Report: Darrelle Revis agrees to one-year deal with Patriots


Well, that didn’t take long.

Ex-Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis has come to terms on a one-year, $12 million contract with the Patriots, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday night.

Revis was slated to make $16 million with the Buccaneers in 2014, so it appears he may have taken a pay cut. However, he can again hit the market next offseason.

Revis, who turns 29 in July, is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top cover corners — a player capable of covering top receivers all over the field. He has intercepted 21 passes in seven NFL seasons.

However, this will be his third team in as many seasons. The Jets traded him to the Buccaneers last April for two draft picks, including a first-rounder that became Defensive Rookie of the Year Sheldon Richardson. Then, earlier Wednesday afternoon, the Buccaneers released Revis just one year into a six-year, $96 million deal — which was a series of one-year, $16 million team options.

But even after the Buccaneers bailed, there was little doubt Revis would have a robust market. And in the end, it was New England that got the deal done — and ever so quickly.

For the Patriots, this is the ultimate counterpunch after the Broncos signed away cornerback Aqib Talib on the first day of free agency. It also prevents a Jets-Revis reunion.

And does it ever set up a showdown in Foxborough between Denver and New England in the 2014 regular season.

137 responses to “Report: Darrelle Revis agrees to one-year deal with Patriots

  1. Love this guy’s style in this new version of the NFL. He’s a mercenary for hire and can do it because he’s a difference maker. All good NFL players past your rookie deal, take notes.

  2. 1 year deal? I know the Patriots are supposed to be smart in all, but all this does is give him an opportunity to demand money next year as a free agent again. I hope ya’ll don’t think the team culture is going to convince him to stay long term for less money.

  3. As a Jet fan, I’m upset, but I’m not exactly jumping of the ledge here.
    Lets put this into perspective, the Pats let Aqib walk (performed like an absolute stud when healthy, probably a top 5 corner) and picked up Revis (best or second best corner in the game, depending on who you ask) and paid an extra 2.5M in a year than the Broncos did for Talib. The Patriots improved by this move, but they’re not that much better than they were with Talib. The Patriots will still be the same team (maybe a little worse) as last year if they fail to sign any weapons for Brady.

  4. I was hoping for a two or 3 year deal but who knows what’s gonna happen a year from now

  5. $12 million for THREE int’s a year?

    Stevie Johnson has made a living off of Darrelle Revis…and will continue to do so.

    Dude is nothing THAT special for $12 mill.

  6. Panic move by Pats. They were backed into a corner by Talib leaving and had to make a move.

    They’re essentially right back where they were 24 hours ago before Talib left, minus $12 mil.

  7. Now would be a good time to sell everything and start rebuilding if you’re an AFC team that’s not located in Denver or New England. Put a nice team together for 3-4 years when Manning and Brady aren’t around.

  8. I would have preferred a two-to-three year deal (I.e Brady’s championship window), but I’ll gladly take thi! Welcome to foxboro Revis Island, we are elated to have you!

  9. So he didn’t want to take a pay cut in Tampa Bay but he ended up taking one in New England. How’s that payday working out for you, Darrell?

  10. He could have had 4 years 12 million if he would have restructured for a trade to Cleveland

  11. Revis most like plahing in a division that has no qbs or wrs in it. I bet The Shermanator isn’t scared to play vs top tier wrs and qbs.

  12. Perfect deal for both parties. The best relationships allow for both sides to move on if either side chooses to do so. BB commits only $12 MM to Revis whereas Bronco John ponied up $26 MM guaranteed to an injury prone Talib. Denver is playing scared. Bill is playing chess.

  13. I can only assume that the Eagles were talking about getting Revis, but the Pats were secretly videotaping it.

  14. This is how every NFL player with leverage should approach negotiating. Hard nose and out for as much money as possible. Best believe as soon as you lose a step ownership and the fans will have zero problem with forcing a player to take a pay cut or releasing the player altogether. So while the player has the leverage force contract renegotiations. Do whatever it takes and don’t worry about taunts of Mevis because 1. You’re living the dream playing in the league and you are getting just about every penny your abilities call for.

