Cardinals reel in Ted Ginn Jr. with a three-year deal

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It took Ted Ginn Jr. some time to establish himself as an actual wide receiver in the NFL.

But it didn’t take him long to find a new job.

The Cardinals just announced they reached a three-year contract with the former Panthers wide receiver.

Ginn scored five touchdown on offense for the Panthers last year, or one fewer than the former first-rounder had scored in his first six seasons in the league.

He’s also continued to be a threat as a return man, and with the Cardinals, there’s no pressure on him to be more than a third option and a special-teamer.

21 responses to “Cardinals reel in Ted Ginn Jr. with a three-year deal

  1. Way to go Steve Keim! All you posters that blast the Cardinals for being cheap…get over yourself! It’s a new day with Keim as GM and Michael Bidwill holding the purse strings. Keim didn’t over pay for Dansby, knowing he has Kevin Minter waiting in the wings. Keim then used the extra caps space from letting Dansby walk to sign Valdheer at LT, John Carlson at TE, re-sign key free agents like Matt Shaughnessy, and now sign a true speed threat like Ginn. This allows the Cardinals to stretch the field which they couldn’t do last year, and Ginn is a huge upgrade as a kick/punt returner.

    Now Keim will zero in on signing Cromartie. The Cardinals get that done and their already top 5 defense just got better!

  2. Great signing for those who really understand football… He’s our #3 guy that can stretch the field.. Can’t double team Fitz or Floyd… We have a TE that can catch…improved OL… All or nothing this year

  3. And in related news, the Carolina Panthers just announced that they will be holding tryouts for the Wide Receiver position. All able bodied men in and around the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area are welcome.

  4. I do believe the Cards will be a dangerous team this year, Palmer might have one last hurrah.

  5. I’ve seen over 50 college and pro games in my life so far, and Ted Ginn is THE fastest football player my eyes have ever seen.
    Dude just has another gear.
    GREAT pick-up, AZ!

  6. I think with Palmer’s still relatively strong arm strength and Ginn’s speed they’ll have potential to make a few big plays on offense. I’m sure they’ll frustrate at times, too.

    But on the flip side, Carolina was already hurting for receivers. What is their plan, draft one in every single round of the draft and hope a small group of them sticks? They absolutely have to replace one of them with another receiver in free agency. There’s a plethora available, the prices are alright. They gotta do something.

  7. solid signing to stretch the field, now if only Carson Palmer doesn’t under throw those deep passes as he did last season. i believe with a strong off season workout he can back to form. im excited to see the possibility of what this offense can do given the time in the poket now with our newly LT set. I’m enjoying what GM Kiem has done thus far in free agency. now lets get Antonio Cromartie done.

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