Edelman to visit 49ers

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With the Patriots once again putting the screws to receiver Julian Edelman, Edelman finally may be screwing back.

Per multiple reports, Edelman will visit the 49ers on Friday.

Edelman, who generated 1,056 receiving yards in 2013, would provide an intriguing complement to a receiving corps that includes Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Vernon Davis.

The Patriots had made Edelman an offer on a three-year deal, pressing him to take it before the launch of free agency.  It’s unclear whether the door is open for a potential return.

The Browns also are reportedly interested in Edelman.

Last year, the Patriots signed Edelman to a one-year, $715,000 contract, eventually converting 80 percent of a $50,000 workout bonus to a Week One roster bonus.  He ended up being the most reliable and durable target for quarterback Tom Brady.

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  1. theres our slot guy but one has to wonder how the niners who need a slot guy and a good cb are going to fit them into the salary cap. they may have to cut 1 or 2 back up players

  2. Would rather sign Thurmond or DRC and move up for Evans or take Benjamin, but Edelman is a nice player.

  3. as a patriots fan if he leaves for more money,good. this guy worked his A?? off to get to where hes at. hell be missed but i dont blame him if he leaves

  4. Or Bill told him to go get the best offer and he will match or exceed it. The fact alone that he’s still on the market gives a lot of credence to that line of thinking. I believe Julian went undrafted and Bill has shown an incredible affinity for him. A college quarterback who has successfully transitioned to a top slot receiver and even filled in on defense two years ago. All the makings of Bills favorite kind of player, versatile, and willing to place the needs of the team above all else, and he keeps his mouth shut (unlike Wes) and just does his job. I don’t believe we will lose him. Although crazier things have happened.

  5. Stay in the AFC dude. The NFCW’s defenses will have you one flew over the cuckoos by mid season.

  6. Edelman is a stud, surprised he hasn’t been paid yet, maybe he’s asking for too much.

  7. If the Pats are putting the screws to Julian, why is his camp still in touch with the Pats, as reported on other sites? Could it be a fair market evaluation and dialogue? Of course not! Oh, those mean nasty Patriots are at it again!

    Commentary aside, I can totally see how his personality would fit there. They will love that scrappy bastard.

  8. Edelman had a decent year. Not great. Decent. People should remember that, last year, he was on the roster bubble and there was talk about the Patsies cutting him during training camp. I know I wouldn’t put big $$$ on him.

  9. The patriots are drinking their own cool aid and have become a joke. The “Patriot Way” is now an anchor around their neck.

    I won’t be drafting Brady in my my fantasy league.

  10. The Pats make the strangest roster moves. If they weren’t in the AFC East (with three rivals that make almost purposefully bad moves) they’d be an 8-8 or 9-7 team every hear ranted than. 10-6, 11-5.

  11. I understand Kraft likes being fiscally responsible,but sometimes the guy comes off as cheap. Spend some coin on a receiver for once bro. You guys may get over the hump and win a Superbowl again.

  12. This guy’s shiftiness and versatility really caught my eye last season. He’s on an upward trajectory. No matter where he lands I really like him

  13. Brady must be confused . This was his only receiver last yr, the year before they let Walker leave.
    He had No Running Backs, No Receivers and had to perform OJT in every game. They need more than Revised to compete in the playoffs. Give Brady some offensive weapons around him.

  14. Edelman and Brady are both from ” the Penninsula.” Niners will be happy to bring them both home.

  15. Edelman is one of those little guys who plays big

    But when you’re 5-10 and under 200 lbs and make your living sacrificing your body making catches across the middle, GMs knows its rare that such guys make it through an entire season

    In fact, last season was the first time he played a full season in his career – a likely reason why the Patriots gave him the best offer last time around

    Like Welker, Edelman may have over-estimated his own value. Time will tell.

  16. Every year there will be someone on the Patriots who catches 80-100 balls as long as Brady is the QB. It’s dumb to reward that player for those numbers on the open market and BB understands that.

  17. Gotta believe the Niners can sign him. He’s from right up the road, Woodside High, and his pop’s auto repair shop is a heartbeat away from Santa Clara. Might even get a hometown discount.

  18. Slot WR’s are effectively used by smart QB’s.

    Where is Santa Clara going to get one of those?

