Ware gets more this year from Broncos than he would have made in Dallas

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Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware bet on himself.  And won.

Rejecting a request to reduce his 2014 compensation from $12.75 million this year in Dallas, Ware will make (per a league source) $13 million in 2014 from the Broncos.

In the second year of the three-year contract, Ware will make $7 million, which is $6 million less than he would have made under his prior contract in Dallas for 2015.

In 2016, Ware will is due a $3 million roster bonus in March, and a base salary of $7 million.

It adds up to $30 million over three years, $20 million over two.  And the Broncos have beefed up a pass rush that will have (hopefully) a healthy Von Miller in 2014.

34 responses to “Ware gets more this year from Broncos than he would have made in Dallas

  1. Amazing how desperate Elway is. These moves will haunt them for years. Also, they scored 8 pts in the SB. Doesn’t seem like the D was what caused that loss.

  2. And the Broncos have beefed up a pass rush that will have (hopefully) a healthy Von Miller in 2014.

    Doesn’t Ware come with injury concerns himself ?!

  3. And if he played poorly in Dallas they could have cut him in advance of those future years, but if he plays well for Denver then he can make up for it later. Some players cave and in this situation I thought it was worth it for Ware to not budge even if it cost him a few bucks, that way he could get onto a better team and add equity to his legacy of standing up for himself and principles in general. That’s a heck of a score he made to jilt Jerry for John. Gives a nice extra shine to Denver at the expense of Dallas rusting a little. Everybody who is a fan of the NFL will have to consider what this all means exactly.

    Nice work DeMarcus at staying focused and strong. Those are the kind of attributes Denver was needing anyhow, and fortunately for them Dallas doesn’t think they need people like that. I mean Jonesville not to confuse the farcical football team with the actual town.

  4. I wish ware the best and I’m not surprised that he found more money. Can’t blame him.

    However I think it is a risky $20 million bet by the Broncos on a guy coming of surgery, over 30, and didn’t do jack squat last season.

    What a switch. Jerry Jones is not the one paying a lot for a name.

  5. Im a dolfan.. but

    Miller, Ware, Talib

    I like what they are doing…

    Im sure Ware and Talib have plenty of motivation to help the Broncos back to the superbowl.

    all they need now is a RB to compliment Moreno.

  6. It is better to win a super bowl and ask forgiveness, than follow the cap rules and not win a super bowl.

    or is the saying

    “A ring on the hand better than 2 picks in the bush.”

  7. I’d like to see an article on Denver’s cap situation down the road. They are going all out for this season. Also what where the terms they signed ward to?

    I like the moves they are making so far this offseason.

  8. Broncos fans think they are having a stellar FA year….just like they thought they would beat an NFC Defense in a SB. Should be more focused on scoring more than 8 points in a SB than old defensive players in free agency.

    Elway and his horse teeth…

  9. I wonder if Jared Allen feels like one of those chicks that didn’t get the rose on the bachelor show?

  10. Do everyone on here making jokes about the 8 points the Broncos scored and suggesting they should focus on offense not realize the Broncos were one of the highest scoring offense in NFL history??? So you are seriously suggesting the Broncos allocate more money on offense than Defense which is by far their weaker link because of the results of one game?????? There is a reason you guys are fans and not GMs.

  11. This team will be a wasteland within 2 years.

    How are they goin to keep all these contracts, Peyton Manning and resign both Demaryius and Julius Thomas? These are panic moves.

  12. Funny to see all of the people ignorant of how the salary cap works. Elway and the Broncos know what they are doing. These contracts are backloaded and allow Denver to try and win-now while still leaving themselves room for extending Von and the Thomas’ next year. Also, get over the SB blowout people. Denver didn’t show up. The score was more to do with Denver being unprepared than the skill gap between teams. I’m not saying Denver bets Seattle in a rematch but the game is a much closer one. Finally, funny that Pats fans claim they lost the AFCC game because Talib got injured yet he isn’t a good CB? That’s my rant for the day. Keep up the good work Elway!

  13. Buying every top aging vet out there doesn’t work. Broncos are very very stupid to sign A declining Ware for 30 mill for 3 years. Are you serious? You will never get return worth on this deal. i know operating like this does not work..lot’s of experience over and over. I’m a die hard redskins fan! Well Denver fans hope your one year buy it all works but come 2015 gonna be a ton of cuts and with no title.