  15. I don’t understand why this bothers Jet fans so much, it’s not like the Jets have a shot at winning the division.

  16. He’s a solid pick-up player wise for them but it sure seems they spent more than they were really in position to.

    I don’t believe this team even got to 20 mil in cap space before this so they just dropped most of their room on one guy when they have a bunch of holes to fill.

    It’s not like they were simply missing a top corner to be SB frontrunners and Revis is the missing piece. This team (according to the media and all the Pats fans) has limited talent at WR and they just got rid of one of their top LBs and they aren’t going to be wowing anyone in any other area.

    Seems like this was simply a counter to Denver taking Talib from them.

    I will say that their cap situation in 2015 is looking quite nice so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if Revis is locked up later in the year by them because of that. In that regard this will work out well if they are willing to somewhat write this season off with respect to improving in various areas because unless they release someone like Wilfork, they don’t have any real room to get anyone else.

  17. I don’t get why any player would ever do a one-year deal in the NFL. I respect that he’s a mercenary looking for a title, but you have to get the money when you can in a league where nothing is guaranteed.

  18. Sucker of the year, Tampa Bay. They definitely made a good move in not keeping him at that cost, but you have to wonder why the Glazers didn’t lock Dominic and Schiano out of the building a year ago when they came in and said they were going to make that move and give him that contract. They basically paid for his rehab for one year, lol.

  19. Blah blah blah, Patriots will win the division again (that’s not saying a lot given the competition), then get spanked in the playoffs. Denver is clearly the best team in the AFC.

  20. thegonz13 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 8:54 PM
    So he didn’t want to take a pay cut in Tampa Bay but he ended up taking one in New England. How’s that payday working out for you, Darrell?

    1. You don’t know what kind of pay cut the Bucks were talking about. If they wanted to cut him from $16 million to $9 million I would say hr came out ahead.

    2. What star player with leverage on the free agent market would take a pay cut to play for the Bucs?

  21. Oh and I like the people saying “Take that Elway” and other silly stuff. Yeah, take that Denver! You had a better team before free agency and you went and got 3 solid players on defense which is your biggest area of need. The Pats got one solid player and magically he trumps the 3 (and counting) Denver got. That sure makes sense.

    I guess Revis will also play receiver, running back and linebacker.

  22. Talib is not where Revis is. Talib is still trying to get to where Revis is. This is a huge upgrade for the Pats now we’ll see if there’s enough left to fill some other holes

  23. Can he catch passes too? Between the often injured Amedola (who may be cut still) Grand and Mr. Julian almost gone they don’t have many other options.

    @steeltothebones I’m glad someone (who’s a true steelers fan) finally admitted it. Somebody had to.

  24. I am so very surprised and elated with Revision coming to NE.

    One thing I don’t get is why Jets didn’t tell Bucs to keep their 4th round pick and just get Revis back after the one year rental…in which the Jets got a beast with Tampa’s first round pick last year. That would also have prevented NE from getting him too.

    Oh well…I’m stoked!!!!

  25. tjacks7 says: Mar 12, 2014 8:49 PM

    Now would be a good time to sell everything and start rebuilding if you’re an AFC team that’s not located in Denver or New England. Put a nice team together for 3-4 years when Manning and Brady aren’t around.
    That’s why Reggie McKenzie isn’t spending every nickel in his pocket in the early going. Bad teams can’t get good in free agency. Good teams at least have a chance to get a little better.

  26. Not enough to stop the Denver Broncos from running away with the AFC title. Broncos have way too many weapons now. Even a healthy Pats team would not have beaten the Broncos last year..see you guys in the Playoffs!

  27. Believe me, Jets fans don’t mind. Already lost Blount, Spikes, talib. Probably cut Wilfork, Edelmann gone. Lost allot more than they gained. and its 1 year

  28. Great pickup but…. Denver signs 3 pro bowl caliber defensive players & NE signs 1? Denver was already the better team & there is no way this signing changes that.

