Report: Rex Ryan “badly” wanted to get Revis back with the Jets

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Former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis reportedly loved the idea of returning to the Jets.  Current Jets coach Rex Ryan reportedly wanted Revis.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Ryan “badly” wanted to bring Revis back to town.  Ryan, however, was overruled by higher powers.

Presumably the higher powers that traded Revis away last year over Ryan’s wishes.

It’s no surprise that Ryan would want Revis.  His presence on the field makes the rest of the defense better, and if the defense is better the Jets have a better chance of winning enough games to keep Ryan employed.

Contract extension notwithstanding, Ryan is in the same situation he occupied in 2013.  With a contract that has no guarantees beyond 2015, he’s coaching once again for his job.  He has a better chance of keeping his job if he makes it to the playoffs.  He’d have a better chance of making it to the playoffs with Revis on the team.

He now has something tangible to point to if/when he’s arguing to keep his job.  If they’d given him Revis, Ryan surely would have won more games than however many the Jets win.

22 responses to “Report: Rex Ryan “badly” wanted to get Revis back with the Jets

  1. Rex Ryan’s unparalleled ability to be a relentless blowhard with a big mouth is the only reason people have been deluded into believing Revis is some generational talent. Charles Woodson rightly deserved DPotY over him in 2009, and he’s been long surpassed by Richard Sherman.

  2. He can make a run for him next year after playing him twice. Perhaps the upper management will see the light after Revis kills the Jets in those games. However, if the cap keeps going up, you have to expect that the number will be more than 12M…..

  3. You’d think Revis would have a lot of personal motivation to succeed on a second stint with the Jets after all this drama, ehh who wants to go out and take a risk anyhow. Sign an extra Punter instead and shore up the field positioning game. It’s a “game of inches” is the slogan, not a “game of uniting excited coaches with high profile players and trying to create an atmosphere of pressure on opposing offenses”. They would just punt their way out of it even if they got into trouble, and with the Punter you missed out on to give the extra spot to a shutdown corner.

  4. He wants to go some where to win rings so he didn’t join ur laughable team.i don’t know why he signed with the pasties,they can’t win rings without cameras.should’ve came to the vikings,mike zimmer is building a legacy here.SKOL

  5. I remember when Ty Law joined the Jets a year after he was with the Patriots. I don’t remember Patriots fans calling him a traitor or anything like that.

    Sticking it to the Jets is nice but bringing in the best corner in football (Sherman plays sides and often times doesn’t deal with number one receivers) while massively upgrading on Talib is why this move is really exciting for Patriots fans. Not since the aforementioned Ty Law have the Patriots had a corner anywhere near as good as Revis is.

  6. Sheldon Richardson will probably play at a high level for the next 10-12 years ; with his contract demands , Revis likely will be gone within three . . . you can’t have everything , Rexie.

  7. I would’ve loved to seen revis back and wouldve been a smart move to mentor millner. Although rex sucks at putting together an offense hes a genius at putting together a defense. If this was a woody call and if I was rex, I resign out of dignity for being one of the best minds defensively In football being poopood by a guy who runs a diaper company. A worse move would be to sign decker which wont do much to help this team at all and being a cynic would think he only signs here to get exposure for his reality show

  8. To the Jet hating idiots….

    The Bucs paid the Jets rent for last season, costing them $16MM.

    Would have loved to see Kraft cringe when he pulled the checkbook out on this one. So…before you put on an endless back slap to each other, think that your Pats aren’t the best in trades, FAs, or the draft.

    Talk about your best record in the NFL since 2010, and when you were 2-6 against these same teams in the playoffs. You need Eric back, you won nothing since he left.

  9. Funny how this exact sme blog was in the Jets section, what a difference in replies.

    Circus, feet? Ha we shall see.
    In a couple of years when Brady is gone, you’ll be back in the Cleveland Browns mode of winning football.

  10. The “rubbing the feet” jokes are really tiresome. If that’s the best you have then you have nothing. Time to get some new material.

  11. Any player wanting to WIN..will not go to the jets.

    Only way jets get someone to overpay, like they did w Decker

  12. Must really suck to be a Jets fan. I mean the one meaningful thing that team has produced in 40+ years (other than foot jokes, buttfumbles and sweater vests), was Revis. And now he’s in Patriot Blue playing for a guy he once called a jerk. What does that say about the Jets? Love every minute of it. I’m really gonna love watching Rexy lose his mind as Revis becomes Genos #1 reciever.

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