Browns hope to sign Julian Edelman


If the Patriots don’t offer Julian Edelman the money he wants, the Browns might.

Multiple reports indicate that the Browns are making a play to attract Edelman to Cleveland. Michael Giardi ‏of reports that the Browns are making a strong push to get Edelman in the fold, and Jason La Canfora of CBS reports that Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer has been trying to recruit Edelman to Cleveland. Edelman and Hoyer are friends and former teammates on the Patriots.

The Browns’ first attempt to acquire a wide receiver will apparently fail to come to fruition, as the Bengals are expected to match the Browns’ offer to restricted free agent Andrew Hawkins. Edelman would represent the Browns’ second attempt to get better at the position.

Edelman could be a good fit in a Browns passing game that features Josh Gordon as the No. 1 threat. With Gordon drawing coverage away, Edelman can do what he does best and catch short passes in the slot.

The Patriots would miss Edelman’s production if he goes elsewhere. Last year Edelman led the Patriots in catches (105), yards (1,056) and touchdowns (six) and was also New England’s punt returner.

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  1. Edelman will be hard pressed to come anywhere near the 105 catches he had from Brady with Hoyer throwing to him.

  2. If the Browns make the right moves in free agency and the draft they have a chance to be a top 10 offense this season. Imagine Josh Gordon Sammy Watkins and Julian Edelman as your wideouts, Jordan Cameron at the Te spot, Ben Tate as your rb and if you could possibly instill confidence back into a guy like Matt Schaub with a solid defense behind them as well, they will be a dark horse in the AFC in my opinion.

  3. Edelman had a good year last year because he was the only veteran receiver that managed to stay healthy. With Amendola, Gronkowski and their rookies all coming back, the Pats don’t need to break the bank for Edelman. He’s a talented player that could help Cleveland, especially if Hoyer becomes the starter. I doubt it will be enough, though. to make a big difference for the Browns’ prospects.

  4. All the Browns need out of this guy is solid #2/3 production from the slot and in motion.

    Hoyer is a west-coast guy, so is Shanny, so would be Schaub….or gasp Sanchez…

    If the money isnt stupid overpayment (Browns will have to overpay some).

    If Edelman is smart, he’ll take the money. BB is a tightwad and squeezes you.

    By the way, KSU wasnt such a bad spot in college right? Dece bar and party scene, home of the original Buffalo Wild Wings (B-dubs).

  5. SixRings “That’s all the Browns and their fans do: hope.”

    As opposed to Steeler fans who live in the past still believing what was still is.

  6. Hoyer is the starter for 2014. That’s a good thing because he deserves the opportunity to show what he’s got. He earned it last year. He reminds me a lot of Brian Sipe who had a nice run in Cleveland. Edelman would be a nice addition to the offense.

  7. Come on, man! O-line, O-line, O-line!

    Whoever is the QB, he needs protection.

    Whoever is the RB, he needs some holes punched.

    I like Edelman but, how many good years has Edelman had….even in NE’s system? Brady was a big factor, too. I’m thinking WR S.Smith would be a good addition because he’s feisty and will probably be playing with a chip on his shoulder, this year. He’ll have something to prove. Also, I like the idea of someone (big bodied WR) like WR Evans (Tex A&M), or WR Benjamin (FSU) being mentored by Steve Smith.

  8. People always play this assumption game. Why would a receiver leave the Patriots for a better offer. Tom Brady is better than your QB. The Patriots are a Dynasty…

    The reason you take the money is because you worked your butt off to get the Patriots as far as they can go and your reward is an ultimatum to take less money or go find another team. You’re telling the person you’re expendable. That would tend to tick a person off. Ask Welker.

  9. You people are dreaming! He’s coming back to NE! and as for the Welker comment he’s a trader! Period! When traded for him,we gave up a pick and he got a 5 year 35 million contract and kept dropping the ball in big moment… Welker 0-3 in SB wonder Y the same reason Peyton is 1-3…#ChokeArtist’s

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