Patriots gain some cap space by cutting Isaac Sopoaga


The Patriots have lined up visits with several free agents over the last two days, but they have yet to add anyone to the roster.

On Wednesday, they dropped someone. Mike Reiss of reports that the team has told defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga that he will be released.

Sopoaga came to the Pats in an October trade with the Eagles as New England scrambled to find ways to replace Vince Wilfork in the middle of their defensive line. Sopoaga saw action in six games and made two tackles before being inactive for the final two regular season games and both playoff contests.

That did little to alleviate the loss of Wilfork and the Patriots gain $2.5 million in cap space by parting ways with Sopoaga. Some of that money could be useful if the Patriots, as rumored, decide to pursue cornerback Darrelle Revis now that he’s been cut by the Buccaneers.

17 responses to “Patriots gain some cap space by cutting Isaac Sopoaga

  1. Sopoaga, we hardly knew ye. He’ll be back with the Pats if somebody doesn’t overpay for him. (cough, err Broncos…)

  2. If they want Revis they better clear up enough to top Talib’s new deal, because Revis isn’t going to be happy unless he’s the highest paid corner.

  3. Patriots are the AFC L east. It is such a weak division they will win it again and return to the playoffs to lose with or without Revis.

  4. Who is the brainiac in NE that scouted that player in the first place and wanted to pay him several million? At least they got from under half of that lousy deal. But really embarrassing that after all of his previous career and recent injury the Patriots took him on a raised contract to boot! BB isn’t very good at talent evaluation and can’t seem to find a good scout. I guess he’s hoping Lombardi can help him out there, he might be a tiny bit better I guess.

  5. In the end it is always about the money. That would make the Raiders the favorite to sign Revis. It would be a shock if the Patriots ponied up that kind of money. $$$ is on and in Oakland.

  6. He doesn’t have to play for spygate nation.the only team to choke more than Peyton manning in the playoffs since getting caught for cheating.he could come to an organization with respect like the vikings but we don’t need you.#bestdline.SKOL

  7. The Patriot Way :

    1) Grossly over estimate the coaching abilities of St. Bill
    (“do your job” is hardly HOF worthy)

    2) Draft Terribly

    3) Let good players leave because your owner is too cheap and would rather spend his $$ on buying a girlfriend (no – she really does love him – right Pats fans?)

    4) Put all the pressure on your fading Hollywood wanna be qb

  8. Traded for a guy that made 2 tackles and now he is getting cut? Funny how all pat fans were talking about how good of a move it was in October.

  9. Draft terribly?

    Ben Watson
    Asante Samuel
    Dan Koppen
    Matt Light
    Deion Branch
    Daniel Graham
    Matt Cassel
    Jeremy Mincey
    Chandler Jones, etc.

    If you are going to spew your nonsense and blind hatred for the Pats, at least do it with some accuracy.

  10. It appears the Patriots and Broncos are in all out Free Agency Urgency! With Brady declining and the Broncos getting embarrassed on defense in the SB, they each have 1-2 years left with the Golden Arm QBs. Go for it. Dont let the Vikings, Browns and Jags get all the good ones.

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