Matt Shaughnessy visiting the Patriots

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The Patriots haven’t done any deals yet, but they continue to line up visitors.

The latest to come in, according to Field Yates of, is Cardinals outside linebacker Matt Shuaghnessy.

The 27-year-old Shaughnessy played as a lineman during his time with the Raiders, but was able to make the transition to playing on his feet with the Cardinals last year.

The Cards had been trying to keep him, but it appears he’s ready to look around.

The Patriots have also had or scheduled visits with Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard and Panthers wide receiver Brandon Lafell, a more measured approach than some of their AFC brethren.

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  1. As a Pats fan, I’m fine with this, don’t overpay for “Names” but bring in some solid talent that fits what you do.

  2. belichick and his LB’s. our best defensive position and we have two FA’s visiting.
    BB knows best?………

  3. FreewayJim says:Mar 12, 2014 10:53 AM

    As a Pats fan, I’m fine with this, don’t overpay for “Names” but bring in some solid talent that fits what you do.
    Though I agree with you, it certainly doesnt win the PR battle with the fans. The Patriots brain trust builds their team with the future in mind, it is the way they do business. They dont “go all in” and risk the future for today. There are occasional exceptions (Adalius Thomas), but it doesnt appear that this is going to be one of those years where they make an exception.

    I just wish I had all the information that they have, to better understand what they are doing. Are they making the moves that they are making (or in this case, arent making) because it clears up the cap and sets them up for a huge off season next year? Do they believe the players they are passing up on arent going to excel in their system, etc.

    This is the most fascinating time of the year for the fans. Fans of teams that are spending like crazy (Broncos, Jaguars and Bucs) are thrilled that their team is bringing in talent. Fans of teams that haventy done much spending (Patriots, Eagles, Packers, Jets) are trying to figure out what their teams strategy is. No matter what is happening, their is an excitement, an anticipation, a hope, etc for the next season.

    Offseason winners are the fans when free agency starts. Though I am disappointed in the Patriots thus far, I am not going to jump of a bridge, there are a LOT of moves still to be made, and I am just enjoying the updates and stories

  4. Suprised the Pats are bringing in LBs. They have some holes, but LB seems to be one of the strongest positions, with 3 solid starters. Unless Mayo is not coming back strong from his injury.

  5. This is Post 02 as the first disappeared…


    Let all the prognosticators state the doom and gloom to come for the Patriots.

    Somehow they keep winning even without being major players on the free agent market and overpaying this year’s most hyped and tomorrows cut, cap casualty.

    Let the trolls speak of the number of Super Bowl victories since Spy Gate.

    They’ll win another someday and for now I can sit back and watch their three victories and my grin is just as wide today as it was back then.

    It’s all a yearly if not daily ongoing thrum where as a Patriots fan all I can do is sit back and continue to enjoy the ride. When you start cheering for a team and they go 1-15 a continued run of double digit seasons is the best thing I could ever have hoped for and it by far drowns out the naysayers.

    I’m glad my life is not steeped in bitterness and I don’t spend my time trolling posting boards and stating the same thing over and over and over and over…

  6. .

    I’m certain that Belichick did not enter free agency with a “let’s just wing it” strategy. Between the draft and value priced free agents signed , I’m confident he’ll field a competitive 53 man team.


  7. I really liked Shaughnessy during his stint with the Raiders, he’ll be a good-very good pick up for the Patriots.

  8. They have starters but no depth. I don’t know if this is the right guy, but they do need to add to the linebacking corps.

  9. It’s never about you have. It’s about what’s in the locker room when injury takes away who you have.

    So this guy did play line and then shifted to LB? That’s the kind of diversity that BB loves to add.

  10. I was hoping he would stay in arizona but he did play well enough to earn himslef a bigger contract than what was proposed from the cardinals. as long he doesn’t sign in our NFC West i am happy.

  11. All the Pats fans that are frustrated by the lack of spending may want to wait…Revis is about to be a free agent and he won’t be cheap. Maybe they are saving room in the budget for him??? I would love to see him on that defense.

  12. Say what you will about “value” but going bargain hunting for jags like Lafell, Shelly Smith, and Shaugnessy isn’t going to help the Patriots out in a even moderate way.

    Look, I wouldn’t have paid Talib the contract he got but Belichick always says he does “what is best for the New England Patriots.” For his actions to match his words he needs to replace Talib with either Revis, DRC, or Cromartie from the Jets.

    Bring in these mid level guys, they can help, but Alfonzo Dennard and Logan Ryan aren’t good enough corners to help the Patriots get back to the top again. And Belichick’s draft record of corners speaks for itself.

    All I’m asking is that Belichick’s actions match his words. There’s plenty of time for things to change for the better but what’s happened so far is decidedly not best for the New England Patriots.

  13. You guys all lamenting the fact he’s a LB realize he’s a 34 OLB/43 DE, don’t you?

    and he would be used as such in NE; not as a 43 LB…

    he’s a smart, hard-working blue collar type, just the kind Darth Hoodie likes…would be a sub/replacement for Rob Ninkovich, similar player…

  14. So we have needs a O-line D-line secondary and TE and we are looking at Linebacker and people wonder why the fans get angry when we haven’t won a title since 04. Hopefully this draft turns out decent

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