Lovie Smith: Josh McCown is my QB, but we may draft another


Lovie Smith doesn’t sound like much of a Mike Glennon fan.

On the day Smith’s Buccaneers signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown, Smith indicated that he isn’t expecting much of a competition between McCown and Glennon. According to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Smith made it very clear that McCown is his quarterback.

Asked directly if McCown is his quarterback, Smith answered, “Yes, he is.”

Smith coached McCown in 2011 and 2012, when McCown was the Bears’ backup quarterback. And Smith said he has always admired McCown, dating to the first time the Bears tried to sign McCown. That was in 2010, when McCown was with the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League. The Bears came calling and asked McCown to sign with them, but McCown declined, saying he had already given his word to the Colonials and wouldn’t break his commitment. Smith said that made him admire McCown as a man of integrity.

Smith did say that the Buccaneers might draft a quarterback this year. That doesn’t sound like good news for Glennon, who started 13 games as a rookie last year. The old regime viewed Glennon as the Buccaneers’ quarterback of the future, but the new regime views McCown as the quarterback of the present.

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  1. I think Glennon deserves a shot, pretty disappointing to hear they “might” draft a QB. It’s pretty rare to throw 19 TD’s and 9 INT’s on your rookie year…

  2. The good news for Glennon is nobody is going to give him a hard time when he politely asks for a trade to get off this team. Lovie doesn’t sound like he would miss him anyhow, and the “we may draft another one” might already be higher priority than Glennon too since Lovie didn’t have any extra time to say anything encouraging about him, so can he freely go now?

  3. Wow I thought Glennon was pretty good. He sure looked good in Seattle, especially for a rookie.

    Lovie is looking way to short term at this.

  4. Why not let them believe there will be competition, even if in his mind there won’t be???

  5. And so it starts. When McCown and Tedford can’t get it done, Lovie will buy himself more time by firing them. He did this process 4 times in Chicago before he himself got fired. He got 9 years out of that process.

  6. Glennon will get his chance in camp and pre-season to take the job from McCown. Even a couple years holding a clipboard on the sideline could benefit him greatly. As a Bucs fan I watched every game last season, and I will say he played alright, but there was never one moment when I jumped off my couch in excitement over how he was playing. I do hope that had more to do with the play calling of the so-called “coaching” staff we had last year, but I think we saw Glennon reach his peak last year. But, it’s amazing how a little competition can light a fire. We will see.

  7. ^
    Lovie definitely doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and he has a tendency to make giant mistakes, and this is also a mistake. I think he’s going to have a supremely hard time achieving success in Tampa unless his GM really does a bang up job with the draft and other personnel decisions. But his GM in just a few times that he spoke himself has already shown a lack of intelligence.

    Things are not looking too hot for Tampa right now, despite the fact that I live in cold Michigan and can hardly get out of my driveway right now because of the snow today. It’s still hotter here.

  8. I agree with some of the previous comments. Glennon looked pretty good as a rookie, especially considering the Bucs and the Schiano era were crumbling around him. He definitely at least deserves a shot at competing for the starting job.

  9. Glennon was the guy who’s talent forced Russell Wilson out of NC State. It was a give up baseball or leave the team situation, O’Brien wanted his QB in camp and Wilson wanted to play Baseball.

    He will be a good pick-up for a team with a vertical passing game.

  10. He probably is saying that because McCown will be the QB to start the year and also to push Glennon to work harder. How could you not give McCown an opportunity after last season? It would be different if TB had a clear cut franchise qb but they do not…

  11. That doesn’t mean he will draft one. A good team never shows their hand going TJ the draft. We don’t have any huge needs now so we can trade back at 7 or draft whoever we want without a specific need. If a team thinks we are about to take the QB they want that could net us more picks.

  12. Josh McCown played well last season, but that was last season. There’s nothing to guarantee he continues to play like that. He’s been an up and down player his entire career. Lovie shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Glennon like that. If McCown falters he may end up having to turn back to Glennon.

  13. Glennon is awful. Strong arm, no pocket presence, bad reads, bad footwork, was given NC St job because coach had too much pride to accommodate RW. He’ll assume a backup role or be out of the league in 2/3 years.

