Report: With addition of Talib, Broncos pull offer from Rodgers-Cromartie

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The Denver Broncos made a massive splash by agreeing to terms on a giant six-year contract with former New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib on Tuesday night.

In the game of musical chairs that is NFL free agency, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has been left standing without a seat.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Broncos have taken their offer to Rodgers-Cromartie off the table with Talib now in the fold.

Rodgers-Cromartie appeared in 18 games this season (including playoffs) and made 16 starts in helping Denver reach the Super Bowl. He recorded 31 tackles on the year with three interceptions, including a 75-yard pick for a touchdown.

With Chris Harris likely back with the team after being tendered at a second-round level, the Broncos have their starting cornerbacks in place. Rodgers-Cromartie will now have to look for a new team, which will be his third different team in the past three seasons.

24 responses to “Report: With addition of Talib, Broncos pull offer from Rodgers-Cromartie

  1. Overall I think its kind of a wash from Denver’s roster perspective. Talib might be slightly better when he’s focused but he’s also more injury prone. The real damage Denver did with this move was weakening a rival in New England.

  2. harris tore his acl. I wouldn’t expect him back til mid season, if they are lucky. broncos may want to keep signing corners.

  3. I LOVE the attitude from the Broncos. Its basically like “Ok, this is your contract. If you don’t like it, we’ll replace you… easily.” Broncos have a great opportunity to head back to the Super Bowl, so why not take the advantage of free agency…

  4. both are high risk/high reward, but i rather wouldve had DRC…

    but it’s better than neither of them which was a possibility

  5. RAIDERS….that would only exist if he was from Green Bay, or on the I-R list more than on the field. McKenzie only has speed dial for NFL rejects, Green Bay has beens, or China Dolls. For some reason, Baby Davis hasn’t given him permission to spend some of that 66 million on good players. Instead, he is still signing Arena League Talent and I-R superstars. McKenzie is living proof, just like Matt Miller was (both ex Raider Linemen) that you can’t convert a lineman into a General Manager. He let Jennings go, forgetting to call him and make any offer. Even Jennings said he was waiting for the phone call, but only the Giants called. Jennings phone must not have been in the Green Bay area code. Not what do you McKenzie supporters think? Just be patient, he knows what he’s doing, creating cap room, will build playoff team etc…. Well, even with all the money he is still as clueless as he has been during the last two years. Al must be rolling over in his grave.

  6. I could seriously see this guy land with BB. Cromartie is going to be fired up at what the Broncos did to him and what better team and coach to go to shove it up Denver’s a e.

    Plus, BB gets a very good corner at a good price. Even a 1 year deL of “play and prove it” would make sense for him in New England.

  7. Six years, 57M, with 26 meelun guaranteed?

    With a recent history of repeated injury or IR, recent PED suspension, and a seemingly uncontrollable temper especially when firearms are concerned, I sure hope the Broncos know what they’re getting themselves into.

    Not sure if it helps him that weed is legal in Bronco Country.

  8. If you aren’t going to be in contention for a superbowl, don’t bother. He only plays hard half the time anyway, if he doesn’t like the team, or his role on it, he’ll just quit right at the snap

  9. I like Talib as a CB – but he’s had consistent hip issues and can’t be counted on to play a full season.

    I’m not sure it’s an upgrade to cut a guy who plays every game and replace him with someone who can’t

  10. both these guys worry me at the prices they are demanding. apparently you have to overpay to get a cover corner this year. Talib’s injuries and his new easy access to week are troublesome, DRC does not seem completely committed – though on the field he was nails last year (a contract year). anyway, looks like the broncos decided to go with the more physical option. hope it pans out.

  11. @belichickdominatedjoemontana
    He wants a lot more money than that! And
    Will not take a “one year prove it deal”! He wants the same contract as Talib maybe even more!

  12. Talib will be drawing a lot of yellow flags in Denver. There were a few times last year I thought he was going to start a fight on the field. Can the broncos keep him in line?

  13. I disagree with some of the posts…

    I think Denver needed road warriors on defense and they added 2. Cromartie played great but he’s not intimidating, he’s fast but gets exposed when he has to tackle..Having said that, he outplayed his contract, he will go elsewhere and make more money.

    If they get Ware today, that will be 3 attitude changing leaders you just added to your defense. That’s 4 counting Von Miller…That’s four dawgs. Other young players like Webster will play inspired football…

  14. Talib is better than Cromo but the Pats just signed Revis and Browner….So overall, they are the winners here…in the secondary at least. Broncos need to sign another good player on Defense, either a good pass rusher or secondary depth. Im stoked to get talib long term though. I watched this guy close this year in a lot of games and he straight LOCKS down whoever he is on, whether it’s a tight end, slot, or outside receiver. He is the real deal holyfield if he can stay healthy.

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