Raiders land Austin Howard

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The Raiders let left tackle Jared Veldheer leave for Arizona in part because they thought he was better suited to playing right tackle.

And so the Raiders have signed both a left tackle and a right tackle to replace him.

Joining Rodger Saffold as the Raiders’ new left tackle will be former Jets right tackle Austin Howard.  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Raiders have a deal in place for Howard, who started every game in 2012 and 2013 at right tackle for the Jets.

The moves will consume just a small piece of millions in cap dollars held by the Raiders, who still have plenty of needs — but also plenty of cap space to address them.

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  1. ok.

    lets see what else comes.

    hopefully we can look back at free agency and the draft as a collective success.

    RAIDERS should take a chance on BEARS DT Henry Melton.

    Guy is a BEAST if healthy.

  2. Solid signing, Raiders should now sign Vick for QB, sign Hakeem Nicks or Emmanuel Sanders, and grab a pass rusher and CB in free agency with their insane amount of cap space. Then draft a QB in first round to compete against Vick.

  3. Solid. It all starts at the line of scrimmage. Build from the inside out. Bit I did hink they would have landed at least a couple more signings today.

  4. Wow. I think Reggie is in trouble. I know they got holes to fill but it looks like what little talent they had is being robbed and he resigns a broken down rb for for $4 mill?

  5. I don’t follow the Jets so I am not sure how good this guy is. I do like that he has been healthy 2 yrs in a row, with us signing Saffold….

  6. Saffold will play guard in the end. Doesn’t anyone understand HC learned from Payton and you build the line from the inside out? Overpaid? Probably. It gives them versatility.

  7. Fire Reggie now. He drafted a right tackle with second pick in the draft last year after he cut Barksdale who replaced saffold who Reggie just overpaid after low balling justin v. He is incompetent his own moves prove it please bring Jon Gruden back NOW………

  8. I feel like I’ve been punched in the groin! What are we doing? Overpaying for below average players. I just don’t understand how this is happening. 66 million dollars and we don’t sign any of the top players, but we overpay for marginal guys!

  9. Oh boy, guess everyone’s right in that Reggie McKenzie is a complete idiot and those Raiders are clueless with free agency.

    Too bad Al wasn’t around to handle that salary cap and sign overrated, underachieving athletes.

  10. A quality signing by reggie with howard on broad and the addition of staffold the Oline is looking pretty solid.veldheer who?!

  11. Whatever this somewhat good news I guess still need a QB who they gone block for? My team all messed up I say back and waited for this day to come for weeks . And was frustrated it’s messed up whe players don’t wanna play for a team/City. Right now Macy’s kicked us out so we TJ maxx pick and save shopping #PoorRaiders

  12. Not sure how can have Veldheer ranked as the 6th best FA (at LT)…and somehow Oakland (perennial doormats) overpays for 2 other tackles that aren’t as good….

  13. Veldheer is a WAY better left tackle than Saffold. But he low-balls Veldheer and then pays Saffold even MORE than Veldheer got from AZ.

    Reggie is an idiot.

  14. Oakland should sign Alex Mack move wiz to LG kill two birds with one stone ..Mark Davis said no more excuses raider nation expects him to honor that . You don’t let l Houston and Justin v walk for what was fair contracts by other teams .you resign your own draft good and add through free agency . So far Reggie has drafted poorly let his own walk and been way to inactive in free agency. Why purge the roster of all al Davis picks ? We need depth and he just cuts young draft picks and gets nothing in return. Examples M Mitchell Carolina Barksdale Stl van dyke Pitt he also overpaid for t branch and t jones . Just think how good L Houston would have been with better talent around him linvel joseph dt NYG would have been a great fit 25 years old plus a young McGee at DT and draft Mack DE not a bad d line all under 25 years old . This is so unfair to D Allen Reggie gives him garbage and he gets the blame Reggie is the one who is in over his head ……

  15. Im not getting these moves by McKenzie. They let Veldheer go for Saffold for MORE $. They sign Howard when we drafted Watson. If they plan on moving Watson to G where does that leave the never playing Bergstrom?

    I was a believer in McKenzie but now im thinking we’ll have a whole new regime next year. Davis will probably try to get Jim Harbaugh when hes let go by the 9ers next year.

  16. I’m assuming Saffold is going to play guard. Otherwise Menlik Watson is already considered a bust and Reggie had to go.

    I’m thinking Saffold was signed because of how versatile he is and with Watson seeming to be fragile, they have a Saffold to move around as the need arises.

    I’m doing my best to find a reason for this madness.

  17. The Howard signing is a good thing. The only way I can begin to swallow the Saffold/Veldheer c-f is if Sparano steps up and says he was all-in on it, it was his idea. Sparano made good enough chicken salad out of chicken spit last year that I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, if just to wait and see how it pans out in camp.

  18. great signing big Reg , that’s how you build a team ..
    2 tackles in day one ..let’s tackle then .

  19. Great signing im looking forward to this season more than i have in a long time…spending smartlyis the key and so far so good…good solid players who are hungry to win ..” great job RM and front office

  20. How about getting some impact players?
    Steve Smith
    Champ Bailey
    Matt Schaub
    Devin Hester
    Jarrad Allen
    Michael Bush (if still has anything left)
    Can get Bush cheap.
    Darren Sproles
    Big name Tight end
    Complete Defense
    Draft: Johnny Football

  21. I’m glad to see the Raiders A.) taking care of business like their offensive line problems, and B.) Spending cash wisely.
    The Raiders have a ton of cap space because they haven’t been making ridiculous deals like the Cowboys have. You never know, with a few more playmakers and getting lucky at QB, Oakland could actually turn things around….. in four to five years 😉

  22. I have no clue why we are overpaying these average/below-average tackles. We spent 3 years of cutting cap to create the cycle for the same overspending under a new regime.

  23. I like it. Not rebuilding threw free agency but adding starter caliber, high character guys to groom our draftees. Keep chipping away in FA and make the sexxy pick ups in the draft! Excited to see D.J. Hayden, Menalik Watson, and Sio Moore be joined by WR Sammy Watkins, DE Scott critchton and DT Anthony johnson this coming year. Young, hungry and motivated! Reggie Mac might not be making the most popular moves, but he has a plan. #RAIDERNATION!!

  24. It’s like a sideshow at the carnival.
    “Step right up and try and fix THIS offensive line!”

  25. Raiders brass can spin it any way they want….losing Veldheer was a huge miss. I don’t know much about these two new players but I hope that they can hold it down and perform at a high level. Good luck to Jared in Arizona!

  26. as a jets fan i would have preferred to have kept howard. however, i’m not upset at all that we let him walk. he’s solid but just average. not a great signing but far from a bad one.

  27. A broken clock gets it right two times a day. A broken clock would have handled FA better then Mumbles McKenzie. Letting Veldheer and Houston go was a mistake. Then he overpays for a guy that can’t play LT and is always injured. Monroe could have been had for the $$$ Mumbles paid Saffold. Now he overpays for an avg at best RT…..

    Mumbles McKenzie has managed to do the impossible. Take an NFL record amount of cap space and make a bad team even worse. Teams with a quarter of the amount of cap space the Raiders had, did a much better job…..

  28. Six million a year for Austin Howard? What’s going on with Reggie Mckenzie? Who’s negotiating these contracts?

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