Business manager: Now it’s official, Darrelle Revis is a Patriot

Getty Images

After news surfaced on Wednesday night that the Patriots would sign Darrelle Revis, his business manager said otherwise.

But now there’s no doubt: John Geiger, Revis’s business manager, confirmed on Twitter on Thursday morning that the deal is done and Revis is a Patriot.

“Now it’s Official,” Geiger wrote.

Revis is expected to make $12 million on a one-year deal with the Patriots. That represents a pay cut from the $16 million a year he was making on his contract with the Buccaneers, of which he played only one year. But it’s still big money, and Revis will be motivated to play well in New England this year and get big money from the Patriots, or some other team, a year from now.