PFT Live: Broncos talk with Vic Lombardi, Jets talk with Manish Mehta


The Broncos were one of the busiest teams in the league on the opening day of free agency, landing both safety T.J. Ward and cornerback Aqib Talib to a defense that was last seen getting shredded in the Super Bowl.

They may not be done either. They’ve been installed as the favorites in the race to land Demarcus Ware and Mike Florio will talk to Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver about that possibility. There’s also talk of interest in linebackers Jon Beason and Daryl Smith, so we’ll try to find out from Lombardi just how many free agents the AFC champs expect to sign this offseason.

One of their own free agents that will probably wind up elsewhere is wide receiver Eric Decker, who is visiting with the Jets on Wednesday. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News will also be on the program with the latest on those talks as well as an overview of what else the Jets have done and are planning to do.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all live by clicking right here.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Broncos talk with Vic Lombardi, Jets talk with Manish Mehta

  1. And just where are the Donkeys getting all this spending money? Looks like they are trying to cheat the cap to win a SuperBowl…again.*

  2. What gives with the broncos having all the money for these signings….they’re very good at cheating the cap. I smell desperation.

  3. Desperation, thy name is Broncos. Yep they got a tiny window 1-2 years with Peyton. And Mr. Ed got his lunch handed to him in SB 48. has that pissed of Mr. Ed into making bed $$ decisions this year? Time will tell. But if History does repeat and both Seattle and Denver end up back in the SB, Mr. Ed wants the playing field level…(PS: Mr. Ed is what we in Seattle used to call Elway in his playing days)

  4. I love reading the Bronco hate, must mean they are having a good day!

    Stay pi$$ed that every year they go out and try to make their team better than the year before.

  5. same as the Raiders. I hope RM has something more going on then two overpaid head scratchers? Mr. Ed jumps all over the best FAs and Reggie sits on his ass and does what to be able to compete at all in the AFC West? Resign McFragile????????

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