  29. William Stephen Bellichick does it again. He’ll certainly go down in history as the greatest football coach of all time.

    A healthy Patriots team obliterates the competition, I’m ready for a record setting year!

  30. Restricting the analysis to just NE vs. DEN, and assuming that Decker and Moreno are definitely gone (which I think is a safe assumption at this point), this really sways the whole equation and almost minimizes the additions Denver has made this offseason. If Revis can strand D Thomas on The Island, then that really limits what Denver can do, especially if Jamie Collins continues to develop to the point where he can hang with J Thomas (presumably with safety help). Welker is a diminished player at this point, and I don’t really consider him much of a factor going forward.

    Belichick outdid Denver’s entire “monstrous” offseason in about four hours, and did it by spending – at most – 20% of the money (looking only at guaranteed dollars). Belichick is Keyser Soze.

  31. Who cares?

    Neither the Broncos or Pats can score
    on the Hawks, so… Yawn…

    Better fix the OL or expect another beat down.

    See you at the Clink Denver for another thrashing and
    the Pats are inconsequential with their lack of
    weapons. Enjoy the off-season excitement. lol

  32. A few things to enjoy in reading these comments:

    1. Patriot fans dogging Aqib Talib. Delicious. Most of them were proclaiming Talib to be the best corner in the NFL and were coming to his every defense just a few months ago. Funny what happens when he’s not on the team any longer after flaking out of two AFC Championship games in two years. Glad to see we are on the same page now, re: Talib, Pats fans. New England was smart to let him sign that crazy contract in Denver.

    2. On the flip side, as a Bucs fan, I seem to remember quite a few Patriots fans mocking Revis when the trade went down, that he’s washed up, will be crying for more money, etc. Funny how that worked out. Look, Revis is basically a mercenary at this point. He refused to reduce his contract so he could hit the open market, but he knew he would be taking less than $16 million per season. The only guy dumb enough to offer that kind of money was fired, and rightfully so. He might be on a different team again in 2015, but Pats fans will enjoy at least one year of Revis, who is fun to watch if you’re really into the science of the game.

    I’m just glad the talk of Revis going back to NY was nonsense. It was bad enough hearing the trash talk from Jets fans who last won a Super Bowl during the Cold War nearly 50 years ago bragging about the trade. I mean, it’s the Jets.

    In any event, today both the Bucs and Patriots got better. One of those teams has begun taking the steps to compete, while the other team just brought in a major weapon to help Tom Brady during the twilight of his career. And the Jets somehow lost while they were winning, which is just classic Jets.

  33. Does this mean that for 5 minutes we can stop hearing about how cheap the Patriots are, and how they won’t pay big money for free agents (yeah, I know, 5 minutes is asking a lot, but I’m trying to be realistic).

  34. OMG…just a one year deal??

    Now we all have to go through all this “Revis is a free agent where will he go how much does he want 10 different rumors every day” bullcrap again next year.

    I am so tired of his act. Dude has never won squat and is the Dwight Howard (who has also never won squat) of the NFL when it comes to off season drama.

  35. Revis and his Agents are brilliant. That’s 28mil for 2 seasons and he is hitting the open market yet again next year where he could get another hefty amount of gtd. money.

  36. I posted last week there was zero chance the Pats get Revis. Never have I been happier to be wrong. Huge coup for the Pats, may have been the plan all along. Pats nation was a little frustrated while Denver was signing everyone and they did nothing. Once agan, the Pats steal everyone’s lunch, ahead of the curve. Belichick has a hold of FREAKIN REVIS!!! Think about it.

  37. The Patriots get the best corner in football at a great price while the Donkeys overpay for PFF 58th ranked corner who’s injury prone and that’s never player a 16 game season before.

    Hey Patriots haters!

    You mad?

  38. Revis looks at what happened to the last Buc DB to spend a year in NE ($57M, $26M guaranteed) and says “yeh, I can do that too”.

