Chris Johnson willing to take a pay cut to facilitate a trade


Titans running back Chris Johnson has said he’s not willing to reduce his $8 million. But as he sits and ponders his football future, Johnson is reconsidering.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Johnson is starting to see the writing on the wall, and would be willing to take a pay cut if that’s what he has to do to facilitate a trade.

From Johnson’s perspective, it may be worth taking a pay cut to get the situation resolved quickly. The Titans don’t have to pay Johnson any roster bonuses this offseason, which means they could hold onto him for the next five months and wait until the end of the preseason to cut him. At that point, there wouldn’t be much time left for Johnson to find a new team before the regular season starts, and so he might be better off doing what he needs to do to get a trade done soon.

That would also be better for the Titans, because there are risks for the Titans to keeping Johnson around, too: If they hold onto Johnson and he suffers a season-ending injury during offseason work, they would be forced to pay him the full $8 million while he spends the season on injured reserve. And Johnson’s $8 million salary counts against their salary cap as long as he’s on the roster, so even if the Titans have no intention of paying that salary when the season starts, his presence on the roster affects their ability to sign free agents.

Bottom line, getting a trade done now would benefit both the Titans and Johnson. And if Johnson needs to reduce his salary to help the Titans get it done, he’s willing to do that.

66 responses to “Chris Johnson willing to take a pay cut to facilitate a trade

  1. It’s been a long time since Chris Johnson did anything worth caring about.

    31 other teams have noticed this as well.

  2. He was the last person in the ENTIRE league to realize this was certain to happen. Not very perceptive of him, his agent or BOTH.

  3. CJ doesn’t run hard anymore, lacks effort. If a team is trading for him to be there starter, badddd choice.

  4. realizes now that the Titans are p/o over him not running hard after he got the money and they are going for a bit of payback…releasing him after the teams spend and have no cap space left means he signs for veteran minimum

  5. Anyone who doesn’t have Adrian Peterson, Lesean Mccoy, or Marshawn Lynch in their top 5 rbs is clearly NOT someone “logical”

  6. How the heck this guy is even in the league is beyond me. He has really sucked since he signed that bloated contract. Not starter material at all, not sure he is even a role player, as he is not a team player. He is a ME player that has lost a step and his field vision.

  7. As much as I’d hate to see it, I think he’d fit really well in the backfield for the Jets. He and Ivory would really compliment each other perfectly and his personality would blend well with the way Rex Ryan coaches

  8. Let him sit remember when he held the Titans hostage.Would not come to practice . In other words he just did what he wanted to do. Now Titans org just let him sit until after training camp. That’s what he needs for the way he treated the hand that fed him.

  9. It’s hard to believe that him and his agent are just now realizing this. 8 mil for the yr does not match your production last yr or even for the last 3 yrs… But I’m sure it’s not his fault.. I was really hoping the titans and CJ could’ve worked out something but everything must end at some point.. Wish him the best.

  10. come back up the BEST BACK IN PRO FOOTBALL, future hall of famer Adrian Peterson. CJ we would love to have you as our #2 back , come on down SKOL

  11. For all the people wishing he would come to their team. He doesn’t like to share carries, he may say it’s ok in the beginning but will start complaining about it later on. He wants it to be all about CJ. And when things don’t go his way, everyone else is to blame. The whole 6 yrs he was with the titans he never took blame for anything. But hey on some good notes he’s fast, he has the most TD’s over 80 yds in nfl history, and he’s never missed a game in 6 yrs. So I can see a lot of teams willing to take a chance on him. He just needs to come to reality on some things.

  12. He would fit perfect on the vikes. A overhyped no real talent player. Maybe the Vikes can trade there only asset in AP for him. We like getting screwed over in deals in Minny. SKOL So Keen On Loosing

  13. I’d be shocked if the Titans let Johnson attend workouts and therefore risk an injury that would guarantee him $8 million. And I can’t imagine a team wanting to trade much of anything for him let alone pay him much more than the minimum. He’s been terrible.

  14. I’ve noticed that you guys jumped on the Raiders for the Saffold thing. Then not a single thing about the Raiders signing Woodley, Tuck, or their potential interest in Raji. And it’s been hours since those signings. Funny how that works.

  15. Worst name and organization In the NFL????

    Daniel snyder’s WASHINGTON REDSKINS!

    Joke of the league..same as their fans.

    Enjoy Golfing!

