Before landing Talib, Broncos made a run at Revis


The game of musical chairs that unfolded among and between cornerbacks Darrelle Revis, Aqib Talib, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had another interesting twist.

Per a league source, the Broncos tried after giving up on Rodgers-Cromartie but before considering Talib to acquire Revis.

As the source explains it, DRC declined to accept a deal believed to be worth $54 million over six years.  So the team decided to contact Camp Revis, offering roughly the same package that Talib ultimately accepted.  Revis declined, holding firm to his demand for $12 million per year.

At that point, the Broncos landed in the Talib business.  He’ll get $11.5 million this year, plus up to another $500,000 via per-game roster bonuses.  If he plays all 16 games (something he’s never done), Talib will be paid $12 million for 2014.

In 2015, a base salary of $5.5 million is guaranteed for injury only until the third day of the league year.  At that point, it becomes fully guaranteed.  There’s also another $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses.

In 2016, the base salary moves to $8.5 million.  Again, it’s guaranteed for injury only until March 2016, at which time it’ll be fully guaranteed.  And there’s another $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses.

In the final three years, the salaries are $11 million in 2017, $11 million in 2018, and $8 million in 2019.  That’s a total available package of $57 million over six years.

We’ve heard mixed accounts on whether the player or the team wanted a three-year, $27 million deal, and whether the team or the player wanted to add three years that could easily be scuttled.  While the salaries are significant in 2017 and 2018, they could translate to a much smaller percentage of the total salary cap by then.

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  1. DRC turned down $54MM for 6? Maybe it had a really bad structure but that sounds like a heck of an offer. I’m skeptical that he really had that offer, something sounds off.

  2. So, Denver is effectively the guy at the bar looking to go home with someone at closing time. First girl says no, second girl says no and the third girl says yes. Wow, Elway really is the best GM and now we know where he learned his negotiating strategy which had limited talent and risk evaluation.

  3. Rodgers-Cromartie really turned down $9 million per year? His value was highest with Denver and I really doubt anyone offers him anything close to that. He probably should have just taken it

  4. So they were offering DRC way too much, then tried to get Revis, then had to over spend to get Talib. Classic.

    On top of that they lucked into Manning, lucked into Ware, and I am supposed to believe that Elway is some kind of genius?

  5. Revis plays ONLY for the $… he proved it by holding out on the Jest year after year. If this was true and he wanted to WIN, he would have chosen Denver not the Pats…

  6. Trying to sign every DEF player available? Instead of wasting all that $$$ Elway should’ve just payed a sports psychologist to come in & fix Peyton. That’s why they lost the SB. Peyton didn’t get off the plane.

  7. And it’s a 3-year contract for Talib. And Broncos can cut him next year with $4 million cap charge (I assume he got 5 million sb, 5 million rb and 1.5 million base salary) . It’s still 1 million less than charge for Revis on 2015 Pats cap. So it’s good fair deal.

  8. I’m glad it has injury incentives. Looks like the Broncos approached this the right way and protected the future. Smart move for Denver. And good luck to you DRC and Revis we don’t want you anyway!

  9. I love these comments how Denver has no regard for the future. What do you think is going to happen in the future? Even if your team “builds for the future”, what do you think is going to happen, you going to win five consecutive super bowls? You’re lucky to win one or two in any era – we just happen to want ours now, and I love that balls to the wall approach. You’re just pissed your team isn’t doing it.

    And for the brain trusts who want to say that it was our offense who lost the super bowl and not our defense, what a ridiculous argument. We had the best O of all time, so if we’re screwed, the rest of y’all are toast. Seattle smoked us because they have an amazing D. We took notes, now we know we need the same if we want the hardware next year. I love that Elway has the pair to at least try to make that happen.

  10. Denver will cut Talib after the 3rd year, Ware signed only for 3 years. After the 3rd year Manning retires and they start the rebuilding process.

  11. Wow. Turned that down. Kind of similar to James Harrison last year. Signed with Cincy after rejecting a more lucrative renegotiated contract with the Steelers.

  12. Tamper, tamper, tamper. If that’s not tampering then I don’t know what is. League should look into it….so Talib was their third or fourth choice? He’ll more than likely play about 8 to 10 games. Good luck with that…

  13. I’d trade Talib for Reevis any day.I am however more upset at losing Vince.I guess he considered Reevis’ contract an insult,but at his age and coming off of that surgery I have my doubts about how many takers he wil have for the $$ he wants.

  14. niether one is worth that money and they both be somewhere else next yr.denver trying to do everthing this yr prob Peytons last.they willend up in cap hell

  15. Love the negative Denver comments. Whatever. Sorry your GM isn’t a Stanford educated one and sorry you don’t have a cap genius like Denver does in Mike Sullivan. Complain all you like though.

    Tampering? Really? Tampa Bay allowed interested teams to contact Revis’ agent to see if a deal could be worked out before trading.

    Hurting the future? LOL. You all need to realize one sobering truth…Denver has 15 starters under the age of 28 (7 under 25).

    Bottom line…Denver is going to be around for a long, long time. Be as bitter as you like, but it is what it is…

  16. Denver did a great job structuring the Talib contract. They have $30m in cap space this year so they front-loaded Talib’s contract at $12m for the first year, then dropped his cap hit to $5.5m next year and $8.5m the year after. That means Denver will be well-positioned with plenty of cap space in the upcoming years. It was a great use of all the extra cap space they have for this year — why not use it now instead of screwing yourself over for the future? That’s why all this “Broncos are mortgaging the future” talk is nonsense.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the Patriots had to do the opposite — they have very little cap space right now so they tried to spread Revis’ contract out over two years so that it would count less against the cap this year and more against their cap in future years. They did not have the luxury of the extra cap space this year that Denver has, and now they’re basically delaying the problem until next year.

