Charlie Whitehurst joins Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee

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For the second time in his NFL career, quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has left the Chargers to seek his fortune elsewhere.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Whitehurst has agreed to a two-year deal with the Titans that is worth up to $8 million. The signing reunites Whitehurst with Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt, who was the offensive coordinator in San Diego last season.

It also likely means that the Titans will be parting ways with Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is due to make $2.75 million next season and has a $500,000 roster bonus due in the next few days. While Jake Locker’s injury history is daunting, that’s too much money to devote to the second and third spots on the depth chart.

Whitehurst saw action in two games for the Chargers last season, but didn’t throw a pass. The last time he did that was in 2011, his second season with the Seahawks and had his best NFL moment in Week 17 of the 2010 season when he beat the Rams to secure a division title for Seattle. One of the worst came the next year when he and Colt McCoy hooked up in a 6-3 Browns win that featured 435 yard of offense between the two teams.

Whitehurst’s departure briefly left the Chargers with Brad Sorensen as the only quarterback behind Philip Rivers, but they have quickly added Kellen Clemens. And the great backup quarterback carousel spins on.

31 responses to “Charlie Whitehurst joins Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee

  1. Clipboard Jesus lives a charmed life. Get paid a few million $ year after year to do little. I envy him.

  2. Good Luck Titans fans…. Your going to need some with this ship recked HC… Good Charlie is thrilled he got a contract as was Derek Anderson Kevin Kolb Ryan Lindley Max Hall… Whisenhunt is a great evaluator of talent

  3. Nooooooooooo!!!!
    4 mil??!? Really?? Why??
    Well it looks like Friz-magic is on his way out. As many picks he threw I still liked him.. I really hope they draft a QB with a high pick, maybe 2nd rd even. We don’t have a 3rd so if they want to get a decent one they may have to use the 2nd rd. God I’m starting to have visions of Whisenhunts last couple of seasons in Az when he had a QB carousel..

  4. Wasn’t Charlie Whitehurst referred to as ‘Captain Checkdown’ or something like that? He’s always pretty much been the king of the 5 yard dump-off…

  5. I’m sure a Whisenhint will say some BS like he knows the play book, that he’s a capable QB.. Will someone please tell Whisenhunt that we don’t have Phillip Rivers as our QB. We have Jake Locker (for at least the first 3 games..) who is a different style QB. His San Diego play book will probably not work. And I’m sorry I’m not convinced in Charlie Whitehurst.

  6. After Whitehurst’s first season in Seattle, who traded for him and also signed him to a two-year, $8 million deal, the Seahawks went out and signed Tavaris Jackson to be their starter for the 2011 season.

    This lone fact tells you all you need to know about Charlie Whitehurst: He’s no Tavaris Jackson.

  7. This is a terrible pick up. Only reason we get him is cuz he knows the offense. Check down Charlie. I love the McCluster addition but this makes no sense. The kid is terrible. We need a qb.

  8. He must really be Clipboard Jesus. How else do you explain the miracle of him continuing to make millions and never do a darn thing?

  9. He must be one of the best back up QB’s ever. Because he was one of the worst starting QB’s ever.

  10. $8 million for this piece of crap? He couldn’t beat out Tarvaris Jackson in Seattle. How does he keep getting paid? The guy must have $30 million in career earnings.

  11. It seems weird to me they would pay him more than Fitzpatrick. I could see cutting Fitzpatrick for a late round rookie or a veteran backup on a lower deal, but this doesn’t seem like a talent upgrade to me.

  12. This is hilarious. We Cards fans remember that Whitehurst is the guy Whiz wanted here in AZ before he landed us the bust that was Kevin Kolb (not even on the market this year because he couldn’t pass his physical).

    The Seahawks got Charlie, and then after watching him in Seattle, it was hard to tell who got the worst end of the deal.

    Nice to see Whiz hasn’t lost his QB evaluating genius.

  13. Hooray! We found Rusty’s replacement. I just don’t understand why we would want downgrade our QB2 or pay a QB3 so much. Mr Webster, have you been drinking again?

  14. Unbelievable how much of a shelf life this guy has. He was in over his head in Seattle that 1.5 season, so much so that Jackson played at 75% a couple games instead of a 100% Whitehurst because the difference was night and day.

    He was the starter for the worst Seattle game in at least 4 years, a dreadful loss at Cleveland where he threw for something like 80 yards with a few turnovers in a game that had all FG’s.

    He’s had 4 starts in the NFL, not one since halfway through the 2011 season.

  15. What are we thinking? This guy has a good chance of seeing the field with Locker starting. I highly doubt he’s better than Fitzpatrick.

  16. I feel as though my fellow Titan fans are ignorant of the NFL. They talk about Locker as if he sucked last year. He actually played really good until he got hurt. It would be unwise to give up on him now. No NFL QBs and own it their first years. Rapingburgar is the only one that did and it was more about his defense than the rape artist himself. Locker will be the started and will be good if he stays healthy. Hopefully our offensive line plays better.

  17. Good… We have a back-up now! Good riddance to Ryan Fitzpatrick! Whitehurst, I think he’s a good guy to have to backup Locker. If Locker stays healthy we’ll be a playoff team.. Locker played 4 games with 0 INTs and beat the Chargers, Steelers, and the Jets and lost by 6 to the Texans.. If you notice almost all of the losses by Fitz were one possession games that Fitzpatrick threw a pick in the spots we had a chance to win.. Lost to Seahawks ( at home ) by 7 (20-13) And we would’ve beat them with Locker!!! And the chiefs we were down by 7 and Fitz threw a pick that ended that! If we had Locked we would’ve made the playoffs!!! We needed two more wins and we would’ve had it!!! Those two games would have gotten us the playoff berth we’ve wanted since 2008!!! We lost to the Jags because Locker got hurt which we would’ve won!!! If Locker gets hurt this season, he’s gone and we can start fresh but now the guy we drafted to be our franchise QB is gonna make it happen if he can avoid injury!!! The titans looked promising without Locker because we have a great O-Line and if we have Locker behind the Center we will make the playoffs!!!

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