Report: Bengals plan to match Browns’ offer to Andrew Hawkins

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They play the Battle of Ohio twice every season and the Browns and Bengals are playing a round this offseason over wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.

The Bengals tendered Hawkins as a restricted free agent at the original round level, which meant that they were not eligible to get draft pick compensation if he signed elsewhere but could match the offer. The Browns took the bait and extended a four-year offer to Hawkins on Tuesday.

It doesn’t look like he’ll be winding up in Cleveland, though. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bengals will match the offer, which is for $12.2 million with $5.3 million in guaranteed money. That’s much more than the $1.431, one-year tender that the Bengals extended to Hawkins, which makes it a little surprising that the Bengals made a call to match so quickly.

Hawkins played just eight games for the Bengals last season after a stay on injured reserve/return and caught just 12 passes while playing a limited role in the offense. With A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu all back in Cincinnati, it will be interesting to see if Hawkins gets a role more in line with his new deal.

22 responses to “Report: Bengals plan to match Browns’ offer to Andrew Hawkins

  1. Bengals don’t want to play him twice a year. Wise move. He’s small but very fast.

  2. I’d’ve seeing the bungles get hosed. You know they are matching this with their fist shaking at the sky. They are getting owned in free agency. Their best coach is gone. Too sweet.

  3. Cleveland is throwing money around but I have to question how smart they are being. Dansby is not a long term solution and whitner is a big name but is truly over rated. He’s good for a big hit a game to give the impression he is a stud but wait until the first time he goes for the knock out and misses, resulting in a 50 yd td.

    And for all his 4.4 speed, his inability to cover anybody is alarming. He also has little knack to make the big play when needed. They should have just kept Ward

  4. That seems like a lot for a #4 receiver, particularly when they still don’t have a franchise QB. Maybe the Browns want to stoke up the rivalry with the Bengals since they haven’t been in the same class as the Steelers and Ravens. I don’t know though, a couple of million here and a couple of million there; pretty soon you are talking about real money.

  5. Good move by the Browns. Browns need a few at WR. If they don’t get him they just got Cincy to spend more money. Surprising with the depth Cincy has at WR they did this. Didn’t they just lose a big defensive player?

  6. I can only wonder why so many people are questioning how much a billion dollar NFL team is spending in free agency. The Browns have a boat load of cap space and are intent on building a winning franchise, spearheaded by the new owner who also gets his fair share of slack from these same fans, though deservingly I suppose. As a Browns fan I say, “FINALLY, were doing something”. Spend that money, put something on the field worth going to the games and watching.

    Go Browns!

  7. Billsfan, you are clueless. Dansby had 4 ints last year, had more pass breakups than any other ILB, and was rated 5th by profootballfocus of all ILB’s in the NFL. Wake up brother.

  8. The reason that they would match the offer is for the 2015 compensatory picks for Johnson and likely Collins. If the Bengals sign a FA to replace Hawkins, then that FA counts against those loses. They get nothing for Hawkins leaving, so re-sign him and get the 2 compensatory picks. That and he is a good player in space.

    Otherwise, you would need to draft a similar type of player, which would not be the worst thing in the world. But, it is better to not to have to draft a guy and instead go best player available.

  9. Dansby was eliminated from playoffs week 17 last year… He can start planning golf trips in late October this year… Money grab. Why else would u want to be in Cleveland… Hang out at flats ? Nope. Visit sea world ? Nope. Geauga lake ? Nope. What a typical athlete who chooses cash over winning. 6 years in a row with at least 11 losses. Hard to be that bad all the time

  10. Timmons What minor league city are you from? Monroeville? Your comments are laughable and keep em coming…it keeps people like you from ever coming to Ctown.

  11. Critic..lets review: browns- laughingstock with zero Super Bowl appearances. Indians- 1948. Cavs. See browns. Watch your crunch world championship DVD tonight if your down and out. Maybe Randall park mall or rolling acres has a few for sale. Oh nevermind

  12. Browns fans are hopeful lol!!! You lost t.j. Ward and picked up whitner? How is this an upgrade? Congrats on picking up the old man Dansby. What’s next you guys pickin up tebow or Vick for qb lol..

  13. The Browns upgraded at ILB for an extra $500k/yr. They upgraded at SS for an extra $1.5M/yr. So they got better at two positions, can still afford to pay their young nucleus with plenty of room to upgrade a few other places, and have a stockpile of draft picks. People can hate on the Browns all they want, but they’re finally building the right way.

  14. Awefully naive to say that Whitner is an upgrade over Ward… But it was definitely proactive of them to fill Ward’s spot with a capable body rather than “wait and see”.

  15. Browns are clearly trying to win back some fans after the most embarrassing off season in franchise history. Winning the free-agent period is the only win they’re going to get for awhile.

  16. timmons94 – Obviously a Squeeeler troll with nothing better to do than trash the Browns. The Browns my not have won any Superbowls yet but have won 8 NFL championships. Lets not forget his team is not playing consistantly winning football the last 2 years either and is led by a QB with some very serious self-control issues when it comes to women, bars, and bathrooms.

  17. Smart to let him test the market and match. Now he won’t be disgruntled either. It also allowed the Brngals see his value from other clubs. If he ends up being underused or you need his cap room you can trade him and get a late pick.

  18. Now the Browns should go after Szenbacher, He’s a good SLWR who just needs more of a chance in the right system…the Bengals cant afford to match, now…

  19. @ravenswhat The Bengals rarely do anything in FA so commenting that they are getting “owned” is a bit of a stretch. We usually keep our own players for the right price and let the ones who walk for big funny money go to the Bucs, Jags and Dolphins (you know, teams that don’t make the playoffs consistently). I guess when you’ve drafted A grade players for the past 5 years its hard to throw money at a DE or WR when the Bengals finally have depth at those positions. That being said I think they make a play for Run DMC & D-Ware if they are hanging around near the tail end of Free Agency, otherwise watch us have another A grade draft to fill the gaps. As for both OC & DC gone on to HC spots, im ok with it mainly because the replacements are top-notch. Hue Jackson was a head coach and OC in the league, he has been with the Bengals a couple of seasons and is a game manager, run heavy coach which suits the direction this team “should” go in. The DC was number 2 behind Zimmer and knows these guys. WHO DEY

  20. Good job now forcing Cleveland to waste a pick for a slot receiver. Now let’s go and offer Alex Mack $14 million a year. We get him and we got the best Center in the NFL. We lose and we force the Clowns to shed more money then they want on a player that hates the Clowns in the first place and wants out… Win/Win

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