  16. How can anyone use the name logical and be a Redskins fan? Is this Bruce Allen? logical to trade 3 1st round picks and a 2 for Mr. glass RG3. Have fun watching Clowney in a rams uniform for the next 15 years

  17. if im the niners, falcons, panthers, saints or possibly even the patriots i would at least see what the titans asking price was..CJ saying he will take a pay cut for a trade hurts the titans leverage a bit so he come at a relatively low cost in terms of other players or draft picks …Hopefully you can get him to sing a cap friendly incentive laiden deal, but those teams all have playoff, if not super bowl csliber rosters that could use a home run hitting back like CJ, even if hes just splitting carries. Most of those teams also have well respected, strong coaches and ownership that may be able to re-motivate CJ to get back to form…Im not saying hes gonna get back to being on the elite tier, but its not like he had a ton to work with in tennesee either….Say what u want about CJ and what he has left but I doubt many fans would be happy if he signed w thier favorite teams’ divisional rival.

  18. Dear Mr. GM Ruston Webster, PLEASE send this selfish money thief to Oakland or Cleveland so he can ROT!!!!

    Titan Nation

  19. It’s about time he realized he should do everything necessary to facilitate a move asap.

    Bad business sense any other way, especially when he won’t get half of what he makes on the open market.

  20. If Darren McFadden is worth 4 million a year,Johnson,who has actually done something in this league,got a right to beef a bit,like his attitude or not

  21. This just in, “No team willing to trade for Chris Johnson to facilitate a losing season”

  22. An overrated running back wants traded? Quick… someone call Ryan Grigson. Will the Titans take a second rounder? Colts are all out of first rounders from getting ole whats his face.

  23. No team will give Tennessee compensation for CJ on that current deal. Even a renegotiation makes little sense cause if CJ is going to a less desirable place, he’s going to want too much. A good destination should wait for his cut cause it will be coming

  24. Since Vince Wolfolk wants out of New England I see Denver trying to snag him before This A@# clown. With snagging another Patriot player as they have been it helps them and chips away and weakens them. Besides I would rather have a injured Wolfolk who has heart than a healthy heartless Johnson.

  25. They don’t have a third, they would take that in a second. CJ will play hard for at least next year just for pride. He’s worth a 3rd.

  26. Not to call names, but this guy is about as stupid as they get.
    What on Earth did he think anyone was willing to pay him that much money for? Something he did four years ago?

    A couple of fluke seasons has made this guy someone who gets headlines when he’s clearly someone to pretty much ignore.

    Totally replaceable and not worth spending very much money on. A generic RB.

    Draft a guy in the fourth round and get similar production.

  27. This guy has got to be just about the dumbest player in the entire league. And that’s even before he starts talking.

  28. The Titans have one of the stupidest fanbases in sports. Right there with Alabama football and Kentucky basketball. Everything. CJ related proves it. Sad this is, they’ll be happier with somebody sucking than with CJ producing.

  29. I think he’d be a great fit on the B.C. Lions. Or maybe the Toronto Argonauts. None of the other CFL teams though.

    Don’t even MENTION any NFL teams….

  30. I’d have used CJ a bit differently than the Titans did.

    Good things happened when he caught the ball, but they rarely threw to him, and the Titans had nothing on the O side of the ball, Locker/Fitzy, weak crew of WRs, and they found the TE late in the year.

    Somebody is going to pony up a draft pick for him, and should have a fairly motivated player.

  31. Chris Johnson is a waste of speed.

    He’s a me, myself and I kind of guy who disappears whenever he gets hit hard.

    His useful days as a player are over. But some team still will pay him millions to find this out.

  32. What is with the “best in this order” stuff? then you list Bernard in front of Jamaal Charles? In what? years left in the nfl? because he won’t beat him in YPC, he won’t beat him in yards from scrimmage, how is he already better than Jamaal Charles?

    he’s not.

  33. meanwhile Jamaal Charles is paid about half that, and still doesn’t complain, or really say anything other than that he will play for 5 more years.

    evidently a 5-35 was good enough for him

    you offer that to CJ and he would be offended

  34. Funny how a few months ago CJ said he refused to take a pay cut. Back-pedaling. I won’t miss his blame game, “and things like that”.

  35. McFragile wasn’t worth 4 million, but Reggie doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. He might just think Johnson is worth overpaying also. If your washed up or on the I-R all star team then Oakland is the Car for Junk cars landing spot.

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