Report: Jets pursuing former Seahawks tackle Breno Giacomini

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Breno Giacomini won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks in February on the field the New York Jets call home.

Now the Jets are trying to make sure Giacomini plays there more often.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Jets are making a “strong push” to sign Giacomini, who is set to visit the team on Wednesday. Giacomini would likely be the Jets’ replacement at right tackle for Austin Howard, who agreed to a deal with the Oakland Raiders.

Giacomini, when healthy, was perhaps Seattle’s most consistent offensive lineman in 2013. Giacomini started just nine games for Seattle during the regular season that required surgery in September.

He returned to the lineup for the final six games of the regular season and helped to solidify an offensive line that had struggled immensely at times with Giacomini and Russell Okung, who missed eight games, on the sidelines. Giacomini has appeared to have overcome penalty issues that were problematic for Seattle in 2012. He had 12 penalties that season – the most on the team – and picked up three unnecessary roughness penalties in two games.

Giacomini has started 33 games for Seattle over the past three seasons after being signed off Green Bay’s practice squad in 2010.

22 responses to “Report: Jets pursuing former Seahawks tackle Breno Giacomini

  1. Consistently inconsistent. Would make a great block one play then do his best turnstile imitation a few plays later. Definitely improved this year from last year though.

  2. He’s the definition of average. Improved with us last year. Good signing if ya land him on the cheap. Recently replaced by a 7th round pick. Don’t over pay

  3. I couldn’t stand him in 2012. Last year he was hurt for half the year but had way less holding flags. I think seattle will be just fine without him.

  4. I’m VERY bummed out by this news. Giaco in 2012 had a lot of boneheaded penalties, but in 2013 he all but eliminated the penalties from his game. He has a good nasty physical attitude and Jet fans would love his game. I hope he comes back though.

  5. He is an “enforcer” on the field and has gotten much better each game………I wanted him to be benched in 2012 and wasn’t to excited about him at the beginning of 2013. He grew on me. I was hoping to see him return as I think his best years are in front of him. Tough man and a good team mate.

  6. Seriously, “Giacomini, when healthy, was perhaps Seattle’s most consistent offensive lineman in 2013.”???

    He’s in the bottom third of starting right tackles. Can be somewhat effective in the run game, but not known for protecting the QB. Jets QB better throw fast or be ready to run.

    Not sure if he is an upgrade over what the Jets had, but he’s surely not day one of free agency material. At least not to get excited about.

  7. Get paid his replacements are already on the roster in Bowie and Bailey . Both of which struggled at times but showed great upside despite been rookies late rd picks last season . I fully expect them to step up with a full offseason of play books and reps .

    Brent really improved his behavior over last season and before that he was every Seahawks source of a migrane with his personal fouls after the play crap.

    Nice pick up for the jets if he can keeps his head on straight ,he’s also from the Northeast so he’ll be closer to home and has his Super Bowl ring so he’s accomplished a lot from where he’s come from .

  8. Excellent,now all they would need is a qb 2more oline.rb,2wr a te 2lb’s 2cb’s and a Saftey then they might get a wild card game hahahahahhahahaa

  9. Seattle had one of the worst OLines in the NFL. Everyone is Seattle credits Russell and his ‘magic’ feet, for not being creamed more often.

    The O-Line had a lot of injuries, even when healthy couldn’t open holes for Marshawn at times and looked pathetic is pass blocking for most of the year.

    They needed to start over anyway. I like Breno, but he’s overpaid at 4m a year. He has had bad years.

    I hope they draft the RT and guards to compete. WE need to start over this year.

  10. He;s tough on the field, doesn’t take any crap and routinely gets guys from other teams to retaliate against his actions….and you know they always, always catch the 2nd guy retaliating. Come home Geno. #Gohawks.

  11. When he stays healthy (hasn’t had a 16 game season yet) and keeps his temper and penalties down, he’s an above average OL. Not great, not good. Lots of potential, he’s benifited from having Tom Cable as his O Line coach. If he left, Seahawks will be ok.

  12. Breno got the penalties to stop after maybe 5 games into 2012. I think he is a decent run blocker and held up better this year in pass protection than I thought he would. He plays with an attitude and I think I think he generated 4 or 5 personal fouls on opposing team because of his nastiness.

    Seattle will be much better served giving Bailey/Bowie a starting shot at RT. Breno can his money helping another team and I am 100 % fine with that.

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