    I would say that they are about the same when healthy, but it seems more likely that Revis will be healthy.

    Meanwhile, the Donks are on the hook for $26M for Talib.

    Steve Johnson? He’s pretty good but he got only 3 catches vs the pats last year. He should be careful what he wishes for.

  39. People are forgetting that the Pats can franchise Revised next year so he is potentially tied up for two to three years.

  40. @sfg, when you say “even a healthy pats could not beat Denver last year”

    Were you suffering from a concussion last year on November 24th when the Pats beat Denver? Wow, total recall blackout…

  41. Lol at all these dumb Bills fans taking about Stevie Johnson. Enjoy another year in the basement, clowns.

    44 10

    What’s your point? Pats will probably beat the Bills, but Stevie will torch Mevis as usual. In the meantime we’ll enjoy another dismantling of the Pats at the hands of Denver. Revis takes away one receiver. No Wilfork, no Spikes, no Talib. Yeah, good luck with that clown.

  42. WOW!!!

    2014….Will officially be Revis’ 1st year in the NFL

    His years w/jets…a joke in that soap opera. Year after year [ 45 of them actually] jets a circus missing it’s tent.

    Bucs…didn’t know what to do w/him.

    Will be very interesting to see NE’s moves in next week or so….Won’t mortgage the future like Denver, so expect to see them add backups in Dline, LB, and a speedy veteran wideout….They sign Edelman, and in great shape.

    That defense, w/their 6 studs back from IR…could be their best since 2004. Collins a stud.

  43. Huge, huge move. Now all the Pats need to do is add resign Edelman & then sign someone like Hakeem Nicks & they will be one tough team to beat next year.

  44. Seahag FANS now own the title of the biggest TROLLS in the country.

    You’re freakin 3000 miles away and your still posting on NE stories? A life is needed.

    BTW; Who gave Seattle a better game in the last 2 seasons? NE or Denver?

    Hint hint …it ain’t even close.

    Hags came within a whisker of losing AT HOME to NE with our sh*tty secondary.
    DEnver? 43-8 43-8 43-8.

    What was that SB score? 43-8

  45. As a football fan (not a fan of either team) this is awesome. can’t wait til the Pats and Broncos play.

    I love to see a team with a small window like the Broncos go for it. and it’s about time the Pats did the same. NE you do realize Brady has about as much time left in the league as Manning right? so come on throw caution to the wind and spend more cash.

  46. The pats have roughly 12 mil left but they have a couple of contracts that will be revised clearing up up to 10 more I believe. Cap math is pretty fuzzy to me

  47. Impossible to overlook the Hernandez angle on this. After Hernandez, the Patriots can’t afford to take chances on players with perceived or real “character issues”. Talib had a pretty scary gun incident a few years back and regardless of his talent was unlikely to get a long-term deal from NE.

    Revis is a slight upgrade, same injury risk, but way less likely to get into trouble off the field.

  48. Is he making all of that money to play cornerback or will he be the video camera operator who steals other teams’ signals so the Patriots can have a remote chance of making it back to the Super Bowl? If so, good signing; if not, you got an over-the-hill, overpaid version of DeAngelo Hall.

  49. sociald124 says:Mar 12, 2014 9:01 PM

    I don’t understand why this bothers Jet fans so much, it’s not like the Jets have a shot at winning the division.
    How is this bothering Jets fans? They got rid of an overpaid, injury prone, holdout player for the defensive rookie of the year.

  50. “In the meantime we’ll enjoy another dismantling of the Pats at the hands of Denver. Revis takes away one receiver. No Wilfork, no Spikes, no Talib. Yeah, good luck with that clown.”

    Honestly I want to respond to this by mocking the Bills but I feel bad for you guys. You’ve been irrelevant since 1999 and the Patriots have lost twice to you since 2001.

    The pent up frustration of having your team be the property of the Patriots must be tough enough to deal with, so there’s no need to pile on.

