Agent blasts report of Browner deal in New England

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Just as the evening was beginning to slow down, it has picked up.  In a big way.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported via Twitter that the Patriots agreed to terms with free-agent cornerback Brandon Browner.  Browner’s agent begs to differ.  In a very unique way.

“It’s 100 percent untrue,” agent Peter Schaffer told PFT by phone, moments after the report landed on Twitter.  “I’ve got four teams to negotiate with.  I’ve got irresponsible journalists who don’t check their facts putting this stuff out there, and my phone is blowing up when I’m trying to play hockey.”

Schaffer plays in a recreational hockey league in Denver.

“I’ve got very little patience for irresponsible journalists who put this stuff out and ruin my night,” Schaffer said.  “My phone is going nuts.  I just wanna play hockey.”

All Browner wants to do is play football.  Schaffer has made it clear that Browner has not yet picked a team, in one of the most colorful ways we can recall.

89 responses to “Agent blasts report of Browner deal in New England

  1. Sounds like Browner is telling his family/friends he’s picking New England and his agent is mad about losing the leverage over the other teams.

  2. So the guy wants time off at what has to be one of the busiest times of his work year ?

    Oh waaaaaaaaa

  3. NFL agent = Job
    Hockey = Hobby

    You have a job that is sometimes 24/7. (like when
    the guy who pays you is seeking work)

    Please re-examine your priorities Mr. Agent.
    Perhaps your client/clients will think this too…

  4. That’s a good agent right there…..the biggest week for your client, and supposedly negotiating with 4 parties…..and your biggest worry is yourself playing hockey.

  5. Not a way to attract future clients. “I won’t go the extra mile for my clients during the most crucial times when I am busy engaging in a hobby.”

    On the flip side though, loved that he ripped irresponsible journalism.

  6. Isn’t this the time the guy should be working on getting his client a new deal instead of playing hockey ? There have been many late deals in the past couple of days.

  7. Browner doesn’t want to play for the Spygate Patriots he wants to don the historic Burgundy and Gold and WIN LEGIT SUPERBOWLS! #TheRedskinsdothingstheRIGHTWAY

  8. Never can believe anything out of new england. Something funny is ALWAYS going on there. Just like yesterday when it was reported one year deal for revis now its two. And im sure their 8 – 0 record at home had nothing to do with refs or cheating especially when they were 4 – 4 on the road.

  9. I’m not sure how you nominate agent of the year, but he has my vote!!! He will clear $100k+ when Browner signs, as he should, the guy has always put his clients first!

  10. To save everyone all the time in typing, I’ll do it for you. “You’d sure look good in a (insert your team here ) uniform.”

  11. “I’ve got very little patience for irresponsible journalists who put this stuff out and ruin my night,” Schaffer said. “My phone is going nuts. I just wanna play hockey.”

    Brandon, time to get a new agent.

  12. It does point out the downside of instant media. Journalists used to care about being right, now they just want to be first.

  13. Funny; Reporting the information in a “scoop” type of venue is the goal. It has problems when taken without any confirmation source. That is todays’ blog world……. Just going to have to deal with it.

  14. As a football agent how much you care to play hockey isn’t of any consequence to getting the job done which should be the focus. So leave those details out of it since nobody cares and it’s not relevant to the business at hand. Chalk it up to one of the inconveniences of having the unique job that you have, that kind of stuff comes with the territory and shouldn’t be factored in or cited if it can affect the perception of the quality and integrity of your client’s business representatives, cause that could cost him some money and your job is supposed to be to maximize his position, not minimize it.

  15. That’s pretty funny. As a positive hockey-sign, the Boston Bruins won tonight, so I’m going with the Browner to the Patriots report as true.

  16. If he could translate to SS, then this is great signing. While he serves this suspension those young kids can get playing time; Harmon&Wilson&Ebner

  17. Sorry, but if he is playing hockey in Denver, who the hell is negotiating Browners deal in New England???

  18. Anyone else notice that logical voice always complains about spygaye/cheating, then pftpoet makes a comment in this article in the exact manner?

  19. If this report ends up coming true, or if Bill signs another quality corner, Pats fans should love it football wise. Revis and Browner would show a true shift in Belichick’s approach. Spending for top flight DB talent, instead of instead of relying on lesser talent and fitting them into their system, is a huge step in the right direction. It’s a pass first league now, and strong coverage is the right place to start. With a solid linebacking core already, it would be time to rebuild the line with more of an emphasis on pass rush, which has been almost nonexistent in recent years.

