Patriots showing interest in Darrelle Revis

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The New England Patriots are showing interest in cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Patriots are expected to make a push for Revis, who will either be cut or traded by the Buccaneers in the next two hours.

The Patriots have a need for a cornerback after losing their top cornerback, Aqib Talib, in free agency. Talib signed with the Broncos, and bringing in Revis is about the only move the Patriots could make that would represent an upgrade after losing their best cornerback to their biggest conference rival.

It’s not known whether the Patriots would be willing to trade for Revis and pay him the $16 million a year his current contract calls for, or if they’re only planning to make a move for him when and if the Buccaneers cut him. But bringing Revis on board would be a bold move after a quiet start to free agency in New England.

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  1. Everyone could see this coming from a mile away. The Pats will wait until he’s cut and then sign him to a cap friendly contract.

  2. there is no chance in hell the pats will get him. it just makes too much sense and for the last 5+ years, belichick loves to not make moves that seem to make sense

  3. Wow, Denver is using free agency is destroy its competition — brilliant strategy. Not only did Denver improve by stealing Talib and making New England’s defense worse off, but now, just to replace Talib’s production, New England is stuck chasing a guy with a lot of question marks that will cost them more money than Talib PLUS draft pick(s). John Elway has this GM thing figured out.

  4. I hope they can do it

    It’s big $$ but we need a good corner and we’re pretty awful at drafting them

    If they give him a signing bonus, they can keep his cap hit low this year. It all hits eventually but it can hit when Hernandez is off the books and the cap is higher

    More likely that they’ll sign cromartie or DRC though

  5. Get your secret de-coding device out!

    I am sure that a lot of “messages” will be transmitted to Florham Park

  6. Darrelle Revis could be playing for the NY Jets, still be adored by fans, do charity work, become a legend and take advantage of a great opportunity. But it had to be all about him. When he retires he’s not going to have a fanbase who loves him forever, he’s not going to have a jersey ceremony, people won’t wear his jersey for for the next 50 years. He’s a stain.

  7. Now we’re going to find out just how smart Revis is. Anyone can just sit back and hold out for the most money. Frequently, they lose on Sunday and just take solace in the big paycheck they take to the bank. Now, when an organization that is a pernennial contender comes offering a big payday AND a chance to be a winner… Well, as I said, now we’ll find out just how smart Revis is.

  8. DRC = Talib without the character issues and chronic hip issues.
    Sign him up, the Pats D won’t miss a beat.

  9. .

    It’s highly doubtful the Patriots sign a deal that allows Revis to become a distraction. He may be better off to sign a one year deal with New England, perform well on the big stage and enter free agency again next year.


  10. I’d flip out if they actually traded for him, as opposed to picking him up as a free agent. They only have to wait 90 minutes and they wouldn’t have to give up any draft picks for him. BB has patience…

  11. Patriots wont do this they’d rather settle for some defensive back from appalachian state in the draft because that player offers value

  12. The Jets ended up with the DROY and what’ll probably end up being a 4th for a rehabbing corner who was going to either hold out for his third time or leave anyway. It was still a good trade, and if they waited they would have gotten nothing.

  13. I hope they avoid this troublemaker. All he does is hold out for mo money when he’s already overpaid. Pats got rid of “glass hip” Talib, hopefully they upgrade to someone other than mevis.

  14. Future Falcon? I think ATL has all the trust in the world in their two young corners. Both guys did very well in terms of passes defensed last year, one of them did so despite playing very little early in the year, and they both generated a handful of turnovers. No way they break the bank to bring in Revis.

  15. These free agent clowns (aka Bill) better make this happen! I can’t take how much the Broncos are improving while we just stand “pat.” Now I know where that saying derives from…

  16. I think the “panic botton” will be hit and the Pats pull the trigger on this deal. Boy the Jets are going to get it stuck to them big time! This is comical.

  17. Ever since they let Adam Vinatieri leave, the Pats have made an ongoing series of roster decisions that are mind-boggling. Maybe that’s why they have been to just one Super Bowl since then, and they lost that.

    If we’re going to be honest, there really isn’t much difference between the Pats brain-trust and that of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. The Pats have had more success simply because they are in the inferior AFC.

