Redskins hoping Bruce Campbell lives up to Combine potential


The Panthers entire offensive line either retired or hit free agency. And they still didn’t make a move to keep Bruce Campbell.

According to John Keim of, the Redskins did, signing the backup tackle to a one-year deal.

Campbell hasn’t started an NFL game in his time with the Panthers and Raiders, and is still living off an excellent Combine workout when he was coming out of Maryland. He ran a 4.75 40-yard dash, which was enough to sell the Raiders on him, and that was essentially his career highlight.

He missed last year after suffering a preseason shoulder injury, though it was hard to notice.

22 responses to “Redskins hoping Bruce Campbell lives up to Combine potential

  1. A backup tackle won’t be enough to keep injury-prone draft bust Robert Griffin healthy and playing. I can’t stop laughing every time I remember that the Redslurs traded multiple drafts for a backup QB.

    The Redslurs continue to be the biggest joke in the NFL, although the Cowboys are right there with ’em.

  2. A value signing on a 1 year deal for a back up dude who may be able to compete for a role. If he steps up then they got a great deal. If he falters and isn’t going to work they aren’t out anything. Smart signing for a body on a unit that they’re clearly redesigning. Can’t fault it.

  3. I don’t understand. Every draft expert said of this guy, “he’s a guy who can step in from day one and lock down that left tackle position for the next 10 years.”

    Then again they say that about every left tackle prospect. That or, “he could be a solid left tackle or an all-pro right tackle.”

  4. You shouldn’t even bother posting full articles anymore. People are just going to comment based upon the team in the headline. Just post: “Redskins Sign Player”. You don’t even have to name him.

    It will immediately be followed by:

    -Skins fans saying it’s a great move even if they don’t know who the player is.

    -Skins haters saying it’s a terrible move even if they don’t know who the player is.

    – People taking shots at RGIII

    And this would work with any team. So go ahead, simplify your life. Nothing you actually write is going to effect what people comment on, so why bother?

  5. It’s hard NOT to take shots at Robert Griffin and Snyder’s ridiculous decision to trade away their future for a guy who played like garbage against the worst defense in NCAA history in the Alamo Bowl.

    Griffin isn’t even the best QB on his own roster. He should be on the bench watching Kirk Cousins play, because at least Cousins would give the Redslurs a chance to win.

    Which means Kirk Cousins should be gone soon. The Redslurs will find a way to trade him in a deal where they get totally screwed. The Redslurs are second to none when it comes to getting screwed in free agency, trades and the draft.

  6. To date Campbell has been a bust in the NFL after stocking everyone at the Combine with his stats. Maybe a move to OG or RT will help him a bit but I think that the Redskins know if the light ever comes on for this guy he could be something. A NO risk signing to fill out the roster.

  7. Everyone before you get all mad, cry, praise, give each other high fives, etc… remember this very important fact!! Just because we sign someone, resign someone, or already have someone on the roster doesnt mean they will be here opening day. ALL teams need and sign camp bodies, long shots, depth, get the idea. Complaining now is a bit premature. Lets wait to see how a person does in camp and preseason before we react.

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