Bills re-sign Scott Chandler

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Tight end Scott Chandler became the first Bills tight end to post back-to-back years with more than 500 receiving yards in 2013 and he’ll have a chance to be the first to do it three times in 2014.

The Bills announced that they have re-signed Chandler and he might get a chance to go for four in 2015 as Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that it is a two-year deal. Chandler set career highs last season with 53 catches and 655 yards while scoring two touchdowns.

Chandler’s production was welcome on a Bills offense that was forced to shuffle quarterbacks during the season because of injuries. It also came after an injury of Chandler’s own as he tore his ACL late in the 2012 season, but came back to play in every game last year.

The Bills also re-signed kicker Dan Carpenter this week and they have signed linebacker Keith Rivers, guard Chris Williams and cornerback Corey Graham as free agents.

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  1. The Bills are still like $15mil under the cap, Ralph can’t take it with him! Get out there and sign an actual proven player, WR/TE/OL/DL/LB/S… Anything, I’m not picky, I’m a Bills fan!

  2. Not as good as some, better than most. I like it. The contract allows us to make a change in the near future if we have to, so it plays along with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality.

  3. CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! He is a decent tight end and has some chemistry with Manuel. I like it better than possibly overpaying for Finely or drafting Ebron in the top 10.. Khalil Mack or Jake Mathews with number 9 pick and I’ll be happy.

  4. Unless they have plans we don’t know of to get a better guy in there at TE this is a mediocre signing. Capping another mediocre free agency that overly optimistic bills fans are already overhyping. Ultimately leading to another dissapointing season.

    #realisticbillsfan #iknowthedrill

  5. Get out there and sign a LB and OL?

    They did exactly that, and they got a cornerback that could be a safety.

    How well does winning free agency work for the Redskins, Dolphins, Cowboys, etc?

    They are building the right way. They are not ready for a Super Bowl, so why go overpay for overrated veterans? You do that to “put you over the top,” not when you are re-building a team and culture. Byrd and Levitre were great players on a bad team, and they got paid too much money. Move on and keep winning the draft.

  6. And as for another “mediocre” free agency…Lawson and Branch were very good signings last year. Kelvin Sheppard for Jerry Hughes was a great trade…this is a different GM running the show. Let him do his job and back him up if this is “your team” and you call yourself a “fan.”

    Graham, Williams and Rivers are all quality/bargain signings…Anthony Dixon would be too. Same with Brandon Spikes.

    Good teams build through the draft and don’t overpay for average players, rather filling holes with role players…until you understand how this works, you will never enjoy NFL free agency or be able to understand how a team is built correctly.

  7. It would have been a disaster if we let him walk. He was the 2nd best tight end stats wise for free agents (Jimmy Graham). He is a big part of this offense and does have the occasional drop, but if you watch other tight ends that is very common. he is also an above average blocker. If we lost big Scott we would have a huge hole at TE that we cannot afford to fill early in the draft.

  8. Also- winning the draft doesnt do anything when you never keep the guys useful to you. Byrd, Levite, Rinehart all walk. But we got Aaron Williams?! The day I’m excited about Aaron Williams, who gets torched on the deep ball week in and weeek out, is the day I’m checking myself into an asylum. I still scratch my head wondering how Bills fans think that guys is good. He’s average.

    I didnt say it was a terrible free agency. I said it was mediocre. Just like the Bills. Stuck on the verge of being good and not able to get there, since 1999.

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