  19. Not that my opinion matters, but I’ve been calling this all offseason. We’re not gonna pay him big money, if that’s all he’s looking for he’s gonna end up somewhere else. And no, he likely wouldn’t reach 1,000yds, but where he would shine for us is as a check-down for Kaep and his biggest impact would be on our return game. We were atrocious in that regard last year, and LaMichael James is clearly not the answer for return duties

  20. Wow….as I sit and read some of these posts I cant help but wonder what drugs some of you are taking. Haters, give it a rest. The Patriots by far have been the best team in the NFL for this DECADE with 3 Bowl wins and 5 appearances. You say they just discard people like trash ? They offered Welker more money last year than Denver yet he thought the grass was greener on the other side. He went from obscurity in Miami for 3 years catching no more than 67 passes until Belichek saved him and Brady turned him into a 100 reception WR for 5 out of 6 years with the odd year being the one he blew his knee out in. He dropped a crucial and very catchable ball in 2012 SB on the final drive of the game and then blames Belichek for treating him as an equal to every other player. That greener grass watched him catch only 73 passes and less than a 1000 yards for first time since the injury season where he still had more yards and catches. As for Edleman, the probably wouldnt even be in the NFL if not for Belichek….a under sized QB out of Kent State….really. And when he replaced Welker he went over 100-1000, sound familiar ? His name is Tom Brady coached by Bill Belichek on the NE Patriots. To produce them numbers and not even be sniffed the first 3 days of free agency shows how other teams see him. He is replacable just as Welker was…..get greedy and not be a team player, see ya. 5 SB appearances and 8 AFC Championship appearances, going 3-2 and 5-3 collectively. Does that mean some team wont over pay for him and if they do is he wrong for leaving ? Absolutely not !!! Get paid if it’s just about the the money but call Welker and ask him how green the grass really is when you walk away from arguably the best QB ever in football and the best team of this century.

  21. The 9ers need this guy more than he needs them. However they can make this happen the better off they will be.
    Like a previous poster said, “they will love this scrappy (little) bastard” in San Francisco. I couldn’t agree more.

  22. Kaepernick will get this guy killed playing in the NFC West. He deserves a solid contract and to keep catching balls from Brady, who rarely throws a ball that gets his own guy knocked out. Hopefully they work it out. They need each other.

  23. The other side of Bill Belichick is exposed. BB enjoys the negotiating process by screwing down certain players and paying them a fraction (just part of the Patriot Way). Edelman has never earned over $1M in a season, but has been a consistent contributor. By catching for over 1,000 yards last season he had his best ever season, but BB casually tells Julian and his agent, the only reason you got that yardage was Tom Brady.
    This is the same b/s that Wes Welker went through in every negotiation and why he eventually walked. BB loves creating the fear and the process of the player agreeing to a lower amount. Hopefully Edelman gets the opportunity to walk as well.

  24. Would actually love to see him in Chicago. Great compliment to the core already there. He’d be a great slot guy with Marshall and Jeffrey on the outside.. then we don’t have to worry about not having a top tier TE.
    Won’t happen, but would be nice.

  25. Tom Brady is biting his tongue so hard right now he is tasting blood.

    What a way to treat one of the best quarterbacks of all time… the “Patriot Way”.

    One of these days Brady is going to erupt like a volcano. Can’t wait.

  26. The Pats spent 12 mil on Revis and they try to low ball their leading receiver. That is not going to be be well received by Edelman. The Niners are not going to re-sign Manningham, so this would be an upgrade if they can sign him.

  27. Even the palyers are getting sick of the so called “Patriot Way”. I guess not being very relevent since they were caught cheating will do that.

  28. What I like about the comments on any Patriots Free Agent thread are how many people know the intricacies of the Patriots roster and salary cap. I can’t imagine what a mess it would be if they followed the advice of those who post here and paid every single player top dollar.

    As a fan I like Edelman. He’s a great story and I’d love to see him back in a Patriots uniform next year and for his career. However, I have to also consider his history of injuries and how he’s had one complete, good seasons.

    So, I would imagine they offered him a fair contract, although the posters on this board no matter what it would be they would claim it wasn’t enough. If he can get more elsewhere good for him.

    I feel like those who are claiming the Patriots are cheap (yet some how always spend to the cap) either…

    1) Have an inability to learn the lesson of seasons past where just because a player had one big season it doesn’t mean they should be awarded with a huge contract. They can but buyer beware because it seems like with players like Edelman it can often be more of an anomaly than a trend.

