Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley to visit the Raiders


The Raiders have a whole lot of cap space, and they may be preparing to spend some of it on bolstering their defense with a couple of veterans.

Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley are both visiting the Raiders today, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Tuck hit free agency this year after playing his entire nine-year career with the Giants. Last season Tuck was somewhat overlooked as the team itself was a major disappointment, but he played well, recording 11 sacks. Tuck is the No. 18 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

Woodley was cut by the Steelers after seven seasons in Pittsburgh. Last year he missed five games and had five sacks in the 11 games he played.

The Raiders already needed to improve on defense even before they lost their best pass rusher, Lamarr Houston, in free agency. Adding Tuck or Woodley (or both) would go a long way toward turning things around in Oakland.

50 responses to “Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley to visit the Raiders

  1. I remember when Steelers fans used to tell us Woodley was the next great pass-rusher. Good times.

  2. I can’t see Justin Tuck playing for the Oakland Raiders. The guy won two Super Bowls and clearly has been frustrated by the lack of wins.

    If he goes to Oakland it will be only because of the endless zeros on the contract.


  4. Both look like the perfect Raiders pickups – washed up with a name and trying to get paid.

    Tuck has been very very “mediocre” for years and was always over rated in my opinion.

  5. I love how all the haters come on board to bash the Raiders and these two players….if the price is right and the team can get production out of these guys then go for.

    PS – Haters – If you can’t write something intelligent then at least be witty…..

  6. If they sign with the Raiders they will NOT be overpaid and they will become veteran role players with SB expierience .Raiders will get Revis . book it.

  7. PS – Jagsfan1 – 11 sacks in a season is not mediocre….that’s probably more sacks then the entire sunshine state pop warner club you’re a fan of……good luck relo’ing to Merry Old England in 2015.

  8. Well from what I understood we were going to resign Jennings ,Veldeer , and Houston and build from there . Hopefully this is the start of a plan B but I hate to type this…..I’m very concerned .

  9. looks like RM looked for OL help first then filling th DL is next on his list. Woodley I am not thrilled but get Tuck signed and lets get a good DE in the draft! If not Hunter played pretty good last year IMO! The Raiders LB’s played well last year! Need a safety and a good CB to mentor Hayden!

  10. it all starts with the QB. you can sign all the free agents you want, but without a good QB (and i don’t think mcgloin is all that good) it’s a waste of money. you have to spend it on someone, so spend it on young guys with potential in case you do luck out & find a QB. i don’t get these moves by the raiders.

  11. nothing much has changed since Al died.The Raiders go after the big names instead of the right fit.Both are well past their shelf lives and are just looking for the cash.

  12. I know everyone hated (including me) to see Houston go, but he is a good run-stopper. Last year was his best year in terms of sacks, and he had SIX. Tuck did 11 last year. We’re playing against powerful passing teams in KC, Denver, and SD. We NEED pass rushers.

  13. Most of Tuck’s sacks came at garbage time when Giants were out of it…

    All about what he can do now and going forward – he is washed up… no need to get all defensive…I like the Raiders…but unless they sign these guys to cheap contracts – they will once again prove that the Raider way – overpaying for has beens and then getting little to no production – is a recipe for continued failure.

  14. Both these guys probably have more to give and are good players. But since Reggie got to Oakland the game plan was to clear out the over priced FA’s. Draft and develop guys and use the cap space to sign them and build the team and the organisation.

    The they had their two best free agents walk out on day 1 and are now trying to secure other teams cap casualties tells me that the plan is a bit off course.

  15. Saying all of his sacks came in garbage time is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. Getting sacks when the other team is winning is harder than getting them when you are winning because they don’t have to throw the ball. If anything it shows that he doesn’t quit on his team.

    If you want to go by that logic you could say that all of Lamar Houston 6 whopping sacks came in garbage time last year.

    Stats are stats are stats, they don’t tell the entire story, G.M.s don’t build teams like a kid on franchise mode on madden (unless they are the Browns GM) they have scouts and watch tape.

    Please reserve judgement until a contract offer is made and keep in mind the Raiders are going to have to pay a premium because the team and stadium suck right now

  16. Heavens forbid we get young players with talent, who we can keep awhile. Let’s just sign old players that we will have to replace in a year. BRILLIANT!

  17. Is there any other team in the league with more haters than the Raiders? I’m actually embarrassed for the people that willingly come to another team’s mssg board to hate on them. Honestly, WTF is wrong with your pathetic life that you would chase around another team like that???

  18. I had complete faith in Reggie until the Saffold signing. It’s clear to me now Reggie is trying to do too much. Tuck and Woodley would be good signings but if you have to overpay to get them then screw it.

  19. Check out all the Haters.. Tuck and Lamar combined for 16 sacks last year –
    Houston had only 6! Cmon new era.. Tuck is a beast! Lamar is Nasty – Oaktown is notorius for getting the vets to cmon for a rebirth of life! Ask Woodson! These would be some awesome aquisitions!

  20. Hmmm… I’m not an expert, but I have no idea what RM’s vision is supposed to be. I dont understand the Raiders’ nor the Redskins’ action so far.

  21. Beefing up the O-line, now get some man power on the D line. Say what you will but I like the strategy. I don’t know how everyone will pan out, but from a strategy standpoint, that’s how you build a team.

  22. If you look at other comments towards teams theres constructive criticism. When it comes to the Raiders its just blatant hating. Worry about your own team guys.

