Decker hauls in $15 million, fully guaranteed


With bloated non-guaranteed numbers in future years and plenty of glossing over “guaranteed” money that isn’t truly guaranteed, one of our goals this year is to focus on the money in contracts fully guaranteed at signing.

For new Jets receiver Eric Decker, the magic number is $15 million.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Decker gets a signing bonus of $7.5 million, along with a fully-guaranteed 2014 base salary of $2.5 million.

In 2015, Decker’s $5 million salary is also fully guaranteed.  That’s a total of $15 million.

The last three years become pay-as-you-go, with base salaries of $6.5 million in 2016, $7.25 million in 2017, and $7.5 million in 2018.

It’s a solid deal for a No. 2 receiver.  Of course, in New York he’s the No. 1 receiver by default.  For now.