Perhaps unexpectedly, Cardinals keep player Patriots wanted

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The Cardinals might have done something more important than sign a linebacker Wednesday night.

They proved a degree of legitimacy by hanging onto a guy after a successful team in a major market came calling.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals kept outside linebacker Matt Shaughnessy with a two-year deal. He had visited the Patriots earlier in the day.

Granted, the Cardinals could have money-whipped him into staying, or the Patriots might not have offered much or anything at all.

But for a team that made a surprising step last year, keeping a player who did the same is a strong statement for the program Bruce Arians is building. Shaughnessy emerged as a solid player against the run, and now he gets to be a symbol of something even greater.

19 responses to “Perhaps unexpectedly, Cardinals keep player Patriots wanted

  1. Denver is the new free-agent hot spot these days. New England has lost its luster.

    Also remember that Revis’ $12m deal almost entirely wipes out New England’s cap for this off-season — they can’t afford guys like Matt Shaughnessy anymore even if they wanted to.

  2. Welcome back…. I guess. NFC West is going to be a real slobber knocker drag em out street fight … Last man standing will represent NFC

  3. Wrong! Word has it that they are restructuring wilfork’s deal which would give them plenty if money for players if they wanted them. I know Broncos fans think they are the only team that can spend money…enjoy your “dream team”. I saw first hand how that works out.

  4. teams are getting smart.instead of losing good players and bringing in overpriced “stars”,they’re locking up their good young players.

  5. There is still a lot of money moving that’s gonna happen in New England. For 1 Vince Wilfork will NOT be playing for 11+ mil this year

  6. Don’t know how Denver is a hot spot with it’s lackluster finishes the last two years. All hype and disappointed badly, can’t even say “at least they made the Superbowl” with the way they performed in it.

  7. @stealthjunk – Yeah totally. New England has NO CAP SPACE. Not like they could free up money cutting guys like Adrian Wilson and Dan Connolly or restructuring Logan Mankins or Vince Wilfork’s deal. Might as well just lay down and die. Can’t even draft guys because they can’t afford it. Educate yourself. I bet you were one of the people saying the Patriots couldn’t bag Revis right?

  8. stealthdumbasjunk…Pats have 5.5M after Revis and after they extend or release Wilfork they will have another 8M. The Patriots also can free up money by restructuring or cutting guard Dan Connolly, safety Adrian Wilson and defensive tackle Tommy Kelly. They can free up even more money by extending players such as safety Devin McCourty and kicker Stephen Gostkowski. So they can pretty easily be looking at close to 20M. So other than being 100% wrong you are correct.

    As far as Denver being the hot spot I guess the chance for legal weed and the opportunity to lose the Championship by over 30 points looks pretty appealing when they throw money around.

  9. NE had 19.5M before Revis and Still have the option of cutting Adrian Wilson and Dan Connolly for close to 4M. Extending Vince would free up even more space.

  10. In my humble opinion, Steve Keim is quietly impressing as a GM. This is the kind of player most teams would have just recklessly handed over to the Pats in past years. I’m honestly a little disappointed.

  11. Nice!
    Glad to see that MS decided to stay in AZ.
    It will payoff in the playoffs ,too bad Dansby won’t be a part of the first team in NFL history to host a home field SB!

    In Keim I trust !

  12. Arians did a superb job coaching the team, but the program is being built by the GM, Steve Keim. Keim did a great job reshuffling the roster last year, and he is off to a good start in ’14 as well.

  13. “They proved a degree of legitimacy by hanging onto a guy after a successful team in a major market came calling.”

    Are you kidding me?

    First: Boston is the #7 market, Phoenix is #12.

    Second: Both teams have the same number of Super Bowl appearances in the last 6 years, one.

    Third: If you think Matt Shaughnessy is how you measure legitimacy, then you yourself lack legitimacy.

    Stuff your condescension in a sack, buddy.

  14. Nothing against Matt S. welcome back Matt. But I’m a lot more excited to see what Jonathan Dwyer will bring to the birdhouse this year.

    He’s finally escaped the shadow of the steel curtain.
    Time for his talent (misappropriated by Todd Haley) to shine in the valley of the sun.

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