  14. Glennon would be a nice fit in Arizona as the heir apparent to Palmer. Also be a good player to push Locker in Tennessee.

  15. Is Glennon worth a 2nd round pick? I think maybe he is. Since I don’t think Carson Palmer has much left in the tank, Arizona makes some sense. Jax, Minn, Oak, Tenn, and Cleveland should all think about it as well — even though part of me thinks that Jax is really high on Garroppolo and may want to take him with that 2nd round pick.

  16. Lovie is just picking up where he left off in Chicago..going nowhere fast..I give him 2 years

  17. Wow, proudly putting your club’s fate in the hands of a 35 year old career third string QB. Bucs have a good chance to move up to 5-11 behind that kind of football genius.

  18. Lighten up, Glennon was ok for a rookie, but Bucs need a more experienced QB. If Lovie goes 9-7 it will be awesome. The bears did worse this year after firing him.

  19. I’m not generally a believer in rookie quarterbacks being starters, but I was really impressed with Glennon. It is also worth noting that Lovie cut McCown at least once. Perhaps Glennon languishes as the third QB while McCown and whoever else falter. Glennon gets his chance ala Brian Hoyer and Lovie gets fired ala Chudzinski.

  20. @thestrategy”expert”

    I’ll take Lovie’s word over an internet GM/coach like yourself anytime. Seriously, Lovie Smith could take a crap and the internet trolls would construe it as somehow dissing Glennon, Bucs fanbase, etc. The majority of these comments are from butthurt Bears fans so they should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, I have great respect for Bears org./ city of Chicago but are you really better off since Lovie left? He was far from the only problem there.

  21. Lmao. You clowns sound like morons. How many of you have coached an NFL team, let alone make it to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman…THAT”S RIGHT, ZERO!!! Keep being fans, and let the professional handle coaching!!! #fansarefansforareason

  22. All this will do is fire up Glennon to perform even better. The quote also said it’s “josh McCowns job to lose” …maybe he is firing Glennon up to push him, not just handing him the job? Just sayin’

  23. swampcannons says:
    Mar 12, 2014 9:42 PM

    I’ll take Lovie’s word over an internet GM/coach like yourself anytime. Seriously, Lovie Smith could take a crap and the internet trolls would construe it as somehow dissing Glennon, Bucs fanbase, etc. The majority of these comments are from butthurt Bears fans so they should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, I have great respect for Bears org./ city of Chicago but are you really better off since Lovie left? He was far from the only problem there.

    Let’s see…from button third in the league in offense to second.

    Revamped online.

    Martellus Bennett.

    I’ll stop there.

  24. Is something really rotten in the water in Tampa or what? They get 2 promising young stud QBs. Then change head coaches on both at the worse time. Who promptly pull the rug right from beneath them. Go figure. Glennon now knows how Josh Freeman felt about Schiano. I hope both recover. And go on to have great careers with another team.

  25. Send Glennon to Chicago – let Trestman work his magic on him.
    And on a side note, the ‘deer in the headlights’ comment above couldn’t be more accurate.

  26. You new Lovie fans will start seeing the rest of the real Lovie soon….sweet talker, unless you have a legitimate point of view that’s different, especially if you’re in the Media, then you’re ‘dumb as rocks’ as only Football Coaches know what’s what.

    McGown was a great story last year, and he’s a great guy…but without Trestman is he really going to continue the part-time excellence, or retreat to his woes in Arizona? My heart sez he’ll stay on course, my Head says it’s a long shot I wouldn’t bet on.

  27. Wow,I’m sure there a few teams who would take Glennon. Lovie Smith either thinks too highly of himself or the owners have given him absolute power. How is McCown suddenly the heap? Then again Rich Gannon and Steve DeBerg got their careers resurrected at a late stage. Still, he balled out for a rookie on a team going through a tough stretch.

  28. Wow! Strap yourself into you seat in a upright position Tampa. LOL. Tampa will maybe wins 6-7 games this season. Let’s see how Josh does in Jeff Telford’s west coast offensive system.