  20. LOL at this agent, the busiest time of year for his profession and his waffles are soggy because work is cutting into his happy fun time? Yeah, this sort of excellent dedication and work ethic would really want to make me hire him.

  21. To those saying “why is he playing hockey when he should be negotiating?” maybe it’s because Browner hasn’t picked a team yet so there’s no need to negotiate?

    There’s no need for him to be negotiating if Browner decided to take more visits or wants to sleep on it tonight before deciding.

    As everyone is pointing out this is his busiest time of the year which is why he’s probably upset at not being able to enjoy some of the few down minutes he has.

  22. Heard Schaffer in an extended radio interview last week. That dude is a textbook bulldog lawyer.

  23. If I was Browner I would fire this guys BUTT. The Hockey game is more important than a multi million dollar client? Where is your priorities?

    Get your butt off the ice and on the phone or your fired.

  24. Funny how everyone was saying all seahawks are ped users but as soon as their team offers an ex Seahawk they want them on their team. All I can say is HYPOCRYTES.

  25. The agent says he has 4 teams to negotiate with…… do it already and stop playing Hockey…….If I was Browner I might wonder what priority I am to may agent. Time is money.

  26. Sherman already congratulated Browner on Twitter and Ian says he tweeted that because of sources close to Browner said he would choose New England. Sorry haters…get ready for more Patriots. Until Brady and Belichick hang up the cleats you will have to endure our wrath.

  27. Can anyone actually read with comprehension anymore? He is mad about the calls about the false media report – not about calls about deals for his client. The instant media with little fact checking is fed by the instant readers with little comprehensive abilities who want instant gratification for little mental effort. Just saying.

  28. New England can sign all the CBs they want, they arent winning another Superbowl until they hire a new cameraman.

    Must suck for Pats fans to know that pretty much no one outside of the Pats fanbase respects their Superbowls. They will always be tainted titles. They couldnt win without cheating. Disgraceful.

  29. I’m with you atwater…I mean hell…most of those teams might be east coast and the people he’d be negotiating with might be either a) sleeping or b) working on other things as well. Folks on here acting all foolish like maybe the agent talked to his client who said he wanted to think about all the potential offers and they’d talk in the morning. Or any of 10983882082 possible statements all ending in the agent not needing, nor expecting to need to be on the phone for that 1.5 hours.

  30. that is just amazing to me. see at my job, when we have a huge deal on the line, I cannot just step away, or I could as I am my own boss, but why would I do that?

    this man represents athletes in the NFL who have a pretty small signing window. one would think you would be playing those 4 teams on the phone against each other, not hockey.

  31. down time? how about all season when his NFL athletes are playing. he could go play hockey weeks 1-17.

    I think some of us, who work real jobs, are just somewhat perplexed by the timing of taking time off. do you take time off in what is by far the most important and busiest time of the year?

    I’d get a new agent.

  32. I love the misdirected anger at the agent who is doing his job while glossing over the fact that “journalists” are making up reports to hit their bylines.

    Pretty sure that the agent isn’t slacking off on negotiations to play recreational hockey during working hours (which is why this “story” was posted after 10pm) and equally sure that the 24 hour news cycle ensures that many “journalists” make things up in order to continue having jobs.

  33. Browner is one toke away from a year-long suspension. Good luck with that.

  34. P.S….. Just because some other idiots are spreading rumors instantly proves he isn’t doing his job?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Maybe that’s why you pull in 30k a year, shut your mouth and just cheer your team on. You have NO IDEA what the hell you are talking about. And I promise you everyone one you idolize in professional sorts would laugh at you too

  35. Funny, but both local papers this morning reported that Browner’s agent was upset that it was the Browns who had signed his client. As the articles went, he was in the middle of playing a hockey game om Denver and was upset that his cell phone was being inundated with calls to that affect.

    It’s unlikely that any such report would have leaked out of Foxborough as it is easier to pry information from the Pentagon than the Patriots!

  36. “I’ve got very little patience for irresponsible journalists who put this stuff out and ruin my night,” Schaffer said. “My phone is going nuts. I just wanna play hockey.”

    How dare people in the media create a buzz about my out-of-work and needing-a-job client!!!

    So what if the first couple of days of free agency is when all the big deals get done? As soon as I play some hockey, shoot some hoops, watch all the back episodes of Arrow on Netflix…maybe I’ll get back to the team that just paid $12 mil for a CB.

    In the menatime, stop bugging me with all this signing talk.

  37. Has it occurred to anybody that maybe he had finished his current round of talks with the team and is pissed because they were only calling to see if the report about signing with the Pats was true? I’m sure he wouldn’t have pitched a fit if these teams were calling to make or discuss offers…

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