    Meanwhile, they refuse to pay anyone but a murderous wide receiver while Jones’ personnel decisions rival those of Al Davis during his demented years.

  18. so the patriots have like $15 million in cap space and yet they’re going to use most of that to sign revis? riiiiiiiiight.

  19. Hard to believe the Pats, with no prior history of breaking the bank on defenders, would break the bank for Revis, especially in a weak passing division like the AFC East.

    It seems like Revis would be more likely to get paid better by the Niners, who seem under the radar at the moment, and of more value to them out in the NFC West.

  20. Ok, the Patriots have $15M in cap space and are showing “interest” in Revis? Holy smokescreen, Batman!

    I think most GM’s are wise to this type of misdirection. Pats are probably targeting a much more affordable Captain Munnerlyn and are trying to throw Idzik and the Jets off the scent.

  21. to the guy who said “Hard to believe the Pats will outbid the Browns, Raiders or Jets.”

    Revis has already said
    1)he wants to play for a WINNER
    2) he wants to get top dollar

    Browns, Raiders, Jets = LOSERS

  22. why would Sproles go to the Pats when they have younger and cheaper Vereen?

    The only thing comical about this from the Pats/Jets perspective is watching the Pats fan base backpedal on the Revis criticism, if Bill does sign off on acquiring him.

  23. Jeremy Jacobs oops I mean Bob Kraft won’t do it. He needs to sustain winning seasons not winning Super Bowls. He is still living in the last decade. He says he was a fan before he was an owner. Well if he doesn’t win soon, the PATS will soon be playing before crowds not seen since before Parcells saved our franchise.

  24. The Pats are just driving up the interest in Revis so that somebody else overpays for him.

  25. Dear God, Please don’t let the Patriots get Revis. I promise I’ll stop smoking, drinking, cursing and cheating. And please God, send us another Dan Marino. Yours truly, Dolphin Nation . Amen

  26. As a Jet fan, I hope they do sign him. I will laugh at all of the pink Pats Revis jerseys, which will only be good for one year. If the Tannebaum years showed anything, it’s that you don’t win Championships throwing money at flashy FA’s, and you certainly don’t build roster depth throwing that percentage of your cap on a guy who doesn’t touch the ball.

  27. He wouldn’t accept a trade where he would make less money. Why should we think he would necessarily take NE’s offer of a “cap friendly contract”. They won’t pay him what he thinks he is worth and I can’t imagine him taking less than he thinks he is worth

  28. “The Pats have had more success simply because they are in the inferior AFC.”

    Inferior? Last year the AFC won the SB. And as a Boys fan, you belong to the weakest division in the league.

    And the Pats have narrowly lost 2 SBs since, not one — and been to 2 additional AFCCGs. If not for freak injuries late in season or playoffs (or like last year, throughout season), they could have gone further. Nothing wrong with the strategy.

  29. Pats need to wait for Revis to be cut, sign him and have a large signing bonus to keep his cap number low. Then amendola needs to be cut and they should go after Hakeem nicks or Eric decker and re-sign Edelman

  30. “John Elway has this GM thing figured out.”

    When was the last time a team that won free agency actually performed well the following year? It’s a curse.

  31. The Patriots should trade a 4th round pick to the Bucs for him. The cash and cap hit are $16M per year, which may be $3M over his true market value, but the team should suck it up. If he’s healthy, he’s probably worth it and there is never a cap penalty if you cut him. Signing him to a new deal means new guaranteed money. He should be rented for the same duration as Tom Brady continues to play. This makes sense. That means it will never happen.

  32. I smell a wink/nod trade deal went down last year. Idzik told him not to worry because I am gonna get the most I can for you and you get your money until they cut you. When they cut you Darrelle I will be there to give you the money you deserve and you will come back home and play for a coach you love and feels the same about you. Elway thinks he has this thing down, but he might want to take notes. You don’t buy rings, you earn them. Revis isn’t blind, he can see what’s going on in Florham Park. He might like his money, but he needs to feel the love. No better place than home!!!!!

  33. I will be stunned if the Pats sign Revis.
    Revis wants big money, and the Pats are cheapskates.

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