The free-agent frenzy is just getting started


Some call the start of the new league year Christmas.  It’s actually more like an extended Hanukkah.

While many of the big presents get opened on the first day, the process continues for days if not weeks, with players watching and waiting and visiting and negotiating.

Sure, the big money evaporates quickly.  But the players who haven’t gotten the contract they want must now try to strike the best deal they can.  That could take some time.

Until then, you’ve got plenty of time to track the movements and anticipate the next ones.  May we suggest our continuously updated PFT Free Agent Hot 100 list?

It’s our oft-imitated device for keeping tabs on the biggest names — and we’ll be adding to it the names of the men who weren’t free agents as of Tuesday at 3:59 p.m. ET, but who have become, or will become, free agents.