Jaguars continue defensive line makeover with Ziggy Hood

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The Jaguars signed another defensive lineman. Surprisingly, he has never played for the Seahawks.

The Jaguars have announced they agreed to terms with former Steelers defensive lineman Ziggy Hood.

Hood never lived up to his billing in Pittsburgh, but the Jaguars aren’t putting that kind of first-round pressure on him.

He joins Red Bryant and Chris Clemons in an offseason overhaul, and should help firm up a team that made impressive strides over the second half of last season under coach Gus Bradley.

17 responses to “Jaguars continue defensive line makeover with Ziggy Hood

  1. Thank you Ziggy for your effort in Pittsburgh. It was not your fault that Tomlin put you into a system that you are not suited for. With Red Bryant and Chris Clemons playing next to you, you will be just fine.

  2. Jags are putting together some serious defensive pieces. It will be fun, I think, to see Ziggy go against the Steeler tackles this year. Underachiever against underachiever!

  3. How are the Jags getting so many good players and the Raiders are just sitting on the sideline.It finally looks like the Jaguars are going in the right direction.

  4. Good luck Evander. Hopefully you provide more results for your new team than you did for your old team (who perhaps reached to draft you in the first round).

  5. I still think this kid will do fine if used properly and something tells me Gus Bradley will. A smart pick up for tateam like the Jags who might sneak into the conversation of best defenses in the league next yr…

  6. Congrats to Ziggy on signing with the Jags! It was awesome training you here in Pittsburgh at Outer Limits Sports. You will thrive in a 4-3 defense!

  7. I have to thank the zig for his contribution to the team but he never panned out for a number 1 pick. Just a serviceable guy who can indeed be replaced. He’ll fit just fine in Jax. The steelers can now focus on finding some better replacements.

  8. Jaguar fans are acting like this signing will fix their horrible team. Heck, I didn’t even realize there were actually Jaguar fans!

  9. Looks like that cat’s teeth are going to be quite a bit sharper this season. Methinks the days of the easy win vs. Jax, came to an end.

    Pete Carroll was voted their favorite coach, by the league’s players last year. But as Gus matures as a HC, and finds success (he will), it won’t be long and he’ll be giving the Silver Hawk a run for his money.

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