  51. moondog7 says: Mar 12, 2014 9:12 PM

    Why is Peyton always going to New England? he can never get a game at home unless he earns it in the playoffs?
    If he had won in NE last season the game would have
    been in Denver this year.

  52. “moondog7 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 9:12 PM
    Why is Peyton always going to New England? he can never get a game at home unless he earns it in the playoffs?”

    I strongly suggest you Google how the NFL schedule works.

  53. WHO CARES??

    The Donkeys are the best team in the AFC barring serious injuries. They clearly were last year and they got better these past two days. They already had plenty of weapons on defense and all they did was cut out the dead wood before a receiver deep draft. Adding a runningback is easy and almost irrelevant in Denver. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them resign Moreno for less. I have heard of zero suitors for him to date.

    As far as I can tell, all the Patriots did was fill a hole that they created themselves by being cheap and misreading the market. Funny how Bill cried everytime someone had something to say about Talib, even when he sits out the title game with a bone bruise to his thigh…because of a pick play by a guy 50 lbs. lighther than him. He was the next coming of Jesus Christ until last night. Then he was just some injury prone bum. Right. Okay. We will see. I don’t see how signing Revis changes anything for you. He is a slight upgrade over Talib, sure….but unless He is also going to play the 3 WR positions on offense, and maybe run the ball, while also coming in to play TE when Gronk goes down…you better have a phenomenal draft or you still get blown out in the title game. That is the best case scenario, assuming you get there due to your embarrassing level of competition within the division.

    The Patriots fans should really just stop talking trash. Your offensive policy of offering players insulting offers has cost you very good football players before and it did again, and might again if Edelman leaves. Bill has never drafted a receiver that mattered and Brady already isn’t the same guy. Still better than most QBs in the league….but not nearly as good as Brady even two years ago. You have a lot more work to do on the roster before you actually COMPETE for and AFC title instead of just acting like you did your job by getting there. Brady has maybe two relevant years left, best case scenario….and that is if you get him some legit weapons. Otherwise, you are about done in terms of real contenders for a Super Bowl Championship.

    I know you are just accustomed to being awesome, but it has been about 8 years since your last title, and the last time you did it….you had a young Tom Brady and a defense. Just saying. Stop just giving a thumbs down to everything accurate but critical everyone has to say and wake up and smell the coffee. You are running out of time. It’s Bill the GM you should be hating on. He sucks. Bill the coach is a legend. The GM should be fired and should have about 4 years ago.

  54. So was revis on the plane to New England right after his release OR was it tampering?

    Not that it matter the pats can do whatever they want

  55. Actually your last SB run was with the league’s best offense and no defense….kind of like Denver. How did that work out for both of you guys? Do you see a pattern? I am sorry to say it, but the Niners and the Seahawks are both better than the nearest AFC contender right now. It’s only temporary because eventually they will have to break up the party when contracts come up….but that will be after the two HOF QB’s in the AFC are gone. Sorry guys. Thanks for playing.

  56. Revis is an upgrade over Talib no doubt… Can’t wait to see how he plays this year! Also an important detail in his contract: Nothing in the deal prohibits the Patriots from using the Franchise Tag on him next year. So, hypothetically, if he has a great year and wants to get somewhere close to that 16 million he was earning before, the Pats can just tag him, which was set at 12 million this year. It essentially gives the Patriots a team-option for 2015 if they want to keep Revis around for about the same salary.

    I just want another Super Bowl so people will shut the hell up about “Spy Gate” already…

  57. all i heard last yr from denver fans was tailb sucks and he is made of glass and how brady is to old now and the pats are done . So denver goes out and gets tailb now he is the best corner every according to the fans and last time i checked manning is also old and pretty much done . In the afccg the pats def played pretty well at 1st it was the off that let them down so with adding someone like revis and a pass rusher how are the pats not at lets colse to denver ??? I dont get it

  58. “widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top cover corners ”

    Umm, no. THE BEST NFL cover corner, with Peanut Tillman a close second.

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