    Id like to get Tuck, not sure about Woodley as hes a 3-4 LB but atleast Reg is trying…kinda

  23. @jagsfan1
    “Most of Tuck’s sacks came at garbage time when Giants were out of it…”
    So while the Giants were losing in the 4th quarter/(out of it) their opponents were passing and that’s how Tuck got most of his sacks. Yeah, that’s exactly what didn’t happen!

  24. People can hate on Woodley all they want.. He still had 5.0 sacks in only playing 9 games. Not to mention had a sack for four games straight which is a more consistent pass-rush that the Raiders have. Not to mention him being a Veteran and seeing just about everything in the game of football. Same thing goes for Tuck too, 11.0 sacks isn’t no joke even if he got it all in one game or w.e its still the NFL. Woodley will help mold Sio in which has more potential then Woodley into something truly great. Then you got the whole situation with RM and Houston,Veldheer those guys didnt want to stay as you can tell by Lamarr’s words after the season. Reggie knows what he is doing and is being very patient. Its just that we as #RaiderNation dont fully trust him yet and we have no reason too. I do hope he gets something done with C-Wood and Pickup another corner like Possibly Antonio Cromartie who is pretty much Peyton Mannings worst nightmare (Besides Seattle Haha) Go Raiders! Best fans in all of sports.

  25. Since when was 11 sacks something to sneeze at?

    Justin Tuck has won his SBs, his role will be two-fold, production and leadership. He’s also a model in the community with his philanthropic causes.

    I know Raider Nation, you’re worried about this being another “Sapp” scenario…forget about it, we are talking about a Notre Dame boy, and not a bum from the U.

  26. Fellow Raiders fans need to stop being so short-sighted. Winning teams that regularly compete for their division title and so on, are teams that build a core team through the draft. Free agency is used to retain your own guys and add one, maybe to players for specific needs.

    The current situation was terrible when Reggie McKenzie arrived in Oakland. The attitude and culture needed to be changed. In order to fix the team, the organization needed to start from scratch. McKenzie’s plan is simple:

    – Rid the team of big contracts, bad deals, aging players, and Al Davis guys.

    – Clean house.

    – Create cap space.

    – Acquire draft selections and do not trade draft picks.

    – Draft smart.

    – Use free agency to bolster offensive and defensive lines.

    – Draft playmakers and skill players.

    So far, McKenzie has cleaned house, rid the team of aging vets with big deals, bad rookie contracts and other bad deals. He also got rid of players that have the Al Davis style and were his favorites.

    McKenzie wants to change the culture on the field and throughout the organization. Players such as Lamarr Houston and Jared Veldheer were not offered deals. The Raiders could have placed the franchise tag on one of the guys, but purposely chose not to do so. This says both guys are not in the team’s future plans.

    The Raiders had a lot of players that didn’t work hard, felt they could do as they please, and act a certain way. Much of this was due to the way Al Davis ran the organization. The attitude hurt the team. Houston and Veldheer had attitudes hurting the team. Smart move to let them walk.

    Now McKenzie needs to sign quality players, but not saddle the team with huge deals, essentially putting the Raiders right back in the same scenario in a few seasons. The most important thing for the team is to draft great players that aren’t busts. Build the core from the draft and use free agency to add pieces.

  27. Its funny reading some of the post and seeing some of u know nothing about football. First lets compare Ware to Houston as a pass rusher. Ware 4 games 6 sacks, Houston a hole season 6 sacks. Tuck compared to Houston 11 sacks. Both id take over Houston. Plus we just signed a lineman that has only given up 2 or 3 sacks in 2 years. Stick to the plan Raiders. Quality moves!!!

  28. I don’t like the passive aggressive approach. We need some bold loud moves. Like Marcel Reece said. No more selling this snake oil from the front office Charlatan.
    And you Raider Haters, with your weak minded zingers, need some new material too copy.

  29. Lamar Woodley, has a buyer beware tag since 2010. Meanwhile the Bronkeys sign Aqib Talib, a difference maker. Revis and Ware are still out their.

  30. 1stly 17 sacks in 26 games between the 2 of them is hardly mediocre! 2ndly if you did your homework you would know that McKenzie is a bargain shopper GM that will letvyouvwalk before over paying anyone one red cent! So the idea of them being over paid is out of the question. Which is why Veldeer and Houston are gone elsewhere. I would love to see both of them in Black&silver but a 3yr deal with a 3rd yr option and not too much guaranteed and loaded with incentives to motivate them to play at a high level is definitely a possibility to land both of them resign Woodson at Safety and get Tampa to agree to trade Revis in exchange for our #5 1st rd for their #7.. Raider FANS! WE HAVE A DEFENSE AGAIN

  31. So Houston was still in his prime with his whole 6 sacks…. please he was a cancer always had something negative to say about the organization to have a winning team everyone needs to buy in. Valdheer was a great LT but with what we saved on him we signed to solid linemen who in my opinion gives the raiders more depth and more options. it still early in FA people need to calm down the raiders are heading in the right direction Tuck has 2 superbowls and brings experience to the team plus with 11 sacks last season shows he’s anything but “washed up” we need pass rushers more than run stoppers to win our division so look at the big picture. Team beats talent everytime

  32. Who cares if Raiders overpay in short term for these older players. It’s needed to at least become a little more respectable and give them time to draft younger players. 8-8 is better than 4-12 and would give fans hope. It’s not my money anyway. Just as long as they don’t mortgage the future in doing so.

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