  29. Smith bringing in McCown and giving him the starting job isn’t a bad move. Glennon lovers can complain all you want, but the kid struggled last year in a offense that was completely different than the one Jeff Tedford is going to run. Drafting a QB isn’t a bad idea either. In this league of flops, and neve was beens a good or even consistent QB is hard to find. Not every guy coming out of college is Aaron Rodgers. This is a good insurance policy. Let McCown who is more consistent than Glennon take over. If he gets hurt, or fails let Glennon try. Always have a third option though.

  30. This sucks!! Glennon did A GREAT job last season when you look at the big picture. He lost the teams primary running back, Mike Williams, Jackson played so-so all season, the O-Line was mediocre at best. Glennon’s pocket presence is excellent no just for a rookie, but for any QB, no one can deny that, and that is a rare thing in the NFL for a rookie. I would say all he lacked was a little leadership in the huddle, which again based on the state of the team, would not have helped much. I’m hoping Lovie is trying to fire Glennon up, make him say “Sorry McCown, this is MY job to lose” and he puts it to everybody in training camp. Kick their ass Mike Glennon!

  31. The Bucs had the worst offense in the league last year. Glennon took 40 sacks in 13 games.

    I don’t get all the Glennon love. McCown’s QBR was 20 points higher.

    Besides, Lovie’s not about to let a Schiano man run the offense.

    All this hype about Glennon being fired up – I just don’t see it. The Bucs will draft a QB either this year or in the next and McCown will be the starter until Lovie’s hand picked guy is ready.

  32. If Josh McCown puts up the exact same numbers this coming yes as Glennon did in his rookie year, it’ll be the 2nd best year of Josh McCown’s entire career (which started in 2002)

  33. I am a huge Hawks fan but I have to say I thought Glennon was pretty good for a rookie. I thought Lovie picked up McCown in order to hone Glennon over the next couple of years… That would make sense but to tell Glennon to hit the bricks was kind of stupid. They should do him a favor and release him so he can find a new home and get better.

  34. Lol and 39 wry one kept questioning why this guy was dumped by the Bears after a 10-6 season. Let’s just put it this way. He is a defensive coach not a head coach. He believed Rex grossman out of all QB would beat Peyton Manning and that colts defense. McCown is not a starting QB plain and simple. He is a very proficient back up. That’s all.

  35. GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…

  36. Did anyone posting on this article actually look at his stats, game by game? When you look at them, you realize other teams figured out Glennon’s weaknesses (like, throwing off his back foot when hurried) and threw them at him. His stats by season’s end fell like a rock!

    In the first four games his QBR was 55.7, 84.7, 90.7, 80.1. His next four were 123.1, 69.3, 137.5, 138.4. From that point on, it was all downhill. His remaining 5 games were 73.5, 40.4, 75.5, 78.7, 75.2. His rookie year is misleading because as he was learning against GREAT teams like Atlanta and Detroit, he lit them up. When he faced anything better (besides the outlier Seattle), he played average to poorly. End of year against Buffalo, St. Louis, San Fran, and New Orleans he played badly in all those games.

    Lovie is not being stupid about Glennon, he is covering his ass to make sure he is not stuck with him with no other viable option for the season. He wants to win now, and you cannot fault him for that. Glennon could prove him wrong, but the odds are not in his favor looking at the decline he faced by the end of the season.

  37. I personally do not see how Tampa Bay needs a QB. McNoun had one good year throwing to probably 2 top 15 wide receivers in fantasy land. Tampa doesnt have the talent on offense as chicago does. Maybe McNoun knows Smith lingo and Glennon doesnt. But how do you throw 19-9 td/int and then get tossed aside? look Tampa like chicago has a stud in the backfield. But Tampa drafting a QB early would be wasting a draft pick. Want to draft a 3rd string QB fine wait until round 5-7. But Glennon can play in this league.

  38. LOVIE!!! You have experience as a head coach and you said something dumb like this??? WHY?? The right answer, whether it’s true or not, is to say, “The job is wide open, and we’ll go into training camp and see who is going to WIN the job as the Bucs QB.” Don’t EVER say that this guy is my starting QB without a competition. Maybe he is your guy, but he needs to know that the QB job is to the guy who SHOWS that he is the best QB! I love ya Lovie, but you just screwed up!

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