    2) They are just trolls and broken records who are taking a break from posting about SpyGate.

    Good luck Edelman wherever you may end up.

  29. The Pats arrogance is going to catch up to them soon. You can’t keep letting quality players walk out the door and expect an aging Tommy Superman to put you in the playoffs every year. Does anyone really think that The Pats are better by letting Edelmen walk? Better hope you land Steve Smith

  30. I’m all for bringing in a guy that is a bay area native, who grew up rooting for the niners. Edelman was the patriots offense, even over amendola. One thing a lot of teams have trouble with, is covering small quick twitch guys. Seahawks are probably the worst at covering these type of guys, especially Sherman who is absolutely abysmal.

  31. I think it’s hilarious watching all the Patriot haters talk about how the Patriot way is dead. Calling them arrogant etc…what a joke. The fact is they have the best record in football since 2001. Even with a horrible, injury plagued season, they still made it to the AFC championship game…..AGAIN. The fact that they can be this good, for that long, it just proof that their way does work…btw, remember, they are the team that actually picks up other teams scraps and makes those players great. Edelman is the perfect example…college qb that they made into a star. If it weren’t for Brady and Belicheck this guy would be selling insurance somehwhere. And he’s not the only they did this with…Welker, Woodhead, Givens, Ninkovich, Vrabel etc etc etc. Let’s see how the good the Seahawks are in 13 years and then let’s compare whose system is better. The fact is, the pats aren’t going to overpay for someone with a horrible injury history, with whom had the drops for the first two years of his career and had ONE good season because there was no one else to throw to due to injuries etc…

  32. Mankins, Brady, Wilfork, Mayo, Gronk, Hernandez…those are (were, cough Hernandez cough) all guys that were close to, if not the highest paid player in the league at their position, yet people claim Pats are cheap.

    And the Pats are 14-6 against the NFC in the past 5 yrs.
    AFC East was third toughest division in football.

    That should solve the “but they play in the AFC East” and “the AFC sucks” argument. There is something called the internet, it has good info, you should try it, it’s fairly simple

  33. Would be better than ANY supposedly #3 WR 9ers has ever had in the last 10+ years?

    Definitely 1000X better than Kyle the Big Fail Williams LOL!!!

  34. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Pat’s, but you have to respect that record. That said, Brady has to throw it to SOMEONE, and they have to be at least moderately talented. They seem to be a little light in the receiving corp here of late.

    As for the Niners, they seem to be making some moves in free agency that should help them lock up the Wild card spot again.

    Go Hawks!

  35. As a Pats fan, it is hard to see a player they developed (a college QB) like Julian leave but I wish him the best. The NFL is a copycat league across the board and Edelman is doing what Wes did, shopping his talents to a Super Bowl contender. Bill has consistently given guys the opportunity to stay or go by only paying them market, and, in some cases, even less than the market would bear because he assesses risk differently. Wes tried to come back but it was too late. Hopefully, the door is not closed on Julian and he wants to give the Pats one last shot to keep him. The pull of being Brady’s favorite target is a pretty strong pull.

  36. It looks like the 49er’s are copying what Denver did with Welker last year. I actually see San Fran as having the stronger receiving crew of those two teams if they sign Julian.

  37. I read so much of how the Patriots don’t want to pay players and just get rid of them like they were nothing. David Givens wanted the money and left….8 receptions then never played again…David Patten averaged 50 catches with NE and 3 SBs got the money and had a total of 88 catches in 4 years…Adam Vinetiari took more money and was replaced by a guy named Stephen Gastakowski a Pro Bowl kicker several times in 8 years……Mike Vrabel played 2 more season after his trade….Deon Branch was a bust in Seattle….played 3 more years before injuries forced him to retire after 10 years in NE….do I need to keep going. People keep saying this but never name anybody that did anything remotely good away from the Patriots. The NFL is all about winning so we get the best from a player, when he gets greedy we let them go and they fade into the sunset.

  38. There’s no question he benefited from Brady throwing to him. I didn’t watch a LOT of Pats football, but in what I did watch, he showed decent speed and great hands. Good hands are a necessity when Kaep is your QB. He’s still learning how to read defenses, and often throws late. But he often makes up for that by throwing bullets. There may be other QBs that can throw as hard….. but I sincerely doubt there are any that throw harder.

  39. GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…

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