  14. To the dopes who keep talking about the cap, the Broncos had over $30 million to spend! They are managing the cap like pros. They’re fine. With the return of 6 starters who missed the Super Bowl, and these FA signings, Elway has them poised to beast once again!

  15. I believe the Broncos still have around $6mill left under the cap for this coming year. Kuper retiring and releasing champ saved the team about $15mill off the cap this year, plus the league increase. Also, the kicker and punter made more money than any other player on defense except Miller. Had money to spend. They will not be in big cap trouble in three years, because Peyton’s contract will be off the books, as well as Welker’s and Ware’s. Broncos are going for it now, but they are not handcuffing their future. A few more minor moves, LB and depth at O Line, they will be much improved. Don’t forget getting Clady, Vickerson, and one of last year’s top draft pick back from injury as well. Good work Broncos.

  16. Keep bashing people we love it. Are u to dumb to realize these players are not going to see these full contracts. So Denvers cap room will be fine down the road. They are going for it now as they should. I understand ur frustration because ur teams r signing punters and whatnot. Maybe u should b man cause u team is content about being competitive and that’s all.

  17. How does the rest of the team feel making minimum? Is Denver the only team who has figured out the cap?

  18. No team that won free agency has ever done well the following year. Maybe it’s a chemistry thing or maybe it’s a curse but the Broncos will follow the trend of SB losers not making it back.

  19. Smells like the Philly Dream Team all over again. We all saw how that went. Better get that SB win this year Elway. The gates of cap hell and dead money are beckoning…

  20. Everybody on the team is going to be a cap casualty in 2015.

    Elway knows he has mortgaged the future of the franchise and can never pay back the loan. So what difference does it make if he adds a few tens of millions on to the credit card?

    Won’t win them a Super Bowl but it will be a one year fun run then pay the piper later.

  21. “With the return of 6 starters who missed the Super Bowl, and these FA signings, Elway has them poised to beast once again!”

    Again? When did they last beast? When you lay that kind of an egg in the SB, you’re embarrassments. At least some previous teams to lose the SB by that margin were Cinderellas playing with house money. The Broncos were once expected to go 19-0.

    And they had an easy sked.

    1. They beat a Ravens team that should have been playing at home.
    2. They beat a Giants team in the middle of an 0-6 start.
    3. They beat the Raiders that finished 4-12 and whose lone win by the time of the meeting was Jacksonville (which started 0-8)
    4. They beat an eagles team debuting a coach new to NFL
    5. They squeaked by a 2-2 Dallas team that finished 8-8.
    6. They beat a Jaguar team in the middle of an 0-8 start

    Thus far … combined wins of opponents at time of play = 4 out of possible 16

    8. Beat a 2-4 Redskins team that finished 3-13
    9*. Beat a 4-4 Charger team well before it got rolling (but this is only quality win thus far)
    10(?). Beat a 9-0 Chiefs team, but loss begins a 2-6 stretch for Chiefs (so which team did Broncos beat?).
    12. Beat Chiefs again. To be fair let’s call first win over Chiefs a win over 9-0 team and second win a win over a 2-6 team.
    13. Beat a 5-7 Titans team that finished 7-9
    15. Beat a 2-14 Texans team

    Broncos officially played three worst teams in NFL (Texans, Redskins, and Jaguars), and worst 4 of 5 (Oakland twice). That’s 5 wins against the worst NFL teams.

    16. Beat 4-12 Raiders

  22. Again people, no dead money later. Did not restructure or back load contracts like teams that are in cap trouble now i.e. Cowboys. In two to three years, these contracts are off the books. By then, Manning will be gone too. Elway is proving to be very smart.

  23. Anyone for parity in the NFL . So how is it in the age of parity that many of the big name FA are going to teams that have already in the playoffs. Cheers to NFL the league that sold the public on that there is actually parity when there is not.

  24. Hello Cowboy hating turds – Jerry finally made 2 outstanding moves – get rid of Ware and Austin, and I am a die hard Cowboy fan. Those are desperation moves by Denver signing an aging Ware and Ware may end up getting 15 sacks this year – but in his 9 seasons he had 117 sacks and 1 playoff win. Since I have watched every single Ware game he has played since being drafted I can tell you that I can only recall a game changing play that actually won a game 3 times over that span. Great team mate but is not a game changing impact player – the injuries are starting to add up and we are not talking about one specific injury – i.e. knee we are talking about multiple body parts and he has a neck stinger issue that is consistent and he admittedly has siad this problem will not go away till his days of playing are finished.

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