    Brilliant move by Elway & Company.

  17. I’ve read some comments stating that Revis wants to play for a legit contender,( and if that is the case) why didn’t he come to Denver. Maybe Revis watched the SB, and saw a good team get steamrolled by a much better team. Maybe the trust in manning just isn’t there.

  18. the idea is winning the superbowl first while peyton is still there. then worry about the salary cap issue several years later…

    sounded similar to the approach raiders took a few years back. except the raiders went to superbowl, and lost haha

  19. Analyzing the last two years (actually, probably the last three) of the Talib is completely pointless.

    His deal, just like Ware’s and TJ Ward’s, runs from now until whenever Peyton Manning retires.

    All of these guys are following Manning out the door. They are there to win Super Bowls before the window closes.

    They will not be there when the post-Manning rebuild commences.

  20. Revis and Buttfumble: “On top of that they lucked into Manning, lucked into Ware, and I am supposed to believe that Elway is some kind of genius?”

    Please explain how they “lucked” in to these players. There were many teams pursuing Manning and he CHOSE Elway and the Broncos. Hardly luck. Denver was the first place Ware visited (strategically on the same flight with Talib) and he didn’t leave the facility. I fail to see how any of this is luck.

  21. Only true Football player in this group is Talib. DRC and Revis are Diva wideouts playing corner that are in it for cash and frame. We got the right guy for us. It’s risky but if your after tough physical secondary play then Talib and ward are the right calls. They overpay, yes but how much are the sea chickens going to overpay for Dick Sherman. Talib stays healthy it’s a homerun because he’s got his boy Chris Harris who will keep him in line. Thanks for getting Talib ready for us Belicheck!

  22. How does that work.. the last 3 years are not guaranteed. Right? So if Denver cuts him after the 2016 season, does the remaining contract impact the salary cap for those remaining years? What’s the rule?

  23. All of these “big” contracts allow Denver an out at some point. They can cut Talib after 3 years, Ware after 2, and Ward after 1 or 2 and have almost no dead money counted against the cap. Small (or no) signing bonuses = no prorated cap hit. Instead of big signing bonuses, they guarantee salaries in the first couple years of the contract. They also avoid backloading salaries. Traditional NFL contracts have big signing bonuses and backloaded salaries, which is a recipe for disaster. (See Dallas or Detroit, for examples) Backloaded salaries mean that as the player’s skills decline, he gets paid substantially more. That forces teams to cut players. That coupled with a big prorated signing bonus results in big dead money hits against the cap. The Broncos have avoided these types of contracts for the last 4 years and now they are reaping the benefits.

  24. Revis knows the Patriots and he knows Tom Brady. He has seen Manning, and he made a decision that his best chance to make some money AND win, is in New England. He must be thinking Manning’s arm strength is fading, and watching the Super Bowl did nothing to change that perception. Denver is paying 12 mil in year one and if they cut him in year 2, they still pay 4mil. In my eyes, the freedom to walk from Revis after 1 year if he wants mega money again made the deal worth it, whereas Talib’s deal amounts to the same dollars in year 1 but no ability to walk away clean. If Talib stays healthy it will be fine, though it’s hard for me to justify any non-QB getting that kind of money. If Revis performs to lofty standards, it will be fine for the Pats assuming he and his contract don;t create discontent.

  25. I would expect Talib will play 2-3 years of this contract and that’s it. There’s no way he gets the
    last 3 years.

    Overall I think the Broncos spending spree on defensive players will ultimately backfire. I think they overpaid for both Ware and Talib.

  26. Must b a reason why it’s his 3rd team in as many years. Clearly a me player that the Pats had to go against their “gold standard” to get cause they are scared and scrambled to try to get someone to try and shutdown Denver. If that wasn’t the case they would have signed him long term. Pats r clearly hoping Manning retires after this year so they can let him walk and go back and say we don’t overpay. Clearly that wasn’t the case as they showed their fear quickly trying to restructure contracts to get him in.

  27. I think since this come out after the fact that DRC was upset because Denver pulled his contract offer that his agent and his self are bitter and they probably made it up. The offer their stating I just don’t see DRC turning that down. He’s not going to get that anywhere else. He’d be lucky to get half that. And for Revis in my opinion isn’t worth a contract like that. I think he’s a has been. He was good his first couple of years but now he’s fallen off.

  28. I think its funny how every ESPN highlight shows Revis and saying what a great play he made included illegal contact and holding, that everyone thinks he is great, if they threw flags on him, he would be a 2.0 million dollar a year player, they say he HOLDS every teams best receiver to their lowest number, well so could I at 6’3″ 305 if I could push and grab after 5 yards, not sure why america believes what ESPN shows and says and goes brain dead on the rules that every other corner gets flagged for, but so be it.

  29. You got too give Broncos credit for signing Talib, Wes Welker (last year ) and Demarcus Ware … The pressure is on, they have to win a Super Bowl. Denver should of kept Eric Decker . The Patriots should have signed Decker instead of the Jets . It’s going to be an exciting year . I personally think Talib is a better corner than Revis. I want to see Brady win his 4 th ring and I think the Patriots need to do more for Brady . It looks like the Broncos are signing who it takes to get to Super Bowl , the Patriots need to have this attitude for Brady.

  30. People drc wasnt getting 54 million
    the way the deal is he can be cut next yr with small cap charge
    so yes he will get 9 mill now but maybe out of job next yr
    elway isnt dumb

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