Seahawks haven’t spoken to Jared Allen’s camp, yet


Yes, it was reported on Tuesday that defensive end Jared Allen’s people are talking to the Seahawks.  No, it hasn’t happened.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, the Sehawks have not yet spoken to Allen’s representatives.  That doesn’t mean they won’t, but they haven’t.  Yet.

And for good reason.  If, as it appears, Allen wants more than the market will bear for a pass rusher on the wrong side of 30, the Seahawks won’t want to pay that.  If, at some point, the Seahawks sense that a bargain could be had, the Seahawks could make a move.

Last year, for example, they landed two of the premier pass rushers in free agency — Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett — after it became clear that they could be had for reasonable amount.

Allen could have struck a deal with the Broncos on Tuesday, but financial commitments got in the way.  The Bears reportedly are interested.

More teams should be.  Allen is one of the best pass rushers of the last 15 years.  He still has a lot left in the tank, he always goes hard, and he’s a great teammate.

Someone eventually will be very happy to have Allen.  It remains to be seen who that will be.

28 responses to “Seahawks haven’t spoken to Jared Allen’s camp, yet

  1. Honestly, he may get the most money returning to the Vikings. He wouldn’t be the starter anymore, but that is probably for the best for him at his age anyways. However, not the ‘contender’ team he may be looking for. Not yet…

  2. As of 24 hours ago nobody on the ‘hawks wear 69, so that’s certainly not a negotiation blocker.

    If Jared keeps shopping around, he might end up with even less money, and playing for yet another team with no playoff hopes.

  3. Nothing against Jared Allen personally, but I hope the Seahawks pass on Allen. The Seahawks were the second youngest team to ever win a Superbowl. And Jared Allen is old. He may have more left in the tank, but I don’t want to see the tank run dry at Century Link field.

  4. You would think that a guy who has made so much money and still doesn’t have a ring would jump at the chance to sign for a discount with a SB favorite.

  5. Love Allen, selfishly I hope he follows through on his ultimatum and retires a Viking. I do think he deserves a ring… he should have taken a deal in Denver.

  6. Clinton McDonald #69 did just sign with Tampa so Jared’s number is available. I love the way Allen plays. He would fit in well. It would always be nice to bring Clemons back at a lower salary.

  7. Why wouldn’t they want to sign Allen? Look at all the great players they’ve stolen as free agents from the Vikings:

    Tarvaris Jack…
    Sidney Ri…
    Antoine Winf…

    Well, Heath Farwell has been good on special teams.

  8. I’m not trying to trash the Bears, but I just don’t see why he’d go to the Bears if his goal was a championship — he’ll have to lower his asking price to go to a contender.

  9. It was reported that unless he gets a deal he likes he would just retire. He said he admires Sanders retiring healthy and at the top of his game. Could be a ploy but considering he had enough losing with the queens I don’t blame him.

  10. The Seattle VikingHawks no doubt will sign Allen….they already have or had 1/3 the team!!!!

    T Jax, Sydney Rice, Nate Berluson, Heath Farrel, Percy Harvin…..their OC is Bevell to boot.

    They are STILL bitter about Hutchinson……get over it hawks!!!!!

  11. The commenters on NFL Network seemed to disbelieve that Allen would seriously contemplate retirement if he didn’t get the exact situation he wanted. Allen’s been hinting at retiring under those circumstances since at least last off-season. It’s not just money, it’s also his commitment to playing every down and not accepting a pass rush only type role on a team. He won’t accept being a back-up in any way. He might retire…

  12. Allen already looks like he belongs in Seattle, and he has the same last name as the owner! Come on John Schneider, get this one done.

  13. I don’t respect players who pursue a team just to get a ring.
    A great player tries to bring a championship where he is.
    As Jordan said, he never thought about joining up with other superstars because, in his mind, he wanted to beat them. He wanted to prove he was the best, and it’s hard to do that with them as your teammates.

  14. he should want to sign with seattle with all the “training” they can offer he’ll come out looking like the hulk. Nothing like chemicals to help enhance a team

  15. Usually the older players can be divided into two camps, those that have won Superbowl rings and are now looking for the big pay day or those who already had the big payday and are now looking for a Superbowl ring.

    Clearly Allen is in the latter group, he had his big contract and was just a 12th man in the huddle away from playing in the Superbowl. You would think that since roadkill is free so he doesn’t need money to eat, Allen would be seeking a chance to win it all.

  16. Nothing but a bunch of little purple sissys on here talkin trash that’s about all u pedestrian fans can do lmao win something already hahaha!!!!!!

  17. He needs to decide if he wants more $$ or if he wants a ring and possibly a few extra years of playing / earning.

    If not the latter, we don’t want him.

    We’re all about SBs.

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