Finley leaves Seattle without a contract


Packers tight end Jermichael Finley told PFT Live during Super Bowl week that he’d be ready to hop a flight to Seattle if he made it to free agency.

He did.  And now he’s hopped a flight out of Seattle.

Per multiple league sources, Finley’s visit to Seattle ended on Thursday.  It’s unclear whether an agreement will be reached.  The primary purpose of the visit, we’re told, was to allow the Seahawks assess his current health.

Last year, Finley suffered a season-ending neck injury that required surgery.  He explained in late January that clearance was expected in a matter of three or four weeks.  He has not yet received a full, unequivocal green light, we’re told.

It’s unclear when Finley will receive clearance to return to football, and if so whether a team will be comfortable putting him back on the field.  Finley nevertheless is committed to continuing his career, and we wish him the best as he attempts to get there.

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  1. What can Seattle do with their 4 million in cap space? LOL oh that’s right…nothing! Enjoy your one Super Bowl win Seattle, you will not see one again any time soon.

  2. Finley just got sick of their corny coach looping lame Macklemore music for his entire visit.

    And the mist was too much for any sane man to handle.

  3. Why not more information other than he went and left? Surely the agent knows if he passed whatever physical he was given………My guess is that since we aren’t hearing that he is heading to another spot for another physical, he must not have passed in Seattle. Looking forward to hearing the results.

  4. Finely is at the end of career. Let’s draft Benjamin or Jenkins. Tall receiving threats, young, better options then an injury prone veteran seeking another payday

  5. What are the Vikings waiting for? With the Packers signing more and more of their own free agents, the pool of ex-Packers is getting thin. Surely the purple losers will want to sign at least *one* guy who’s tasted Super Bowl glory, desperately hoping it rubs off on their own gaggle of misfits.

  6. Sounds like another I-R all-star for the Raiders.
    McKenzie collects them. Pays them well while they watch the games in street clothes. For their dedication, they are rewarded with a new contract.

  7. With Z Miller’s contract, its hard to see a lot more money being put into another tight end.. But trying to guess the Hawks moves is impossible, so I just roll with it.

  8. As a Hawks fan I don’t mind signing him as long as we don’t give him guaranteed money. It should be all incentive based the first year until he proves his health.

  9. If someone like Pete Carroll, (who basically has no moral scruples) won’t take him, it’s going to be tough with other teams.

  10. C3 -C4 neck fusion is serious stuff. In 20 years he’ll be suing the league on why they let him play. Finley needs to take his millions and enjoy life as he knows it.

  11. As a Packers fan, it was often difficult to watch a guy with so much talent not live up to expectations. With the signing of Quarless, it looks like he’s no longer a part of the picture. Hope everything is healed. Good luck to Finley but if the Pack play him, he reverts back to his stone hands.

  12. If I was an NFL team, I could not in good conscience sign Finley. He’s a good guy, and I would not want to take the risk of his life.

  13. The team physician that handles head and neck injuries is also head of the NFL medical review for this type of issue. The NFL has to approve his return first. So what this means is any one’s guess, but the league approval means that it would be doubtful, unethical even for him to get a contract following a team physical without the formal league approval.

    We shall see what we shall see in the next few days or so…

  14. He’s signed, sealed and delivered the moment Zach Miller declines his offer. And it’s too bad also, because Miller is a true complete tight end. Blocks as well as he catches.

  15. I don’t know why this article assumes it’s a foregone conclusion that Finley is leaving Green Bay. He said already his first choice is to go back there. He hasn’t even been medically cleared by his own doctor, let alone a team doc that makes the decision in whether a GM can pursue him. Just stupid reporting.

  16. I guess that means the Packers still have a chance to re-sign him. But we all know that won’t happen. Ted Thompson won’t even sign healthy free agents, so he’s certainly not going to sign someone whose medical condition is questionable.

  17. I hope he walks away so that he spends the rest of his life as a healthy and normally functioning adult.

  18. Maybe Finley leaving without a deal is a sign that Zach Miller restructured his contract to stay with Seattle. Much rather have Miller over Finley

  19. I wish him all the best with his health, but if he plays again, I’d rather he not come back to Green Bay. How the Vikings have not jumped all over him is beyond me.

  20. Oh please Ted be the man pay up. You’ve spent nothing in free agency lets bring this guy back, pay him at least triple what he’s worth just like you did with Shields and lets call it a season. Make my day, prove me right: Pack 6-10 next year and miss the playoffs the next three.
    The only way this team improves, they dump you and that nut case McCarthy.

  21. He is going to Seattle.

    The deal is already “done” despite reports….just waiting for the medical clearance.

    Seattle will get him for cheap and then release Zach Miller.

    Miller’s cap hit next year? 7.5 million
    Finley will get signed for a fraction of that.


  22. Seattle you did yourself a favor by not signing this guy …

    Don’t worry packer fans tt will give him a 4 yr 25 million all money guaranteed !! He doesn’t play defense so tt is all aboard ..

    Remember ron wolf built the dynasty through the draft and many of the defensive holes through fa … Never Forget.

    TT draft and develop method is not working anymore trade arod so he can have another chance to win a sb ..

  23. Unless he comes very cheap, I hope the Giants don’t even look at this guy. Finley is coming off a major injury, they don’t even know if this guy can play. This guy has shown that he can lazy and have a bad attitude, that is a bad fit for the Giants.

  24. His agent works and operates in Minnesota so I could see him setting up a visit with the Vikings or they could try a team in Texas since he’s from there.

  25. I’m 6’5 245.
    Last year the Vikings kept calling me.
    My reply:

    “Hey, dumb ass, I’m 38 and can run a wind-aided 5.4”

    I hope that mori

    Good for him.

    I’m 6’5 245 too.

    Here’s the deal.

    Last year the Vikings kept calling and calling.
    My answer “I’m 38 dumb ass, and I can run a 5.4 with the wind”.

    Didn’t matter, they thought I would pair up with Free again.

    Would never play for vikings

  26. Something is going on with him….he was reported to deal with the steelers our team doc did the surgery and now I’m seeing him visit somewhere else…hmmmm…something the steeler doc must have seen because I haven’t heard us say anything else about em

  27. I really enjoy watching J-Mike play the game. His ability to stretch the field and operate as a hybrid WR is amazing. That being said, with the hit he took and the details of his injury that emerged, I wish he would retire from the game for the sake of his health and his family’s well-being. Whatever happens, I wish the best of luck to Jermichael.

  28. The guy is a head case, Green Bay’s biggest problem was getting him to just shut up.

    The Packers won the Superbowl without him so hopefully he will take a big contract somewhere so at least the Packers will get a comp pick for the guy. I’m shocked it isn’t the Vikings, he fits their profile to a “T”, he’s on the downside of his career, he will be overpaid for his limited production and most importantly, he’s an ex Packer.

  29. Even though he trains in Minnesota because, like most Packer players, he can’t get out of WI soon enough after the season, he won’t sign in MN as the Vikes are set at TE.

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