Seahawks cut Chris Clemons

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The Seahawks have decided that Chris Clemons is expendable.

Clemons, a 32-year-old veteran who had been viewed as a likely cap casualty, was informed today that he is being released. According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, the move saves the Seahawks $7.5 million in cap room.

Clemons arrived in Seattle in 2010 and made an instant impact: He started all 16 games and had 11 or more sacks for three straight years. But in 2013 his role in the defense was reduced, and although he was in the starting lineup for most games, he had just 4.5 sacks.

Jared Allen is reportedly a potential free agent target of the Seahawks, and he could make sense as a replacement for the part that Clemons played in Seattle’s defense.

75 responses to “Seahawks cut Chris Clemons

  1. Gotta love the ridiculous retarded comments for Logical Voice. Can’t wait to bring on Jared Allen’s double digit sacks this year!

  2. Glad he got his ring. Clemons played as big a role in turning this team around when he got here as Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Browner.

    The 12th Man will always have love for ya, Clemons. Thanks for getting us a Lombardi.


  3. Watch us get a defensive tackle, not end.
    Irvin Avril Mayowa to compete for leo spot.
    After all, Malcolm Smith has earned a starting spot as a linebacker. We will get better

  4. Life is good when you’re not paying any player $20MM that isn’t worth it. There’s no good reason to ever do that, if a player isn’t clearly worth a ridiculously large contract, then don’t offer it to him. Seattle hasn’t made a mistake like that recently. What a coincidence that the Seahawks had the most valuable QB in the league last year and won the Super Bowl.

  5. Thanks for your help in getting Seahawks their first SB Championship. You were important to that effort and we really appreciate what you meant to this team. Best Wishes.

  6. Welcome to Seattle Jared Allen…on the other hand I hope the best for your Chris hopefully you find a time right for you and continue you amazing career. I wouldn’t mind you going to JAX with big Red but thank you for your time and effort Clemons.

  7. Allen might get 100 sacks playing for the Hawks. Skol? Or they might be getting Vikings sloppy seconds just like Percy and Sidney and Burleson…

  8. If the Seahawks actually get Jared Allen then I think it’s safe to say that the Seahawks (at least on paper) have a pretty good chance of repeating.

    With that said games on played on paper & injuries are going to happen on every team.

  9. Lots of people will say we’re gonna get worse, but we have the up most faith in drafting young talent on the cheap.

    Losing Bryant Rice Clemons is setting up Thomas and Sherman extensions. Go

  10. dycenyne says:
    Mar 12, 2014 12:34 PM I hate to say it but this is a good player getting cut for a great player if they pick up Jared Allen…

    NEWSFLASH – Jared Allen isn’t even close to being great anymore

  11. BELIEVELAND, Clemon’s salary was $9M this year because it’s the back end of a back loaded deal he signed a few years ago. By cutting him we save $7.5M against the cap. There is no way Jared Allen would/will get $9M per year from us, or anyone else. He’s probably looking at a cheaper 1-2 year deal to play with a contender at his age. Not to mention, Allen had a much more productive year than Clemons coming off surgery last year. Learn a little something about the salary cap, the market, and the Seahawks before you comment next time.

  12. Clemons played his best ball at the end of the year. Seemed like he was finally back from surgery. Sorry to lose him. Thanks, Chris, for all of your years of service in Seattle!

  13. People worried about the cap, and signing Thomas, Sherman, and Wilson in the coming years. We will have some cap room to roll over to next year from this year. The cap jumped by $10M this year, and is expected to jump another 8-10M next year, and 3-5 in 2016 from all the new TV contracts before it settles down. There will be plenty of money the next couple years.

  14. Shehawks will have to pay #3 next year and he too will be well overpaid and cause the cutting of some of these freshly minted pieces. Shehawks will find that the defense covered up #3’s limited ability.

  15. Raiders should go get him. Probably cheaper than he should be and he’s a good reason why the Seahawks won the Superbowl. I would take Chris Clemons over Jared Allen because Chris knows how to win.

  16. It’ll be awesome to watch jared allen and the seahawks destroy the packers in the playoffs.

    good luck jared! u’ll love Seattle, beautiful town, beautiful stadium.

