for Holmes, than we can over pay for a guy who can actually contribute for 16 games.

  28. Dear Mr. Decker,

    When the Jets finish their snow job, please board a plane for Charlote. You will find a fabulous young QB, a super-stud front 7 on defense (so you don’t have to get 13 catches and 2 TDs every week in order to win), and only Greg Olsen to compete with for catches. It’s a lot warmer here, too. And there are TV cameras. A cable TV drama series was recently filmed here. You can play reality star all summer long for all we care, just show up for all the OTAs, camp, practice and games. Perfect match.

    Panthers fans

  29. Decker is a GOOD player–a top No. 2 receiver. He’s tough and got good hands, runs good routes. He’d be great with Detroit–they are dumb if they don’t get him as that offense needs to get SMARTER. I though Washington was a good fit but they went with Roberts from Arizona. The Jets? With their QB situation it would be going form the penthouse to the outhouse.

  30. If his main priority for a landing spot is his off the field endeavors, then the jets are a perfect fit. He won’t have to worry about that pesky post season getting in the way of his non football activities! I mean who wants to have to worry about dealing with football all the way into February when there’s reality shows to film.

  31. Decker’s an OK talent, but he disappeared in the Superbowl. Any team paying him #1 money will definitely be overpaying. It doesn’t surprise me that it’ll be the Jets.

  32. Decker is not a #1, however, he is a very good receiver by committee. If you get Decker, have Kerley in the slot, and draft someone like Brandin Cooks or Marqise Lee in the first round and Austin Seferian Jenkins in the second round, you suddenly have good group of receivers where Decker could really succeed. Of course none of that means anything if Geno Smith doesn’t take a step forward and looks like he did this past season.

  33. When’s the last time the Jets paid big money for a free agent? Kris Jenkins/Alan Faneca? That was six years ago turkeys. The Jets don’t blow money in Free Agency under Rex Ryan.

    We’ve spent unwisely at times in the recent past, but only to re-sign our own guys. Revisionist history is so common on PFT.

  34. If a team pays more than five million for Decker they’ve paid too much. He’s a good #2 or slot guy but he is no number one.

  35. For those of you not watching the games, Geno Smith was #2 in the NFL last year in downfield passing accuracy (throws over 20 yards). Sure, he made mistakes, he was a rookie. However, he has a better arm than most NFL QB’s.

  36. Ask Peyton if he remembers losing 41-0 in the playoffs!!! Mr Wonderful isn’t as great as all of you make him out to be. Decker is and has been the real deal since his days in college. If ED isn’t that good than why wasn’t Sherman covering DT? Seattle chose to take him out of the game for a reason. Maybe they didn’t want Dick Sherman to get exposed? Shutdown CB’s take away the #1 receiving option. Smells like the champs had more respect for how ED could hurt them, than the damage DT could do. Huh, just saw the highlight of pro bowler Verner getting smoked by ED. Yeah, this guy sucks!!!! He WILL make Geno better. He’s #1 worthy. Don’t hate because he’s prob better than anything on your team. One more insight on the SB. Peyton tends to shy away from throwing at the shutdown CB, as a Jets fan I would know thx to that Revis guy.

  37. I dont think you people realize if Decker signed with the Jets, he would immediately become the focal point of the offense, since hes leagues better than any of the Jets wrs on the roster right now. And I dont know why all of you are assuming that if Jets signed Decker, that he would be the #1 reciever. There are no proven # 1 wide recievers in the market, so the Jets are probably going to address that in the draft.

  38. Many are not very high on Decker but he is unquestionably a top 25 WR in this league which suggests he is indeed a #1 WR.

    He disappeared in the super bowl but didn’t the whole Bronco team essentially disappear?

    Decker is not a product of Manning either, hes proven he can catch with even the likes of Tim Tebow as field general. Hes good.

    Decker can easily improve competitive teams like Carolina, Washington, Baltimore and San Diego filling the role of #1 WR. But it seems more likely Decker lands a higher salary as a #1 with disaster offenses like NYJ, OAK, or BUF. He is a borderline true #1 and will improve those bad teams but his numbers are going to drop.

    Fitting into the Pats lineup seems like a match made in heaven but the odds of the Pats paying up is low. Especially since they need to try to sign JE.

    Interestingly enought if Decker and Sproles can both land on the 2014 Jets that might be a fun sight to see. I’m no jets fan but a team with no roster went 8-8. Another year under the belt for Geno to see what he can do with the offensive help of Decker and Sproles may spark some numbers. Then again Geno could easily be awful and follow the footsteps of Senior Butt-Fumble.

  39. For all these reasons this is a good move for Decker and the Jets. Decker is better then anyone the Jets have at WR. He succeed even when Tebow was throwing him the ball. Geno Smith is a far better QB then Tebow. Geno was a rookie and had his ups and downs but he was able to beat Drew Brees and Tom Brady this year. The Jets have a strong running game and good OL. And with NO OFFENSE the Jets went 8-8 and are a young team on the rise.

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