Owen Daniels paying Packers a visit

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The Packers have a pair of free agent tight ends in Jermichael Finley and Andrew Quarless who have yet to sign contracts for next season, but the team isn’t waiting for them to make up their minds to explore other options.

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Owen Daniels is visiting with the team. Daniels was released by the Texans earlier this week.

Daniels is likely a familiar name to Packers fans after playing his college ball at the University of Wisconsin and playing a prominent role in the Houston offense for most of the last eight seasons. Daniels wasn’t quite as visible in 2013 as a broken leg ended his season after five games and 24 catches, but he would be an experienced and reliable set of hands for Aaron Rodgers if he’s healthy next season.

The Ravens have also been linked to Daniels, which likely has much to do with the fact that former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is now the offensive coordinator in Baltimore.

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  1. This is the type of FA move Ted tends to take. I’m fine with this. As a Packer fan though, I’d like to see it happen more often so we don’t end up with the Brad Jones type situations.

    Not every FA has to be a bank buster big name but you can and SHOULD shore up depth when you can.

    That’s where I think Ted’s remiss in his plan.

  2. He would be a sure handed upgrade. Probably a stud with ARod throwing to him.

    Good locker room guy, and an in-state guy, instant fan favorite.

  3. Don’t know much about this guy over the last 8 years, but hope he still has something left in the tank. Knowing how TT only signs players no body else wants, players on the scrap heap at the end of their careers, like Jeff Saturday, I am skeptical. Please plug one of many holes somewhere TT, kus even if you draft really well, they won’t fill all of the holes or be ready until it is too late for AR.

  4. Why hasn’t Ted Thompson been fired yet?

    The only solid draft choice he’s ever had is Aaron Rodgers.

    The rest of the team is filled with overpayed busts.

    Samantha Shields contract is bigger than Alterraun Verner and Aquib Talib who are way better CB’s.

    This whole “hire within the team” strategy is terrible.

  5. Packers handling free agency perfectly so far. Nobody who has signed is worth the deals they’ve made. Mr. Ted Thompson is smarter than you.

  6. So we replace Finley and Quarles with Owens, how does that make our team better? What about getting a safety, or an ILB, or a D lineman. We aren’t getting any better, and maybe going backwards just keeping the same people who lost last year. Oh wait, we are making an offer to Lattimore, great zombie eyes, you are the man.

  7. FINALLY…the Packers and TT are dipping their toe into the free agent pool to try and shore up that pathetic defense that was on the field for the majority of last season.Owen Daniels should be an instant starter at…heyyy wait a minute….

  8. I’m happy with how Ted handles the team. Why overspend when you have your own guys to worry about such as Cobb and Nelson. The “hire within” strategy has paid off with multiple divison titles; a Superbowl win and comfort that down the road the Packers won’t be in a bad cap situation. I’d rather be competitive every year than once every 3 years like the Vikings, Cowbows or Redskins.

  9. Ted hasn’t always just selected guys at the end of their career who were garbage.

    Woodson doesn’t even SNIFF the Hall of Fame were it not for what he did in Green Bay.

  10. 3 things make the signing likely.

    1. Hes played in Wisconsin before so hes not afraid to do so again.

    2. Hes coming off an injury, Ted likes to collect injury prone players.

    3. The last time GB signed someone coming back from a broken leg Charles Woodson, it worked out pretty damn good.

  11. If you look back over the last 10 years, 70% of the big name, big money free agents are busts. I’m glad Ted has the patience to not pull the trigger on these guys.

  12. Both the ’96 and the ’10 Super Bowl rosters had key pieces that were acquired via free agency..in fact almost 1/2 the defense and ALL of the D Line on the ’96 team was acquired via free agency or trade ( R. White, S. Dotson, S. Jones and G. Brown) . For the “draft and develop”philosophy to work you can NOT miss on as many draft picks as Thompson has the last 3 years..or you end up with the players on defense that were on the field last year. Once Rodgers was injured the majority of them were exposed for the mediocre players they actually are. This is coming from a life long Packers fan..it’s just all of you “die hard” Packer fans don’t want to hear the truth about our roster.

  13. This reminds me of one name: Steven Jackson. Packers desperate for a running back but TT passes on him and gets Lacy in the draft. How’s Jackson doing in Atlanta? Lacy in Green Bay?

  14. Whoever that clown is up top who says Thompson’s only good draft pick was Rodgers needs to get into golf or something because clearly doing any research is too much for him/her. How about these names dumbass:
    Eddie Lacy
    Jordy Nelson
    Randall Cobb
    Nick Collins – Super Bowl hero
    Clay Matthews – defensive player of the year
    A.J. Hawk
    Josh Sitton – best guard in the game
    Sam Shields
    T.J. Lang
    James Jones – led NFL in TD receptions in 2012

    Get a clue.

  15. The last 3 years he’s missed a lot in the draft but hopefully he’ll man up and spend some money to make up for it. Plus who knows how some of these young players will be? Give it time.

  16. To those complaining that they need to be focusing on D players– You don’t think there are people on that? TT doesn’t do every last bit of player research. He has people for that. He just makes the final call. TE is a position of need given their current situation and they are acting on it when a good option became available.

    Owen Daniels has proven to be a stud TE, and that came playing with Matt Schaub!! Just imagine what he can do with Aaron “I make average players great” Rodgers tossing to him.

    Hope they get him to GB and don’t let him leave. Solid pickup.

  17. As a Texan fan, I can tell you the city was sad to see OD go. Yes he has been dealing with injuries, but a broken leg heals… we’ve kept players that had much more serious injuries.

    I believe if our new coach was not big on large TE’s that serve more as blockers vs WR’s, then he’d still be here in Houston. OD was my favorite player, he’s a huge benefit to the community, and all in all – he is consistently reliable on the field and pulls a little extra when everyone else falls apart.

    If Packers get OD, I think he’ll quickly become a fan favorite. It’s a big loss, as far as I’m concerned for Houston, but definitely want some good things to come to O.D. and Green Bay would be a good landing spot for him. Rodgers and Daniels? That will be a hell of a combination. Very sad to see him leave Houston. ❤ O.D.!

  18. Daniels: I want 4 mill a year.

    TT: I will give you a double wide in the good part of town and the veteran minimum…

    Daniels: OK..Bye

  19. Weren’t they also talking to the other Houston TE that also happens to be a former Badger?

  20. I hope the Bears Cut Peppers and he signs with the pack as revenge. The I hope TT brings Boreland on board for his appetite for violence. Joe Panos is working with Haggeman from MN, that as well would be a nice upgrade to our defense Owen Wilson=Chumura and would be a nice outlet for Aaron. A safety and ol in the draft and we are looking good though I would hate to lose wide out Jones.

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