  17. Clemons was a great Guy and he really put in the effort at the end of the season to make an impact.. He had been with the hawks for years and helped them get a ring earning one himself. He is a vet who made good money and had a good time and now maybe it is time for him to hang up his hat…. Make no mistake though this move was made so that they can offer Thurmond and Tate more attractive deals to retain them and bring in some power back to the line after the loss of McDaniel. Something they should have done weeks ago.

  18. Does Bennett play the left side? He’d better, because Allen doesn’t. I like Allen, and he would be a good addition, but the Viking to Seattle pipleline is getting a bit old here in MN.

  19. Chris Clemons showed by the 2nd half of the year the reason after healing his ACL he was a 10 digit sack man for Seattle 3 years in a row.

    Tough seeing productive veterans and solid leaders leave but John Schneider/Pete Carroll are making the moves needed to improve the team. Maybe Allen, Hatcher and Finley to an already stacked roster that just won a Super Bowl. Yikes. Go Hawks!

  20. Clemons came to town with eight sacks in four seasons with the Raiders, Redskins, and Eagles.

    He had at least 11 sacks in each of his first three seasons with Seattle. Limited this past year by his ACL recovery, but came on stronger at the end of the season.

    So, what next? Jared Allen? Benson Mayowa coming into his own? Or maybe they get the next Clemons by landing some other relatively unknown journeyman and fitting him in to the LEO position.

  21. Seattle…Where ex-Vikings come to find out what being a Super Bowl Champion feels like.

  22. might not have to pay your qb this year seatlle but just wait until next!! $20MM might be a bargain price

  23. One of the greatest trades in Seahawks’ history, getting Clemons AND a 4th Round pick from the Eagles in exchange for Darryl Tapp. Knew it was coming at his salary, but still sad to see him go. Good luck and thanks, CC!

  24. Clemons was one of those great Schneider finds that the coaches coached up. High motor guy and outplayed his reputation.

    Best of luck Chris – you were a stud until Daniel Snyder’s Nara
    Gain basement field shortened your career.

  25. Clemons was one of those great Schneider finds that the coaches coached up. High motor guy and outplayed his reputation.

    Best of luck Chris – you were a stud until Daniel Snyder’s bargain basement field shortened your career.

  26. don’t be surprised if the seahawks sign jared allen and kevin williams. they play great together. may as well bring back winfield is thurmond leaves too.

  27. Allen or not Clem will be missed was really coming on strong again in the playoffs after injury. Was are only threat of a rush for a long while. Having said that Allen could be a beast in a Hawks defensive line rotation where he would be able to stay fresh and have the energy of the 12’s pushing him for a SB!

  28. It’ll be awesome to watch jared allen and the seahawks destroy the packers in the playoffs

    Whats funny is you are a queen fan and you know there isn’t a chance your team will make it but the Pack will!

  29. Aww, man. Clem!! Boy, is the offseason painful for fans. Such a key piece of our defense and Seattle fans will be forever grateful for your part in bringing the Lombardi trophy to the city. I am glad you are leaving with a Championship ring that you richly deserve and I will root for you wherever you play (hopefully outside of the NFC West…)

    In Schneider and Carroll we trust. Who ya making room for, guys?

  30. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the next flight to Jacksonville. Gus Bradley is building this franchise the Seahawks way. 11 draft picks this year, it’s a good time to be a Jags fan (at least better than the last few years).

  31. Of all the ex-Seahawks that Gus Bradley has picked up, getting Clemons would be the biggest and best acquisition. Clemons has been an absolute stud for the Seahawks and as a fan it’s really sad to see him go. Too bad he tore up his knee on that pathetic Redskin turf. He was just getting back into form toward the end of the year, but had he been 100% all year, the Seahawks would have been that much better. I think he’s got a year or 2 left of some great ball and whoever picks him up is getting a great player! Best of luck, Clem, and you have the support and well wishes of the whole city of Seattle behind you wherever you land.

  32. It’s funny how the memory in Minnesota is so thin. Come on Viking fans…”How does the aftertaste on the Poison Pill taste now?” For those of you that feel Seattle is picking on you…It’s called pay back. Plain and simple. You whine alot about Hawks signing Viks…but the first volley was tossed by you. Does the name Hutchinson mean anything to you? You thought it was clever at the time(the poison pill contract), but now…not so fun huh? If JA comes to Seattle it’s not because we lured him as much as it is your team lost him. Be big boys and quit whining…or should I say “Take your Medicine”! GO HAWKS!!

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